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Listings for Paramount on Monday, October 21 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Will & Grace Will Works Out Will invites Jack to his gym on a 'buddy pass,' but when he expresses his embarrassment to Grace over his buddy's gay behavior, Jack overhears the comments. (S1, E19) 
08:35Will & Grace Saving Grace Nathan is a successful New York publicist who hires Grace to decorate his office on the condition that Will agrees to date him. Jack uses Karen to teach Will how to kiss. (S1, E20) 
08:55The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air A Night at the Oprah The Oprah Winfrey Show contact Philip Banks to appear on the show with his family. The Banks travel to Chicago and Will is ecstatic. But there is some unfortunate news. (S3, E09) 
09:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Asses to Ashes Philip loses the judge election, and Judge Robertson and Will have words, but Judge Robertson dies after the argument! (S3, E10) 
10:00The U.S. Office The List Andy becomes the new regional director of Dunder Mifflin. New CEO Robert California (James Spader) stops by the branch for the first time and leaves behind a mysterious list. (S8, E01) 
10:30The U.S. Office The Incentive Robert challenges the Dunder Mifflin staffers to double their sales. Andy decides to create an incentive program, but might end up regretting the promise he makes... (S8, E02) 
11:00Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Chicken Pox Phoebe catches chicken pox from the baby just as her navy boyfriend (special guest-star Charlie Sheen) surfaces for the first time in two years. (S2, E23) 
11:30Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Jam After breaking up with Richard, Monica uses her free time to make jam and considers insemination via a sperm bank. Guest stars David Arquette. (S3, E03) 
12:00Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Giant Poking Device (2): Joey and Monica catch Janice kissing her ex-husband. Meanwhile, Monica accidentally bumps Ben's head into a post. (S3, E08) 
12:30Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Football The gang plays a game of touch football on Thanksgiving, but temperatures run wild as sibling rivalry between Ross and Monica dominates proceedings. (S3, E09) 
13:00Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends Monica's willpower is tested when she runs into Richard at a video store. (S3, E13) 
13:30Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Jellyfish Ross dates Rachel again after unwittingly agreeing to take responsibility for their breakup. Meanwhile, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. (S4, E01) 
14:00Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With The Cat Phoebe believes that the cat that jumped into her guitar case in Central Perk contains the spirit of her adoptive mum. (S4, E02) 
14:30Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One Where They're Going To Party! The guys try to be spontaneous and wild and Monica must decide between a steady job as head chef of a restaurant or her catering business with Phoebe. (S4, E09) 
15:00Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With All The Rugby Chandler runs into Janice, now divorced, and finds her more irritating than ever. Meanwhile, Ross plays rugby in an attempt to impress Emily. (S4, E15) 
15:30Friends: Monica's Best Episodes The One With All The Haste Monica and Rachel will do anything to get their old apartment back from the guys. Meanwhile, Ross spontaneously pops the question to Emily. (S4, E19) 
16:00Will & Grace Alley Cats When Rob and Ellen admit that they don't have fun playing games with Will and Grace because of Grace's competitive nature, Grace works to change her image. (S1, E21) 
16:30Will & Grace Object Of My Rejection After Grace contemplates a renewed relationship with her ex-fiancée, Danny, she and Will re-think their living situation. Season finale. (S1, E22) 
17:00Friends: Joey Week The One Where Underdog Gets Away Monica's first Thanksgiving dinner for the gang burns, when they all run to the rooftop to see the runaway Underdog balloon from the parade. (S1, E09) 
17:30Friends: Joey Week The One With The Boobies Chandler accidentally sees Rachel wandering around topless after her shower, so Rachel tries to even the score... (S1, E13) 
18:00Friends: Joey Week The One With The Breast Milk The guys are uncomfortable with the thought of Carol's breast feeding, while Rachel is upset by Monica's growing friendship with Julie. (S2, E02) 
18:30Friends: Joey Week The One With Russ While dating a guy named Russ, Rachel can't see his uncanny resemblance to Ross. Meanwhile, Monica gets back together with "fun Bobby". (S2, E10) 
19:00Friends: Joey Week The One With The Lesbian Wedding Monica caters the wedding of Ross's ex-wife and her lesbian lover. Meanwhile, Rachel's mum comes to visit with news that she is divorcing her father. (S2, E11) 
19:30Friends: Joey Week The One Where Joey Moves Out After having a fight with Chandler, Joey moves out. Monica's father finds out that his best friend (Tom Selleck) and Monica are dating. (S2, E16) 
20:00Friends: Joey Week The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies: Joey's soap opera character gets dropped down an elevator shaft after Joey brags of writing his own lines in an interview. (S2, E18) 
20:30Friends: Joey Week The One With Barry & Mindy's Wedding Rachel agrees to be maid of honour at her ex-fiancé's wedding. Monica ponders her future with Richard after he tells her he doesn't want children. (S2, E24) 
21:00New: Single Parents Lance Bass Space Camp Will forgets to send in Sophie's deposit for space camp, so he must woo the owner of the company to get her spot at camp back. (S1, E22) 
21:30New: Single Parents Ketchup Will convinces Angie to confront her ex about leaving her when she was pregnant; meanwhile Poppy internally struggles with who she truly has romantic feelings for. Season Finale. (S1, E23) 
22:00New: Impractical Jokers The Jokers try not to laugh during the shoot of a documentary with answers given to each other for the interviews, and then compete head-to-head to fill a shopper's cart with marshmallows. (S12, E10) 
22:30New: Impractical Jokers: Inside... ...Jokes. What wacky nicknames has Murr earned over the years? Just how many dogs does Joe have? And which TV character served as the costume inspiration for Murr's Dracula punishment? (S3, E26) 
23:00South Park Let Them Eat Goo After a decrease in weed sales, Randy decides to use plant-based food to sell more of it. Cartman has a heart attack after the cafeteria changes to a plant-based diet. (S23, E04) 
23:30South Park vs. Technology Trapper Keeper Cartman is none too happy when 'Bill Cosby' tells him his ultra-advanced Trapper Keeper 2000 is destined to become sentient and wipe out humanity. That kinda sucks ay? (S4, E12) 
00:00South Park vs. Technology AWESOM-O When Cartman disguises himself as a robot in order to play a prank on Butters, he ends up being used by movie execs to come up with film ideas and captured by the military! (S8, E05) 
00:30South Park vs. Technology Make Love, Not Warcraft The boys are all shades of mad when a 'griefer' repeatedly kills them in an online game. Some serious training is in order so they can defeat him and play the game! (S10, E08) 
01:00South Park vs. Technology Guitar Queer-o Stan & Kyle are set to hit big time with their skills on computer game Guitar Hero. Their manager convinces Stan that Kyle is holding him back. Will the "band" break up? (S11, E13) 
01:30South Park vs. Technology You Have 0 Friends Against his better judgement Stan joins Facebook and becomes a social networking juggernaut, causing him to be sucked into the website itself - 'Tron' parody ahoy! (S14, E04) 
02:00South Park vs. Technology HumancetiPad After failing to read the small print in a contract Kyle is kidnapped by Apple, who have big plans in store for him. It's left up to the boys to rescue him from Steve Jobs. (S15, E01) 
02:30South Park vs. Technology A Nightmare On Face Time Randy is excited to buy the bargain of the century - a Blockbuster video rental store for $10,000! But all is not as it seems at this isolated, wintry place. (S16, E12) 
03:00South Park vs. Technology #REHASH (1): Kyle is unimpressed with young kids watching others do stuff. Meanwhile, "Lorde" (Randy) is booked to play a concert with Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea - can he go through with it? (S18, E09) 
03:25South Park vs. Technology #HappyHolograms (2): Still burning over Ike calling him a Grandpa, Kyle teams up with some stars (including Bill Cosby!) to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever! (S18, E10) 
03:50South Park vs. Technology The Death of Eric Cartman Everyone decides to ignore Cartman! He is convinced he is dead and must find peace by making amends for his past sins. Will Butters' 'psychic ability' help him? (S9, E06) 
04:15Impractical Jokers: Miami Special Joe, Sal, Murr, and Q take their talents to Miami, pulling all new pranks on the beach. The guys zip around on scooters controlled by the other Jokers, and the loser has a cold blooded fate. (S7, E01) 
04:35Impractical Jokers Joe, Sal, Murr, and Q teach fencing, the guys trim away their dignity as hairstylists, and the punished Joker melts down during a presentation on climate change. (S7, E02) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.