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Listings for Nickelodeon on Wednesday, July 1 2020

06:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Day of the Dinosaur Horrid Henry's having a bad day. A really bad day. And he's about to find out that it's not always easy seeing yourself as others see you. (S3, ep 18) 
06:15Horrid Henry Perfect Peter's Perfect Day Perfect Peter paintballing? Not something you thought you'd ever think could happen, but seeing is believing! (S3, ep 19) 
06:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry at Home Alone When Horrid Henry gets left behind by mistake, he thinks it's the best thing that's ever happened to him. But is it?! (S3, ep 20) 
06:45Horrid Henry Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day Horrid Henry's search for the last Gross Class Zero comic looks as though it's going to end in tears, especially when he's up against Moody Margaret! (S3, ep 21) 
07:00It's Pony Plants! Annie and Pony's camping trip is in jeopardy when Pony develops a fear of plants. (S1, ep 1a) 
07:15It's Pony Pet Pony/ When pets are banned from the building, Annie and Pony have to convince the landlord to reconsider. (S1, ep 7a) 
07:29The Thundermans Parents Just Don't Thunderstand Frustrated by rules, Phoebe and Max make Hank and Barb act like teenagers. But now Phoebe and Max have the responsibility of being the parents! (S2, ep 6) Also in HD. 
08:00Henry Danger Meet Cute Crush Henry and Ray try to help Piper carry out a "meet cute" with a new boy she likes from school. (S4, ep 18) 
08:31Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street Gortimer vs. Gortimer vs. Gortimer: Gortimer has to babysit on the same night that he has a "date" with Abigail. He finds a solution when he clones himself, but that becomes a problem. (S2, ep 10) 
09:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Loses Rude Ralph Rude Ralph is missing! Could the Evil Guardian really be responsible? (S4, ep 14) 
09:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry, Eco Warrior When Henry becomes the school's Recycling Ambassador he finds that a little bit of power can go a long way! (S4, ep 15) 
09:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Gives It All Away Henry decides that he's got too much stuff, but giving it all away is easier said than done. (S4, ep 16) 
09:45Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules Peter discovers that you can please everyone most of the time, at least he thinks he can! (S4, ep 17) 
10:00The Thundermans Rhythm & Shoes Determined to meet a famous pop singer visiting Hiddenville High, Phoebe and Max devise elaborate schemes to insert themselves into her performance. (S4, ep 23) Also in HD. 
10:31The Thundermans Nowhere to Slide The Thunder boys decide to survive 24 hours in the wilderness, while the girls try to bond over some of Barb's favourite farm activities from her childhood. (S4, ep 24) Also in HD. 
11:00Victorious Andre's Horrible Girl Tori notices changes in her friend Andre, whose girlfriend is overbearing and controlling. Jade and Cat try to earn money dog-sitting in Beverly Hills. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD. 
11:31Victorious Car, Rain and Fire When Cat's favourite actress dies, she talks Tori and Jade into driving to the actress' house to hold a vigil. Also, Trina directs a play starring herself. (S3, ep 5) Also in HD. 
12:00Henry Danger The Rock Box Dump When a report comes out that Kid Danger's super power is actually an illness, Kid Danger has to convince Swellview that it is a huge misunderstanding. (S4, ep 6) 
12:31Henry Danger Back To The Danger - Part 1: When Drex escapes into the Time Jerker's time portal, Henry and Ray must go back into the past and stop him before he permanently alters Ray's past. (S4, ep 7) 
13:00Henry Danger Back To The Danger - Part 2: When Drex prevents Young Ray from ever being densitized in the past, Henry and a now destructible Ray must take on Drex and restore Ray's indestructibility. (S4, ep 8) 
13:31Henry Danger Rubber Duck When Ray accidentally destroys Henry's dad's prized remote control car, they throw a manicure/pedicure party to raise money to fix it. (S4, ep 9) 
14:00Henry Danger Meet Cute Crush Henry and Ray try to help Piper carry out a "meet cute" with a new boy she likes from school. (S4, ep 18) 
14:31Henry Danger Part 1 - A New Evil: Henry is trapped at home with his family while Captain Man heads out along to save the founder of TwitFlash. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Schwoz put together a mystery. (S5, ep 6) 
15:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry On Trial When Peter is rewarded for something that Henry has done, Henry decides to make sure that justice is done too. (S2, ep 38) 
15:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Takes the Biscuit Mum's cookies are a big hit with everyone, including Henry. Now he's just got to figure out how to keep them coming, but Peter wants in on the act too. (S2, ep 39) 
15:30The Casagrandes Never Friending Story After picking Par as his new best friend, Bobby realizes he may be in over his head. (S1, ep 12b) 
15:45The Casagrandes V.I.Peeved Carlota worries that her family will embarrass her after her vlog is discovered by a famous musician. (S1, ep 11a) 
16:00It's Pony Stompy! Annie is set to play in her first soccer game, until Pony accidentally stomps on her foot. (S1, ep 8b) 
16:15It's Pony Horace Annie can avoid detention if she can heal the principal's dying plant, but the plan goes awry when Pony becomes attached to it. (S1, ep 4a) 
16:29The Thundermans Exit Stage Theft Max tries to reestablish his evil cred with petty crimes, but when his best friends become a target, he must choose between them and his reputation. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD. 
17:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Meets Mr Tiddler When Peter finds out that his most favourite author in the world lives just down the road, Henry has to turn writer to stop things going horridly wrong. (S4, ep 23) 
17:15Henry Danger Captain Mom Captain Man is being a baby about having a baby. Labour pains leave him helpless so Kid Danger and Piper step up to take on a couple of slick grease thieves. (S5, ep 26) 
17:46New: The Casagrandes Sink or Swim When Bobby finds out Carl can't swim, he offers to show him the ways of the waves! (S1, ep 14a) 
18:00Victorious Beck Falls for Tori When Tori gets her big break acting in a movie, she's confronted with the consequences of lying on her resume when she's asked to perform a big stunt. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD. 
18:31Henry Danger Caved In Henry, Charlotte, and Ray's plans for a day of fun are derailed when Jasper accidentally triggers the emergency lockdown mode, trapping everyone indoors. (S1, ep 17) Also in HD. 
19:00Sam & Cat Goomer Sitting When Sam and Cat agree to babysit Goomer while Dice goes away, they misapply Goomer's medicine, causing him to temporarily lose his eyesight before a big match. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD. 
19:31Game Shakers Babe's Bench Babe blows the entire Game Shakers ad budget on a high-tech bus bench, only to find out the bench is a magnet for low-lifes and weirdos. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD. 
20:00The Thundermans Blue Detective When Max's skin turns blue while out on a date, everybody becomes a suspect as he turns super-sleuth in an effort to find out whodunnit. (S2, ep 17) Also in HD. 
20:31The Thundermans A Hero Is Born - Part 1: Phoebe and Cherry's friendship is put to the test when the Thunderman family gets some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Dr. Colosso gets an award. (S2, ep 18) Also in HD. 
21:00The Thundermans A Hero Is Born - Part 2: Phoebe and Cherry's friendship is put to the test when the Thunderman family gets some unexpected news. Meanwhile, Dr. Colosso gets an award. (S2, ep 19) Also in HD. 
21:31The Thundermans Doubles Trouble Phoebe signs up for a tennis tournament to win a membership at Link's family's country club. She enlists Max to use his powers to help, but her plans go awry. (S2, ep 20) Also in HD. 
22:00iCarly iCarly Saves TV A big time producer wants to make iCarly into a TV show. With the kids at the TV studio rehearsing all the time, a bored Mrs. Benson begins mothering Spencer. (S1, ep 19) Also in HD. 
22:31iCarly iHate Sam's Boyfriend Sam gets a boyfriend, and the two are inseparable. But when the relationship starts affecting iCarly, Carly and Freddie know they have to do something. (S1, ep 20) Also in HD. 
23:00Victorious Pilot After Tori fills in for her sister in a musical showcase, she's asked to enrol at an elite performing arts high school. But once there, she wonders if she'll ever fit in. (S1, ep 1) Also in HD. 
23:31Victorious The Bird Scene Tori tries to master an iconic Hollywood Arts monologue in Sikowitz's class. Andre and Robbie join a ballet class hoping to meet girls, with disastrous results. (S1, ep 2) Also in HD. 
00:00The Thundermans After their requests drive Kickbutt to quit, Max and Phoebe get what they want when Hank is made SuperPresident. But being the First Family takes its toll. (S4, ep 32) Also in HD. 
00:31The Thundermans Adventures in Supersitting Phoebe and Max seem to be regular teenage twins, in a family of superheroes! Phoebe tries to use her powers for good, but Max embraces the dark side. (S1, ep 1) Also in HD. 
01:00Henry Danger Toon In For Danger When Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger & Captain Man cartoon and see that it's horrible, they must hurry to fix the cartoon before the big premiere party. (S4, ep 11) 
01:25Henry Danger Car Trek Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets sidetracked by a Captain Man and Kid Danger emergency. (S4, ep 12) 
01:50Hunter Street With Oliver's help, Sal builds a phone mast and is finally able to decipher the pyramid. Anika quizzes Dottie about the artifacts in the attic, but has trouble getting answers. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD. 
02:15Hunter Street Remedies and Riddles Anika and Oliver attempt to make a potion to cure Jake's curse. Meanwhile, Sal struggles to solve the first riddle - but Evie may have the answer. (S3, ep 8) Also in HD. 
02:40Ride Trading Horses Kit helps Elaine find a replacement horse for the Gala, Elaine agrees to help Kit solve the mystery of her mother. The guys help Will study for his exams. (S1, ep 17) 
03:05Ride Distractions & Deceptions Elaine uncovers a treasure map that leads to further clues about Kit's mother. Always competitive, Nav tries to hide a re-surfaced knee injury. (S1, ep 18) 
03:30House of Anubis House of Awakening Frobisher wakes up - but is he good or evil? Joy tells Willow and Mara about Jerome's two timing. Victor and Denby force Mr Sweet to take drastic action. (S3, ep21) Also in HD. 
04:00The Casagrandes Trend Game When Ronnie Anne realizes that she's not up to date on all of the latest trends, she seeks help from Carlota. (S1, ep 10a) 
04:30Henry Danger Meet Cute Crush Henry and Ray try to help Piper carry out a "meet cute" with a new boy she likes from school. (S4, ep 18) 
05:00Henry Danger Spelling Bee Hard Dr. Minyak challenges Captain Man to a Spelling Bee. (S4, ep 19) 
05:31Henry Danger Captain Man-kini When a new internet celebrity is causing havoc in Swellview, Captain Man has to body swap with Frankini to infiltrate his secret lair. (S4, ep 20) 
06:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Scary Scooter At last, Horrid Henry's gets a scooter! He thinks this is the best thing ever, but he soon finds out that not everything is as it seems! (S3, ep 22)