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Listings for Nickelodeon on Sunday, August 26 2018

06:00Sam & Cat Momma Goomer Goomer's mom is coming to visit, but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Dice needs help to convince Goomer's mom that Goomer is really a teacher. (S1, ep 11) Also in HD. 
06:31Game Shakers Secret Level When Hudson releases false information about a secret level in a game, Game Shakers is besieged by angry, crazy fans. Babe goes on a date with Mason Kendal. (S1, ep 23) Also in HD. 
07:00Henry Danger Sick & Wired Thinking that Henry is not telling the truth about being sick, Ray plants cameras and microphones in Henry's house to catch him in a lie. (S4, ep 4) 
07:31The Thundermans Max and Phoebe ask Cherry to fill in after Phoebe injures herself before a meeting with the Z-Force, but a superhero emergency tests their future as crimefighters. (S4, ep 10) Also in HD. 
08:00The Thundermans Phoebe worries that Max will revert to his evil ways after he is asked to give a prison talk, but her efforts to protect Max from himself do more harm than good. (S4, ep 11) Also in HD. 
08:31Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn This Little Piggy Went to the Harpers When The Quads kidnap a rival soccer team's pig mascot as a prank, they have to pass it off as Anne's surprise birthday present. (S3, ep 6) Also in HD. 
09:00The Thundermans The Girl With the... Phoebe joins the 'cool' group for a class project, to find that they don't want to work as hard as she does. Max joins her group and lets them do the work. (S2, ep 25) Also in HD 
09:31Henry Danger The Beat Goes On With the return of Dr. Minyak, Henry finds himself in danger when he realizes that the evil doer has transformed his best friend, Charlotte, into an enemy. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD. 
10:00Knight Squad Opening Knight A rambunctious princess and a mischievous drifter become unlikely partners, and band together to achieve their dream of becoming legendary knights. (S1, ep 1) 
10:31Star Falls The Mole When Diamond's private conversation is leaked to the tabloids, she's sure Sophia is responsible. Sophia is sure she's innocent. Diamond tries to teach her how to handle the media. (S1, ep 5) 
11:00Paradise Run Run Shakin' Game Shakers cast team up with Nick superfans as they hop in a three-legged lobster race, scramble through a t-shirt disaster and decode Hawaiian messages from a kayak to win. (S3, ep 10) 
11:31Game Shakers Sky Whale - Part 1: Babe and Kenzie's school project, Sky Whale, becomes an accidental viral video game hit, until rap star Double G comes to collect his share of the profits. (S1, ep 1) Also in HD. 
12:00Game Shakers Sky Whale - Part 2: Babe and Kenzie work to convince Double G to partner with them in their new venture while Triple G works to convince the girls to let him join the team. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD. 
12:31iCarly iStill Psycho - Part 1: After receiving word that Nora Dershlit is going to be released from jail, the iCarly kids see what they can do to keep their old captor behind bars. (S4, ep 7) Also in HD. 
13:00iCarly iStill Psycho - Part 2: The gang has to find a way to escape from Nora and her parents. When Freddie figures out how to send a message to his mom, will she get there in time? (S4, ep 8) Also in HD. 
13:31Game Shakers Babe & The Boys Kenzie's dating app causes huge problems for Babe. (S3, ep 4) 
14:00The Best Player Film Movie starring iCarly's Jerry Trainor and Jennette McCurdy as online video game rivals who find out that the real world can be just as exciting as the virtual one. Also in HD. 
15:45JoJo Siwa: My UK Tour Highlights from JoJo Siwa's recent trip to the UK. 
16:00Paradise Run Big Run, Big Prize Contestants take on tough new challenges, a longer zipline and a volcano with a waterslide, to win huge prizes. The Run has never been this fun! (S3, ep 24) 
16:31Star Falls The Mole When Diamond's private conversation is leaked to the tabloids, she's sure Sophia is responsible. Sophia is sure she's innocent. Diamond tries to teach her how to handle the media. (S1, ep 5) 
17:00The Thundermans Super Dupers Max and Phoebe use their powers to give their friend a confidence boost, but the gesture backfires when he starts to think he that he has superpowers of his own. (S4, ep 15) Also in HD. 
17:31Henry Danger JAM Session When Ray hears that Piper is going to Junior Anger Management to work on her anger issues, he bets Henry that he can make her lose her temper before the night ends. (S3, ep 9) Also in HD. 
18:00Game Shakers Mason Kendal asks Kenzie to teach him coding. Seeing a chance to get closer to Mason, Babe convinces Kenzie, but gets jealous when Kenzie starts spending time with him. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD. 
18:31Victorious The Breakfast Bunch Tori and the gang spend Saturday in detention after a lunch trip gone bad. They have the day to learn about each other, find food, and avoid more detention. (S3, ep 2) Also in HD. 
19:00School of Rock A Matter of Trust Summer takes pity on the band's nemesis after he falls on hard times, and agrees to help his music career despite her friends' caution. Guest starring Kendall Schmidt. (S3, ep 10) 
19:31Henry Danger Spoiler Alert Henry and Ray must deal with an especially annoying new villain, the Spoiler. Piper is pushed to her limits as she tries to join a popular Captain Man fan club. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD. 
20:00The Thundermans Max and Phoebe ask Cherry to fill in after Phoebe injures herself before a meeting with the Z-Force, but a superhero emergency tests their future as crimefighters. (S4, ep 10) Also in HD. 
20:31Victorious The Warehouse The gang's favourite megastore is having a sale. To avoid a huge line of customers, the kids hide in the store until it closes so they can get to the goods first. (S3, ep 12) Also in HD 
21:00Sam & Cat The Brit Brats Sam and Cat babysit two girls who fool them both. Sam goes to Elderly Acres in an attempt to fulfill a community service requirement for her online high school. (S1, ep 4) Also in HD. 
21:31Instant Mom Chore Money, Chore Problems Tired of the kids not pulling their weight, Stephanie cancels the maid service and institutes chores. Then the kids go on strike, demanding pay. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD. 
22:00Malcolm in the Middle If Boys Were Girls A pregnant Lois daydreams for one day that Malcolm, Reese and Dewey are girls named, Mallory, Renee and Daisy. Hal searches for the perfect Valentine's Day present. (S4, E10) 
22:31Sam & Cat We Steal A Rock Star When Sam and Cat accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille, things quickly escalate as they try to avoid getting in trouble. (S1, ep 35) Also in HD. 
23:00Sam & Cat Motorcycle Mystery Sam, Dice and Goomer go out and leave Cat at home to study. Later, they discover that Sam's motorcycle is missing and Cat can't remember the day! (S1, ep 10) Also in HD. 
23:31Sam & Cat My Poober Sam and Cat are charged with getting a babysitting client to give up her "Poober" - her ratty old stuffed animal. This proves more difficult than it first appears. (S1, ep 18) Also in HD. 
00:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
03:00Renford Rejects Another Italian Jason is tired of listening to Bruno boast about how good he is at football, so he tricks him into thinking he has been asked to train with West Ham. (S3, ep 3) 
03:25Summer in Transylvania Day Of The Prickly Waitress When Summer tells Magda that all housekeepers get a day off every week, she resigns! Summer must take over as housekeeper, plumber, electrician and pig masseur. (S1, ep 8) 
03:50SpongeBob SquarePants The Card SpongeBob just can't get the new super-rare talking Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy trading card! Patrick gets one straight away - but doesn't treat it with the appropriate respect. 
04:00Genie in the House Gnome Sweet Gnome Emma wants money for shoes, and decides to have a yard sale. Philip has a crush on the lady at the garden centre, but Adil accidentally turns him into a garden gnome. (S1, ep 13) 
04:30House of Anubis House of Heartbreak Mara is furious as Joy admits her feelings for Jerome. Eddie asks Patricia's sister for help, and KT is torn as she realises she doesn't know who to trust. (S3, ep36) Also in HD. 
05:00Winx Club Beware of the Wolf Miele comes to help the fairies, and Flora gets the idea of helping nature itself with her own Butterflix special spell. (S7, ep 7) Also in HD. 
05:30Max & Shred The Tail Grab Reality Run Max is super excited when he gets his very own web reality series, but when Alvin is replaced by an actor, Max is left dealing with a crazy fake Shred. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD 
06:00iCarly iPie: When Carly, Sam, and Spencer bring Freddie to their favourite pie shop, they learn that its proprietor has passed away. And it seems that his recipes may be lost forever. (S2, ep 8) Also in HD.