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Listings for Paramount on Saturday, November 24 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Life In Pieces Sleepover Dream Light Haze Matt and Colleen have sleepwalking adventures after taking a sleeping aid. Greg gets upset when Jen reveals she had a sex dream about a member of the family. (S2, E17) 
08:35Fresh Off The Boat The Big 1-2 Eddie celebrates his 12th birthday with friends, much to the dismay of Louis and Jessica, who were hoping for a family birthday party. Meanwhile, Emery and Evan feel left out. (S2, E07) 
09:00Takeshi's Castle Roman Kemp is joined by his dad Martin Kemp to host a brand new series of Takeshi's Castle. New recruits face the Honeycomb Maze and the Slippery Wall before attempting to attack the castle. (S5, E01) 
09:30Friends: Season 9 The One With The Blind Dates Joey and Phoebe deviously arrange awful dates for both Rachel and Ross, hoping that an appreciation of their former relationship will cause them to reunite. (S9, E14) 
10:00Friends: Season 9 The One With The Mugging Joey develops an unusual acting method in order to impress a famous, pompous actor, Leonard (Jeff Goldblum), during an audition for an important stage role. (S9, E15) 
10:30Friends: Season 9 The One With The Boob Job Chandler and Monica each ask Joey for a loan behind each others backs. When Chandler learns Monica asked Joey for money, Joey says she needed it for a boob job. (S9, E16) 
11:00Friends: Season 9 The One With The Memorial Service Ross and Chandler post false information about each other on their college alumni website, resulting in Chandler being posted as gay while Ross is dead. (S9, E17) 
11:30Friends: Season 9 The One With The Lottery The friends pool their money and buy dozens of lottery tickets. However, they bicker over how to spend the fortune if they win. (S9, E18) 
12:00Friends: Season 9 The One With Rachel's Dream After seeing Joey act out a romantic scene for Days Of Our Lives, Rachel starts to have feelings for him. (S9, E19) 
12:30Friends: Season 9 The One With The Soap Opera Party Ross gets a crush on another professor, Charlie, who has only ever dated "Nobel Prize" winners. Meanwhile, Chandler attends a disturbing one-woman play. (S9, E20) 
13:00Friends: Season 9 The One With The Fertility Test Chandler and Monica's nervous visit to a fertility clinic is made even more uncomfortable by the unexpected appearance of Chandler's ex...Janice! (S9, E21) 
13:35Friends: Season 9 The One With The Donor Disappointed to learn that they cannot conceive a baby naturally, Monica and Chandler 'interview' Chandler's co worker (John Stamos) as a potential sperm donor. (S9, E22) 
14:05Friends: Season 9 The One In Barbados The gang goes to Barbados for Ross's conference. Joey and Charlie break up when he realises they have nothing in common. (S9, E23) 
15:10Friends: Season 10 The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss Ross and Joey both try to confess to each other about their new relationships with Charlie and Rachel. However, only one of them comes clean... (S10, E01) 
15:50Friends: Season 10 The One Where Ross is Fine Rachel, Joey and Charlie attend a dinner party at Ross' apartment, but they fear for his state of mind when he overindulges in wine, song and laughter. (S10, E02) 
16:20Friends: Season 10 The One With Ross's Tan Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the "simple" instructions. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. (S10, E03) 
16:50Friends: Season 10 The One With the Cake On Emma's first birthday, Rachel convinces everyone to delay their plans so they can attend her party but plans go awry when a promiscuous birthday cake arrives... (S10, E04) 
17:20Friends: Season 10 The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-sits Rachel's self indulgent sister (Christina Applegate) visits and despite Ross' protests, Rachel lets her babysit Emma. (S10, E05) 
18:00Bring It On Film A cheerleading squad discovers its old captain stole all their routines from an inner-city school and must scramble to compete at this year's championships. Stars Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku. (2000) 
20:00Impractical Jokers The guys, posing as waiters, offer ridiculous specials to customers, and team up at a house-keeping job, doing and saying whatever the other guys tell them. (S11, E13) 
20:30Impractical Jokers: Season 5 Hidden camera practical joke show. The guys conduct interviews while the others try to make them laugh from behind a window and strike up a conversation with people using only a single word. (S5, E13) 
21:00Lee Evans: Big - Live At The O2 Stand-up legend Lee Evans is in cracking form for this sold out gig at the O2 arena where he describes his late-night supermarket trips and explains the way he treats his daughter's boyfriends! 
22:00Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies Film Friends Harold and Kumar set out on a Friday night to satisfy their munchies with hamburgers from White Castle, but it soon turns into a wild road trip of epic proportions. (2004) 
23:50Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes Which Joker recently started collecting antiques? What is the creepiest fan art that the guys have ever received? And which Jokers producer has three nipples? (S2, E25) 
00:20Impractical Jokers: Season 5 The guys work at a sandwich shop, team up to have each other guess their specific secret tasks at a food court, and repeat a cycle of tasks at the park in a Joker vs. Joker. (S5, E14) 
00:50You're the Worst We Can Do Better Than This Jimmy questions his ability as a writer but finally zeroes in on his next project. Gretchen and Lindsay discover all they do is talk about men. (S2, E05) 
01:20You're the Worst Side B***h Jimmy discovers Gretchen's been sneaking out of the house at night and suspects she's having an affair. Lindsay's discovers she doesn't know how to live on her own. (S2, E06) 
01:50South Park ManBearPig Ex U.S. Vice President Al Gore visits South Park Elementary and warns the pupils about ManBearPig, a monster which is "half man, half bear and half pig" - you can't be "cereal"! (S10, E06) 
02:20South Park Tsst Cartman's mum realizes she can no longer control him, so attempts to get help from various reality TV experts. Only when she recruits the "Dog Whisperer" do results start to happen. (S10, E07) 
02:55South Park Make Love, Not Warcraft The boys are all shades of mad when a 'griefer' repeatedly kills them in an online game. Some serious training is in order so they can defeat him and play the game! (S10, E08) 
03:20The Cleveland Show Back to Cool When Cleveland Jr. bonds with Donna's ex-husband, Robert, Cleveland becomes jealous that Jr. thinks Robert is so much cooler than him. (S2, E20) 
03:45The Cleveland Show Your Show of Shows When Rallo and his pals Bernard and Theodore perform in the school talent show, their rap about fiscal responsibility is not well-received by their classmates. (S2, E21) 
04:10Malcolm In The Middle Kitty's Back Kitty returns to Stevie & Abe. However, Lois refuses to accept her back in the neighbourhood. Francis comes home and puts Dewey through the torturous "Brotherhood Initiation". (S6, E05) 
04:35Malcolm In The Middle Hal's Christmas Gift Hal and Lois decide that all Christmas gifts this year should be handmade. When Hal sees the thoughtful gifts the boys made, he feels bad about his attempt and panics. (S6, E06) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.