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Listings for Mtv on Wednesday, January 23 2019

06:00My Super Sweet 16 Malia's mum is the head of Purple Ribbon Records (Big Boi's label), and her family is very involved in the music industry, so she's sure to plan one rockin' birthday bash! (S5, ep6) 
06:2516 And Pregnant Sabrina used to be a cool California girl, with an athlete boyfriend and big group of friends. When she gets pregnant, Sabrina must start a new life, and hopes her boyfriend will come too. (S4, ep10) 
07:1016 And Pregnant Devon wants to raise her baby with her boyfriend Colin, an Iraq war veteran who is still in the reserves. If Colin is deployed, can Devon handle not living at home? (S4, ep11) 
08:0016 And Pregnant When Kristina's boyfriend Todd dies just weeks after the couple finds out she's pregnant, Kristina must deal with the tragic loss while also preparing to welcome their baby into the world. (S4, ep12) 
09:00Teen Mom UK: From The First Steps Sassi is a woman on a mission as she starts her new job. Shannon heads to the seaside where Charlie's wandering eye threatens to derail their family holiday. Ste lays his heart on the line. (S4, ep4) 
10:00Teen Mom UK: From The First Steps Sassi moves into her dream home with Darren, Amber meets a new man, Chloe and Jordan try to freshen up their relationship, while a stressed out Shannon is desperate for time on her own. (S4, ep5) 
11:00Teen Mom UK: From The First Steps Shannon and Charlie come to blows in Spain while Amber's flying high in Benidorm. Sassi is missing home, and Chloe's relationship reaches breaking point. (S4, ep6) 
12:00Teen Mom UK: From The First Steps Jordan gives Chloe the birthday surprise of her life! Shannon and Charlie decide to split. Sassi connects to her faith and gets a lot off her chest. Amber's birthday ends in tears. (S4, ep7) 
13:00Teen Mom UK: From The First Steps Jordan whisks Chloe away to Paris for a big portion of romance and snails! Shannon thinks she might be pregnant. It's a big day for Sassi, and Amber comes to a decision about Ste. (S4, ep8) 
14:00Catfish: Best Of Season 7 So Far A concerned son reaches out when his mum's online boyfriend seems too shady for comfort. But Mum is hiding secrets of her own, and once Nev & Max find their man, things take a bizarre turn. (S7, ep1) 
15:00Catfish: Best Of Season 7 So Far After a number of near-death experiences, Lawrence survived through it all with the assurance of Cierra's online love. But with Cierra blowing Lawrence off, Nev and Max must find the truth. (S7, ep4) 
16:00Catfish: Best Of Season 7 So Far Kiaira and Cortney had a baby despite Kiaira never meeting Cortney or the baby! Nev and Max try to bring the family together, but is this the greatest manipulation in Catfish history? (S7, ep11) 
17:00Catfish: Best Of Season 7 So Far Nev and Max try to help Nick determine if the person he kissed during a mysterious blindfolded rendezvous is actually his online love, Jasmine, or someone entirely different altogether! (S7, ep18) 
18:00New: Teen Mom OG Reunion 1. All five mums come together in New York to update on where they are now. Have Cate and Ty separated? Is Amber quitting the show? All these questions and more will be answered. 
19:00New: Teen Mom OG Reunion 2. Maci sits down with Jen and Larry for an update on Ryan. Amber meets Gary's biological father. Cheyenne and Corey cross the line. Bristol and Dakota have a breakthrough. 
20:00New: Teen Mom UK Megan returns and swallows her pride by going on a day out with Dylan and his new girlfriend. Sassi and Darren split. Shannon gets her GCSE results. Chloe lands a job where Jordan works. (S5, ep1) 
21:00New: Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Ashley asks Bar to stay away from Holly's party. When Kyler has to pick up the baby from Lexi's mum, Lexi is worries about how the two will get along. Brianna wants to go to college. (S1, ep25) 
22:00New: Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club As the summer crowd heats up, Lindsay brings in a new host, Alex, to raise the bar for the other VIP hosts. Meanwhile, Brent makes a grand gesture to win Sara back. (S1, ep3) 
23:00MTV Floribama Shore Gus and Nilsa's hookup sends shockwaves through the house. Kortni decides to lay it on the line and tell Jeremiah how she feels. Nilsa catches feelings, while Gus sets his sights on others. (S2, ep17) 
00:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation Deena finds out the gender of her little meatball, Ronnie makes a surprise visit, and things get interesting when the guidos bring their significant others to watch DJ Pauly D spin. (S2, ep10) 
01:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation The arrival of Ronnie's baby mama, Jen, has the roomies on high alert as they try to celebrate Pauly's birthday in Atlantic City. And the Staten Island love story takes a weird turn. (S2, ep11) 
02:00Jersey Shore Family Vacation The guidos set their sights on the shore for one more epic vacation before summer ends. Angelina has her sights set on Vinny, and Snooki's ready to party like it's 2009. (S2, ep12) 
02:50Geordie Shore Peace has finally been restored in the house now that Vicky and Sophie have made up, but nothing lasts forever and when Ricci sees red on a family night out, disaster strikes. (S4, ep5) 
03:35My Super Sweet 16 Alyson strives to stand out, so for her 16th birthday bash, she is throwing a military themed party that is inspired by the Destiny's Child songs, "Survivor" and "Soldier". (S5, ep5) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00My Super Sweet 16 DJ is a rich, popular boy with an NFL player stepdad. He's planning "A Black Diamond Affair" Sweet 16, and in honour of the occasion, the teen gets a $5000 custom-made suit! (S5, ep7)