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Listings for Mtv on Sunday, February 18 2018

06:00My Super Sweet 16 Sky is a funky, beautiful rising Atlanta rap artist with her own sense of style... so she's throwing an extravagant Moulin Rouge style bash, arriving in a 10 foot hydraulic dress! (S7, ep2) 
06:20Sleeping With The Family 21-year-old Alyx and 20-year-old Garret have a blossoming relationship. Alyx's mum Donna doesn't approve of the way Garret talks down to her daughter. Will Alyx have to choose between them? (S1, ep7) 
07:10The Hills Uninvited Audrina goes to Heidi's birthday, she learns Heidi's not ready to forgive and forget. Lauren, determined to focus on work, falls for the charms of the new guy in her life, Brody. (S2, ep3) 
07:30The Hills Audrina tells Heidi about Spencer's cheating ways, but Heidi is doubtful - until she sees it for herself. Lauren continues to wonder whether she is ready for a relationship. (S2, ep4) 
08:00The Catfish 100 Cassie was on a downward spiral until she got a friend request from a rapper named Steve. Two and a half years later, Cassie and Steve are engaged - but they have yet to meet... (S2, ep1) 
09:00The Catfish 100 Anthony is a war veteran who wears his heart on his sleeve. Over a year ago, he bonded online with a caring man named Marq. Today, they're head over heels in love - but what is Marq hiding? (S2, ep2) 
10:00The Catfish 100 Ramon met Paola on Facebook and established an exclusive online relationship. But after many failed attempts to video chat, is she really who he thinks she is? (S2, ep3) 
11:00The Catfish 100 Lauren met Derek online years ago. Derek is caring, supporting Lauren after she had a baby with a former boyfriend. Lauren thinks Derek could be the one, so why has he avoided meeting her? (S2, ep4) 
12:00The Catfish 100 Dorion is about to give up everything for online love Jeszica, including his relationship with girlfriend Raffinee. But first he wants to know, is Jeszica really the girl in the pictures? (S2, ep5) 
13:00The Catfish 100 After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, they immediately hit it off. But they've never met in person! (S2, ep6) 
14:00The Catfish 100 Mike met Kristen on Facebook. They quickly forged a deep connection, but Mike's frequent efforts to meet Kristen have been futile. Will Mike finally get face-to-face with Kristen? (S2, ep7) 
15:00The Catfish 100 Jesse met Brian online. They made plans to meet, but Brian stood her up. Now, years later, Brian has asked her to live with him. But, she can't stop wondering - what is Brian hiding? (S2, ep8) 
16:00The Catfish 100 Five months ago Artis met Jess online. Artis and Jess each were in relationships, but believed they'd found true love. But is Jess everything that she says she is? (S2, ep9) 
17:00The Catfish 100 For over seven years, Ashley has sent dramatically altered photos of herself to her soul mate, Mike, to make her look thinner and more attractive to him. (S2, ep10) 
18:00The Catfish 100 Aaliyah has been able to share her life struggles with Alicia. However, despite living only 70 blocks away, Alicia refuses to meet her as she hasn't come out to her friends and family yet. (S2, ep11) 
19:00Teen Mom OG Amber shocks her whole family when she reveals she's pregnant. Bentley turns 9 and Maci allows him to spend time with Ryan, and Deb tries to persuade Sophia to go to her wedding. (S7, ep10) 
20:00Beach Body SOS Uni duo Shelbie and Liv have piled on the pounds. Vanessa dreams of a female wrestlers' physique. Can they transform their bodies in time to bare all in an Ex on the Beach reveal? (S1, ep6) 
21:00Just Tattoo Of Us: Season 2... ... Shockers. Charlotte and Bear are back and the tats are even more extreme! Charlotte Dawson and Katie Salmon regret trusting each other, and lads Dan and Rich take their banter too far. (S2, ep1) 
22:00Just Tattoo Of Us: Season 2... ... Shockers. Mates PJ and Harrison reduce each other to tears with some of the most shocking tattoos we've seen. Controlling girlfriend Imogen is left speechless by her boyfriend's design. (S2, ep2) 
23:00Just Tattoo Of Us: Season 2... ... Shockers. Australian reality stars Imogen and Krystal fly in to get inked. Siblings Alicia and Troy have a massive fall out. Couple Beth and George risk their future with their designs. (S2, ep6) 
00:00Just Tattoo Of Us: Season 2... ... Shockers. Footballer Jamie and party boy Robert are putting their friendship and their skin on the line. And Bridie and Trey are about to realise the naked truth of their relationship. (S2, ep8) 
01:00Ridiculousness: Best Guest Stars On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, rapper French Montana serves up some "Smack and Cheese," avoids dangerous "Gas Assassins," and learns the true meaning of "Beast Friends Forever." (S5, ep12) 
01:30Ridiculousness: Best Guest Stars In this episode of Ridiculousness, singer/songwriter Ne-Yo avoids some "Ambush Assassins" while getting busy with "Sexy Love" and breaks new ground with "The Future Of Music". (S6, ep1) 
02:00Ridiculousness: Best Guest Stars Superstar rapper Rick Ross goes from "Hood Hundredaire" to "Rich Forever" and teaches Rob and company how to do it all "Like A Boss". (S6, ep12) 
02:20Ridiculousness: Best Guest Stars 50 Cent joins Rob, Stee-Lo, and Chanel to discuss his "Crappy Birthday," people who are "Built Like 50," and others who, like 50, are real "Show Stealers." (S7, ep1) 
02:45MTV Cribs Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00My Super Sweet 16 Sean Kingston invites us to his home in Jamaica for his 18th birthday bash! It's his first time back home since becoming a star, and Sean's determined to do things big. (S7, ep3)