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Listings for Paramount on Friday, September 28 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00My Wife And Kids Moving on Out Tired of living in the garage, Jr. looks for an apartment and enlists his buddy, John, to be a co-signer... except that John has to pose as Jr.'s grandmother for the realtor. (S4, E14) 
08:35My Wife And Kids Candy Wars When Kady wants to spend some quality time with her father, she enlists Michael's help in the school candy drive. (S4, E15) 
09:00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Steps Out Will realizes the depth of his feelings for Lisa when he dates another woman. Susan Powter becomes the personal trainer to the Banks family. (S5, E11) 
09:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Same Game, Next Season hen Lisa invites her father down for the weekend, he takes an immediate dislike to Will. However, the pair soon become friends - very good friends. (S5, E12) 
10:00Scrubs My House Dr. Cox feels like the TV character 'House' when he has to solve several mysteries. Meanwhile, J.D. tries to be a better boyfriend to Kim to dissuade her from leaving Sacred Heart. (S6, E04) 
10:30Scrubs My Friend with Money Elliot has to deal with being called a "sell out", Turk has to have a talk with Carla, and Dr Cox & the Janitor take advantage of the new hospital luxury suite. (S6, E05) 
11:00Friends: Season 10 The One With Ross's Tan Ross goes to a tanning salon but fails to follow the "simple" instructions. Meanwhile, Rachel and Joey struggle to make the transition from friends to lovers. (S10, E03) 
11:30Friends: Season 10 The One With the Cake On Emma's first birthday, Rachel convinces everyone to delay their plans so they can attend her party but plans go awry when a promiscuous birthday cake arrives... (S10, E04) 
12:00Friends: Season 10 The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-sits Rachel's self indulgent sister (Christina Applegate) visits and despite Ross' protests, Rachel lets her babysit Emma. (S10, E05) 
12:30Friends: Season 10 The One With Ross's Grant Ross applies for a paleontology grant and finds out that Charlie's ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Hobart (Greg Kinnear), reviews the applications. (S10, E06) 
13:00Gilmore Girls The Prodigal Daughter Returns Like meat and potatoes, like salt and tomatoes, the Gilmore girls belong together. Rory comes home. And a super-smart middle schooler shows up at Luke's Diner. (S6, E09) 
14:00Friends: Season 10 The One With the Home Study Monica and Chandler nervously prepare for a visit from an adoption worker, who confides that she slept with, and was then dumped, by a guy named "Joey". (S10, E07) 
14:30Friends: Season 10 The One With the Late Thanksgiving Monica prepares a fabulous Thanksgiving feast for the gang, but she becomes furious when everyone arrives late to the gathering. (S10, E08) 
15:00Friends: Season 10 The One With The Birth Mother Monica and Chandler travel to Ohio to meet a pregnant woman, Erica (Anna Farris), who is considering them to adopt her child when it's born. (S10, E09) 
15:30Friends: Season 10 The One Where Chandler Gets Caught Rachel and Phoebe see Chandler getting into a car with another woman. After following him to the suburbs, they suspect he might be cheating. (S10, E10) 
16:00Impractical Jokers: Season 10 The guys pose odd TV shows as execs to the public and work the counter at a BBQ joint. The loser must face a psychic named Jesse Bravo and say if their predictions are correct or not. (S10, E08) 
16:30Impractical Jokers: Season 10 The guys try to get shoppers to repeat an odd catchphrase given by the other guys and do what they are told as psychoanalysts. The loser must participate in a drumline marching band. (S10, E09) 
17:00Friends: Season 10 The One Where The Stripper Cries Rachel and Monica hire a male stripper (Danny DeVito) for Monica's bachelorette party, but when he gets there, Phoebe insults him and he starts to cry. (S10, E11) 
17:30Friends: Season 10 The One With Phoebe's Wedding Phoebe's big day becomes disastrous as deliveries go awry and a blizzard forces the plans to change. Meanwhile, Chandler and Ross compete to be a groomsman. (S10, E12) 
18:00Friends: Season 10 The One Where Joey Speaks French Phoebe tries to teach Joey French for an upcoming play, but becomes frustrated by Joey's lack of 'flair' for languages. (S10, E13) 
18:30Friends: Season 10 The One With Princess Consuela Joey feels abandoned when Monica and Chandler try to buy a house, but he finds solace with the sellers' precocious 8-year-old daughter (Dakota Fanning). (S10, E14) 
19:00Friends: Season 10 The One Where Estelle Dies Joey is so upset by all of the change in his friends' lives that Phoebe goes to extreme lengths to prevent him from learning about the sudden death of his agent. (S10, E15) 
19:30Friends: Season 10 The One With Rachel's Going Away Party At Rachel's going away party, she gives each of the friends, except Ross, an individual goodbye, leaving Ross confused and hurt as to why. (S10, E16) 
20:00Friends: Season 10 The Last One After their reunion in the previous episode, Rachel tells Ross that it was 'the perfect way to say goodbye' - then he realises that he's still in love with her. (S10, E17) 
21:00White Chicks Film Two disgraced FBI agents go deep undercover in an effort to protect hotel heiresses the Wilson Sisters from a kidnapping plot. Outrageous comedy starring the Wayans brothers. (2004) 
23:10Impractical Jokers The guys take out the remote controlled chairs for a spin, team up to work at a virtual reality gaming centre, and attempt to blame strangers for unusual events. (S11, E06) 
23:40Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes Who ended up paying for damages when Q smashed a display case during a challenge? And what awkward question was Murr asked by kids at a career day that didn't make it on camera? (S2, E18) 
00:10South Park The boys are back as South Park returns with brand new episodes, exclusive to Comedy Central! Season 22 sees the unrivalled comedy still as crude, rude and relevant as ever 
00:40Rick and Morty Auto Erotic Assimilation Rick, Morty and Summer stumble on a hive mind named Unity (Christina Hendricks) that Rick used to date, meanwhile Beth and Jerry are hard on each other. (S2, E03) 
01:10Rick and Morty Total Rickall The Smith house is locked down after parasites threaten to take over the world by implanting fake memories. (S2, E04) 
01:40Jeff & Some Aliens Jeff & Some Childlike Joy & Whimsy Jeff feeds his childhood best friend a mind-altering chemical in order to reignite his youthful sense of fun. Adult animation. (S1, E08) 
02:10Brickleberry Steve the Fearless Pilot Steve uses hypnosis to get rid of his fear of flying, but ends up turning Steve into a swashbuckling pirate. Connie and Denzel get stranded on a lesbian island. (S3, E08) 
02:40The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Steps Out Will realizes the depth of his feelings for Lisa when he dates another woman. Susan Powter becomes the personal trainer to the Banks family. (S5, E11) 
03:05The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Same Game, Next Season hen Lisa invites her father down for the weekend, he takes an immediate dislike to Will. However, the pair soon become friends - very good friends. (S5, E12) 
03:30The Cleveland Show Ladies' Night: Tired of attending social gatherings with neighbors, Donna sneaks off and, pretending she's still unmarried, spends time with her friends at a single mothers group. (S1, E06) 
03:50New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Joining Trevor tonight is actor/activist/author America Ferrera, talking about her new book "American Like Me: Reflections on Life Between Cultures". 
04:15Malcolm In The Middle Buseys Run Away Lois finally gets Dewey out of the Buseys special needs class. Hal still has no job and picks up a bunch of dumb, but nice, body builders for his latest manic craze. (S6, E02) 
04:35Malcolm In The Middle Standee Lois returns to work at the market as a probationary employee and takes offense at the racist advertising for malt liquor. Hal is involved in a battle of wills with the garbage man. (S6, E03) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.