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Listings for Paramount 2 on Wednesday, February 27 2019

06:00Life In Pieces Swim Survivor Zen Talk When John decides to try out for "Survivor," Tim gets jealous and attempts to undermine his audition tape. (S2, E07) 
06:20Life In Pieces Window Vanity Dress Grace Colleen is forced to deal with Joan's opinions as they shop for wedding dresses. Meanwhile, Jen can't stay awake after a romantic date night with Greg. (S2, E08) 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
09:00Friends The One With Monica's Thunder Monica excitedly reveals the good news of her engagement to everyone, but Rachel and Ross upstage her by reuniting. (S7, E01) 
09:30Friends The One With Rachel's Book Joey finds out that Rachel is reading a steamy romance novel and Monica discovers that her parents have spent the money for her wedding on a beach house. (S7, E02) 
10:00Scrubs My Soul on Fire (Part 1): Janitor and Lady send out invites to their fake wedding in the Bahamas, but the joke's on them when J.D. convinces everyone to accept. (S8, E14) 
10:30Scrubs My Soul on Fire (Part 2): Janitor and Lady's quirky tropical seaside wedding ceremony affirms the romance for the strongest and oddest of Sacred Heart couples. (S8, E15) 
11:00Impractical Jokers The guys interact with shoppers while wearing jingle vests, play another game of Don't I Know You?, and pass notes to strangers. (S9, E25) 
11:30Impractical Jokers The guys act as receptionists in a waiting room and ask strangers for advice about their personal dilemmas. Today's loser goes to a water aerobics class, but ends up drowning in shame. (S10, E01) 
12:00Impractical Jokers The guys do what they are told at a ski lodge, play the uninvited dinner guest at an Italian restaurant, and Joe is dressed up in a sailor's outfit and jumps out of a cake! (S5, E11) 
12:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. For the show's three year anniversary, the guys look back at some never before seen footage. (S5, E12) 
13:00Friends The One With Phoebe's Cookies Monica becomes obsessed with obtaining Phoebe's secret cookie recipe. Meanwhile, whilst trying to bond, Chandler accidentally gives Monica's dad a lap dance. (S7, E03) 
13:30Friends The One With All The Candy Monica becomes popular with her neighbours because of her homemade candy. Meanwhile, Ross teaches Phoebe how to ride a bike... literally. (S7, E09) 
14:00Wipeout USA Contestants make their way through a giant obstacle course to win a cash prize. This episode features 'Action Mom' Nadine Hoss, 'Tongan Truck' Olotele Moa, and Charles 'Repo Man' Dorsey. (S3, E09) 
15:00Takeshi's Castle Jonathan Ross narrates as the general rallies another one hundred troops for Wet Paint, Flying Mushroom and the Final Fall before getting their chance to storm the great Castle of Takeshi. (S3, E05) 
15:30Takeshi's Castle One hundred Beauty Queens try to avoid bathing in muck in BRAND NEW game Mud Ball before taking on the Honeycomb maze. (S3, E06) 
16:00The Middle Floating 50 Frankie is stunned when Mike wears a Hawaiian shirt to dinner with friends, Sue accidentally tells Devin Axl loves her, and Brick becomes overly ambitious while cleaning. (S7, E13) 
16:30The Middle Film, Friends and Fruit Pies Sue discovers that she's too poor to keep up with her new roommate's spending habits, Axl discovers that befriending the boss isn't what it's cracked up to be. (S7, E14) 
17:00Impractical Jokers: Roast Of Joe Join Q, Murr and Sal as they give Joe some feedback six years in the making. Whether it's his wild physical comedy or his world-famous belly, these Joe-ments are sure to make you laugh. (S1, E03) 
17:20Impractical Jokers: Roast Of Q Join Joe, Sal and Murr as they take a swing at Q's best and worst moments. Learn why he's the guy's guy of the group and why his dance moves are memorable for all the wrong reasons. (S1, E04) 
17:45Impractical Jokers The guys hit the seas for a special cruise episode! They turn the pool deck into a playground, give misinformation while posing as entertainment officers, and two Jokers get double torture. (S7, E13) 
18:10Impractical Jokers: Nitro Circus.. ...Spectacular. Hosted by extreme sports superstar Travis Pastrana, the season finale features the guys tackling two high-stakes live punishments and a four-part obstacle course. (S9, E26) 
20:00The Office (U.S.) Doomsday Robert California (guest star James Spader) tells Andy that mistakes in the office have to stop. Dwight steps in with his 'accountability booster' plan - but will it work? (S8, E06) 
20:30The Office (U.S.) Pam's Replacement With maternity leave looming Pam is training her replacement; her younger, prettier replacement. Can Jim really not find her hot? Robert California joins the office band. (S8, E07) 
21:00Alan Carr: Yap Yap Yap No stranger to yap, Alan Carr yapped his way around the UK & Ireland. The BAFTA winning comedian, author and chat show supremo returns to his stand up roots with his hilarious take on life. Yap it up. 
22:00South Park: The Classic Years Cartman's Mum Is Still A Dirty S**t (2): Dr Mephisto is shot before he reveals who Cartman's father is. Who exactly shot him? Meanwhile, the rest of the town try to deal with a blizzard. (S2, E02) 
22:30South Park: The Classic Years Chicken-Lover When Barbrady calls the boys in to help solve the case of the notorious, perverted Chicken-Lover, Cartman gets a little carried away with his new-found 'authoritah'. (S2, E03) 
23:00South Park: The Classic Years Ike's Wee Wee Kyle misunderstands what circumcision is and thinks he has to save Ike's penis from being cut off! Mr. Mackey is fired, and turns to drugs - "drugs are bad, m'kay?" (S2, E04) 
23:30South Park: The Classic Years Conjoined Fetus Lady Kyle is terrified because he has to see the school nurse, who has a scary deformity. Meanwhile, the school dodgeball team goes to China - only Pip can save them now. (S2, E05) 
00:00Russell Howard's Good News Russell Howard takes a cheeky trawl through the news. Tonight features; the oldest paper girl in the land, the shoplifting league table, rowdy cricket fans, and how housework is bad for sperm. 
01:00Jon Richardson: Nidiot Live Recorded live in front of a sold out audience at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo we find that becoming happy hasn't necessarily ruined Jon's life. 
01:558 Out of 10 Cats A panel show based on statistics and polls, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Team captains are Sean Lock and Dave Spikey; joined by Dom Joly, Lea Walker, Grace Adams-Short and Jason Manford. (S3, E09) 
02:30Broad City Artsy Fartsy Abbi gets invited to a fancy art event at MoMA. Meanwhile, Ilana and Lincoln have a one-year relationship check-in. (S5, E05) 
02:55Lip Sync Battle UK Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon to outdo each other. This episode sees popular comedians Jimmy Carr and Alexander Armstrong go head-to-head. (S2, E02) 
03:20The Chris Ramsey Show Chris welcomes musician Example and the charming comedian Jayde Adams into his basement for daft games, ludicrous challenges, and physical feats! (S2, E04) 
03:40You're the Worst The Heart Is A Dumb Dumb Jimmy attends Becca & Vernon's baby gender reveal party. Gretchen takes care of some unfinished business. Edgar and Dorothy's relationship reaches a turning point. (S2, E13) 
04:05Bob's Burgers Can't Buy Me Math Tina teams up with Darryl to win the Cupid's Couple contest at the school dance. Meanwhile, Linda plans a week of Valentine's Day activities for her and Bob. (S5, E11) 
04:30Most Ridiculous Weddings Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. This episode focuses on Wedding foul ups. (S1, E02) 
04:50Most Ridiculous Animals Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. This episode focuses on animal mishaps. (S1, E03) 
05:15Dogs Make You LOL Sleepwalking dogs, bike riding dogs, and doggy friends of Hollywood celebrities are all featured here, obligingly caught on camera doing something hilarious. 
06:00Life In Pieces #TBT Y2K Sophia Honeymoon Critter: The Shorts take a trip down memory lane on New Year's Day Y2K, when John and Joan throw a party to celebrate the turn of the century. (S2, E09)