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Listings for Paramount on Thursday, December 21 2017

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00The Middle: Christmas Christmas To allow Frankie to focus on rehearsing for a solo in her church's midnight Christmas service, Mike takes over handling the many chores of setting up the Heck family Christmas. (S1, E10) 
08:35The Middle: Christmas A Simple Christmas Frankie's parents are in town for Christmas and the pair soon interfere in their daughter's plans for a quiet Christmas. Elsewhere, Axl builds Brick an igloo. (S2 E10) 
09:00The Middle: Christmas A Christmas Gift Mike tries to keep his Christmas gift of a new dishwasher a secret from Frankie. Meanwhile, Sue asks Reverend TimTom to explain the deeper meaning of Christmas to Brick. (S3, E11) 
09:30The Middle: Christmas Christmas Help Frankie gets a retail job to get Christmas gifts at a discount, Mike has another falling-out with his brother, and Bricks gets a part in reverend Tim-Tom's Christmas play. (S4, E09) 
10:00Friends The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS Phoebe's hatred for PBS arises after Joey helps out with a pledge drive. Emily tells Ross she'll give him a second chance if he cuts all ties with Rachel. (S5, E04) 
10:30Friends The One With The Kips Chandler and Monica plan a trip to Atlantic City for some private time but end up fighting the entire time. Later, Joey finds out about the newly formed couple. (S5, E05) 
11:00Friends The One With The Yeti Phoebe is surprised to discover that she enjoys wearing mink. Ross confronts Emily and refuses to stop hanging out with Rachel. (S5, E06) 
11:30Friends The One Where Ross Moves In After getting kicked out of his apartment, Ross temporarily moves in with Chandler and Joey, driving all three of them crazy. (S5, E07) 
12:00Friends The One With All The Thanksgivings It's Thanksgiving, and the gang reminisce about previous Thanksgiving experiences - most of them involving major mishaps! (S5, E08) 
12:30Friends The One With Ross's Sandwich Ross gets unusually upset when someone at work takes his sandwich from the refrigerator and eats it. (S5, E09) 
13:00Impractical Jokers The guys freeze out skaters at an ice rink's rental counter and head to the mall where they have the audacity to ask strangers to mind their manners. The loser has a sumo-sized punishment. (S7, E11) 
13:30Impractical Jokers Joe, Sal, Murr & Q freak out a focus group by reading ridiculous answers and then participate in a thrilling toilet paper shootout in their favourite market. The loser hosts a dinner party. (S7, E12) 
14:00Friends The One With The Inappropriate Sister A bored Ross creates havoc in Joey and Chandler's lives, whilst Rachel is disturbed by her date's inappropriate relationship with his sister. (S5, E10) 
14:30Friends The One With All The Resolutions The friends all make New Year's resolutions, but Rachel's resolution to stop gossiping is becoming the hardest to keep. (S5, E11) 
15:00Friends The One With Chandler's Work Laugh When Ross discovers that Emily is getting remarried, he hits a new low by sleeping with one of Chandler's old flames...Janice! (S5, E12) 
15:30Friends The One With Joey's Bag Phoebe meets her infamous father at her grandmother's funeral. Meanwhile, Chandler discovers that Monica gives terrible massages. (S5, E13) 
16:00My Wife And Kids RV Dreams Michael, who is determined to make record time driving from Connecticut to the Grand Canyon in a luxurious R.V., convinces his reluctant family to make the road trip. (S5, E25) 
16:30My Wife And Kids The 'V' Story: Jay reads about an old woman giving birth and demands that Michael get a vasectomy so she won't have to worry about becoming an old mother with a new child. Series finale. (S5, E26) 
17:00Friends The One Where Everybody Finds Out Ross rents an apartment with a window facing Monica and Rachel's place. While checking out the apartment, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler having sex. (S5, E14) 
17:30Friends The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey Joey's girlfriend likes to punch him and Ross alienates his new neighbours when he refuses to contribute to the retirement donation for the janitor. (S5, E15) 
18:00Friends The One With The Cop After Phoebe finds a police badge, she uses it to do good deeds. That is until she meets the policeman who lost it. (S5, E16) 
18:30Friends The One With Rachel's Inadvertent Kiss Rachel accidentally kisses the man interviewing her for a job. Meanwhile, Joey becomes obsessed with a woman living in Ross's apartment building. (S5, E17) 
19:00Friends The One With The Routine Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine on a New Year's Eve dance show. Ross and Monica resurrect their high school dance routine for the broadcast. (S6, E10) 
19:30Friends: Christmas The One With The Holiday Armadillo Ross dresses up as an Armadillo to try and teach Ben about Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Phoebe worries that Rachel wants to continue living with Joey. (S7, E10) 
20:00New: Takeshi's Castle One hundred more warriors take on the Flying Mushroom, Runaway Rockaway and Bridge Ball, all for the ultimate prize of storming the castle and making the General proud. (S1, E09) 
20:30Impractical Jokers The guys act not so silent at a library, and hunt for their imaginary wives again at the mall. Two of the jokers dress up as goalies and block shots from former New Jersey Devils players. (S7, E07) 
21:00Step Brothers Film When lazy, unemployed Brennan's (Will Ferrell) mother and lazy, unemployed Dale's (John C. Reilly) father marry and move in together, it turns the overgrown boys' worlds upside down. (2008) 
23:00A Gert Lush Christmas Dan Colman (Russell Howard) has met the woman of his dreams. But introducing Lisa to his lovable but eccentric family at Christmas is increasingly beginning to look like a bad idea. (2015) 
00:30Da Ali G Show Ali interviews John Humphrys, presents his home shopping channel, QVG, and helps Travis give 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me?' an urban twist, while Borat learns about British comedy. (S1, E05) 
01:05Impractical Jokers The guys hit the ice rink to play a slippery balloon game and try to get support for ridiculous causes at the park. Tonight's punishment involves a trip to the movies. (S7, E08) 
01:35New: The Daily Show Special It's The End Of The Year As We Know It Join Trevor Noah and his team as they take a satirical sideswipe at the latest in current affairs. 
02:00Rick and Morty Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind Rick, falsely blamed for Murder by the council of Ricks, begins a cross-dimensional pursuit with the authorities while trying to prove his innocence. (S1, E10) 
02:30South Park A Song of Ass and Fire (2): The countdown to Black Friday continues and Cartman's attempts at manipulation grow. But will Stan and Kenny bow to King Cartman before the war? Winter's coming. (S17, E08) 
03:00South Park T*****s and Dragons (3): Randy is rallying the mall staff! Outside the mall, zombie-like masses are restless, and King Cartman prepares for battle with Princess Kenny - Black Friday is on! (S17, E09) 
03:25South Park The Hobbit While Wendy tries to expose the widespread Photoshop fakery of the female form, Kanye West tries to prove to the world his fiancée isn't a hobbit - will either succeed?!? (S17, E10) 
03:50South Park Go Fund Yourself The boys decide to create a company funded through Kickstarter so that they never have to work. When they take the Washington Redskins' name, the football team see red! (S18, E01) 
04:15Two And A Half Men: Christmas On Vodka, on Soda, on Blender, on Mixer! Alan's relationship with the transsexual Paula continues, but then her ex-wife shows up... Jenny gets a taste of her own one-night stand medicine. (S11, E10) 
04:35Two And A Half Men: Christmas Family, Bublé, Deep-fried Turkey It's Christmas time and Rose comes over and offers her help. Louis doesn't believe in Santa, so Walden and Alan decide to prove Santa exists. (S12, E08) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.