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Listings for Paramount on Sunday, August 26 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00My Wife And Kids Quality Time Janet interrupts Michael's video game so they can spend quality time together. After a romantic dinner, Michael returns to his game and Jay takes it as a bad sign... (S2, E13) 
08:35My Wife And Kids Get Out Michael is on a mission - to get his notoriously late family dressed and ready to go to a wedding in 15 minutes. (S2, E14) 
09:00My Wife And Kids Road Trip A family outing to see Paul Revere's house in honour of his birthday turns into a nightmare road trip when Jay and Claire get PMS and make the trip unbearable for everybody. (S2, E15) 
09:30My Wife And Kids Table for Too Many (Part 1): Michael gets to the gas station and has to wait forever. Irritated, he gets home to watch the Michael Jordan game, but Jay says they're going out for dinner. (S2, E16) 
10:00Friends The One Where Underdog Gets Away Monica's first Thanksgiving dinner for the gang burns, when they all run to the rooftop to see the runaway Underdog balloon from the parade. (S1, E09) 
10:30Friends The One With The Screamer Ross thinks that Rachel's date (Ben Stiller) is crazy. Joey falls in love with Kate, but when she's offered a job in Los Angeles, she takes it. (S3, E22) 
11:00Friends The One Where No One's Ready In a race against the clock, Ross tries to get the gang dressed and ready for a black-tie benefit at the museum. (S3, E02) 
11:31Friends The One Where Everybody Finds Out Ross rents an apartment with a window facing Monica and Rachel's place. While checking out the apartment, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler having sex. (S5, E14) 
12:00Friends The One With The Ring Chandler finds the perfect engagement ring, and then loses it. Rachel tries to get Paul (Bruce Willis) to reveal his emotions, but now he can't stop blubbering. (S6, E23) 
12:30Friends The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner Phoebe plans a night out for her birthday, but only her and Joey are on time, as all the other friends have issues which make them late. (S9, E05) 
13:00Friends The One Where They're Up All Night After the gang head to the roof to see a passing comet, separate events unfold that lead to all of them having a sleepless night. (S7, E12) 
13:30Friends The One With Ross's Tan Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the "simple" instructions. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. (S10, E03) 
14:00Friends The One With The Cop After Phoebe finds a police badge, she uses it to do good deeds. That is until she meets the policeman who lost it. (S5, E16) 
14:30Friends The One With Ross's Sandwich Ross gets unusually upset when someone at work takes his sandwich from the refrigerator and eats it. (S5, E09) 
15:00Daddy Day Camp Film Spurred on by their wives' insistence that their children attend summer camp, Charlie (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his friend Phil (Paul Rae) decide to buy the dilapidated Camp Driftwood. (2007) 
16:55Friends: Season 2 The One With Phoebe's Dad Phoebe tries to track down her real father. Meanwhile, Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him. (S2, E09) 
17:30Friends: Season 2 The One With Russ While dating a guy named Russ, Rachel can't see his uncanny resemblance to Ross. Meanwhile, Monica gets back together with "fun Bobby". (S2, E10) 
18:00Friends: Season 2 The One With The Lesbian Wedding Monica caters the wedding of Ross's ex-wife and her lesbian lover. Meanwhile, Rachel's mum comes to visit with news that she is divorcing her father. (S2, E11) 
18:30Friends: Season 2 The One After the Superbowl (1): Ross travels to San Diego to visit Marcel, his monkey. Meanwhile, Joey is stalked by a rather attractive fan of his TV show. Guest stars Brooke Shields. (S2, E12) 
19:00Friends: Season 2 The One After the Superbowl (2): Rachel and Monica compete for the affections of Jean-Claude Van Damme after meeting him on a movie set. (S2, E13) 
19:30Friends: Season 2 The One With The Prom Video Monica and Rachel's prom video reveals Monica's former girth, Rachel's former nose and the way Ross has always felt about Rachel. (S2, E14) 
20:00Friends: Season 2 The One Where Ross And Rachel...You Know Ross and Rachel finally sleep together. Monica becomes infatuated with one of her parents' friends (Tom Selleck) for whom she caters a party. (S2, E15) 
20:30Friends: Season 2 The One Where Joey Moves Out After having a fight with Chandler, Joey moves out. Monica's father finds out that his best friend (Tom Selleck) and Monica are dating. (S2, E16) 
21:00xXx Film Extreme sports athlete Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) is is recruited by NSA Agent Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) to become a different kind of undercover agent and infiltrate a Russian crime ring. (2002) 
23:30Balls of Fury Film A disgraced former ping pong champion is drawn back into the world of high-stakes table tennis to carry out a top-secret mission for the FBI. Christopher Walken and Terry Crews star. (2007) 
01:30Lip Sync Battle UK Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon, and the audience is the judge! Tonight, ex-JLSer Aston Merrygold takes on comedian Chris Ramsey! (S3, E02) 
02:00Dane Baptiste At The Comedy Store From the legendary Comedy Store in London, the hilarious Dane Baptiste introduces the magnificent Mae Martin, the wonderful Lloyd Griffith, and the outrageous Fin Taylor. (S5, E06) 
02:30Rick and Morty M. Night Shaym-Aliens!: Rick and Morty try to get to the bottom of a mystery in this M. Night Shyamalan style twistaroony of an episode! Guest Starring David Cross. (S1, E04) 
03:00Rick and Morty Meeseeks And Destroy Rick provides the family with a solution to their problems, freeing him up to go on an adventure led by Morty. (S1, E05) 
03:25The Cleveland Show The Hangover - Part Tubbs: Donna tries to run for the school board, but her plans are thwarted when Cleveland accidentally kills a new friend playing a game. (S4, E14) 
03:50The Cleveland Show California Dreamin' (All the Cleves Are Brown): Cleveland and his family move to California so he can pursue his dream of becoming a baseball scout. (S4, E15) 
04:15Scrubs My Office J.D. and Elliot butt heads over who's going to be chief resident. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox and Turk have great difficulty in the removal of a light bulb from a patient's posterior. (S4, E02) 
04:35Scrubs My New Game Problems begin to start in Dr Cox & Jordan's relationship once they realise they're still married. J.D. invents a new game. Heather Graham guests. (S4, E03) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.