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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, June 23 2018

06:00The Hills Kristin's attempt to reconnect with her Hollywood friends goes awry when she angers Audrina by hitting on Justin. Heidi and Spencer embark on married life by house shopping. (S5, ep11) 
06:20Catfish: The TV Show After a string of bad luck with women, Jeff believes he has finally found his dream girl in Megan. However, Megan is starting to sound off Catfish alarms. (S3, ep9) 
07:10Teen Mom OG Tyler decides to be more optimistic about Butch while Farrah questions her mum's relationship with her fiance. Ryan's family finds out something that Maci's been keeping from them. (S6, ep21) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Mackenzie has always lived in the moment, until she has to suddenly get serious about her own life when her boyfriend is nearly paralyzed in a car accident just weeks before her due date. (S4, ep1) 
09:00Just Tattoo Of Us Union J's Jaymi Hensley visits the studio with his brother, BFFs Alicia and Louise deliver some extreme tatts, and Geordie Shore's Holly is back to get her revenge on Kyle. (S1, ep6) 
09:30New: The Official UK Top 40 Exclusive first look at the biggest-selling songs of the week as we reveal the winners and losers of the race to the Official UK Number One spot! 
13:002018 MTV Movie & TV Awards The unstoppable Tiffany Haddish will host the biggest party of the year, the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards. 
15:00The Charlotte Show Charlotte hears news on social media that brings back painful memories. Focussing on the future, she turns her attention to new man Josh and trying to fix her relationship with BFF Melissa. (S1, ep1) 
15:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte heads out to Australia with BFF Melissa. With the rules agreed, Charlotte is confident she can trust Josh while she's away, but on a night out she makes a terrible mistake. (S1, ep2) 
16:00The Charlotte Show Charlotte's keen to put last week's drunken mistake behind her, but will Josh forgive her for locking lips with someone else? Meanwhile, Charlotte plans a surprise party for her Dad's 50th. (S1, ep3) 
16:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte tries to take her relationship with Josh to the next level by meeting his friends, but her world is sent into a spin when she finds out that her ex Stephen is back in the UK. (S1, ep4) 
17:00The Charlotte Show Charlotte decides it's time to introduce Josh to her parents, but when Josh takes back a heartfelt message it leaves her questioning the relationship. (S1, ep5) 
17:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte's week turns bad when her ex starts posting messages about her on social media, and it gets worse when a blazing row with Josh looks to have ended their relationship. (S1, ep6) 
18:00The Charlotte Show Things are looking rocky between Charlotte and Josh. Will Josh finally ask Charlotte to be his girlfriend, or will he leave her with no choice but to end their relationship for good? (S1, ep7) 
18:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte attends the premiere for The Charlotte Show and hosts a party to celebrate. But when Josh sees a clip of her with another boy in Australia it brings back bad memories. (S1, ep8) 
19:00Teen Mom 2 Briana visits Delaware for Lincoln's birthday but does not get a warm welcome from Kailyn. David is upset when Nathan butts into his relationship with Jenelle. Leah takes Gracie to therapy. (S8, ep23) 
20:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Kayla starts college and Brianna returns to single life. Lexi makes plans for her future and gives Kyler an ultimatum. Single-parenting struggles lead Jade to think outside the box. (S1, ep12) 
21:00Geordie Shore Making up is a step too far for someone and they pack their bags. Chloe puts on a show for Sam. Grant gets cosy in the girl's room and Sophie's search for a boy brings her closer to home. (S17, ep5) 
22:00Geordie Shore Geordie House Parties are a thing of legend, but will it be the end of the party for Grant and Abbie? Sam sees red when Chloe gets up close with Alex, however, Nathan has the last laugh. (S17, ep6) 
23:00Just Tattoo Of Us Ex on the Beach's Zach and Kurtis challenge one another to see who's top dog, and Tian and Natalie get inked with tattoos neither will ever forget. (S3, ep5) 
00:00Geordie Shore: Celebrating 150 The whole family is finally reunited. A trip north brings old flames Marnie and Aaron closer, and Sam is left grovelling to Chloe. Cracks start to show when Nathan and Marnie come to blows. (S16, ep8) 
01:00Geordie Shore: Celebrating 150 Marnie and Nathan clear the air, Abbie's on the pull, and Sam and Chloe work through their issues. Later, on a night out, things get heated between best friends Steph and Abbie. (S16, ep9) 
02:00Geordie Shore: Celebrating 150 It's the last couple of days in the house and the Geordies are going out with a bang! Steph and Abbie make up, and suspicions arise over Marnie and Aaron. Sam asks Chloe on a date. (S16, ep10) 
02:50Are You The One? With the final Match Up Ceremony ahead, the house is desperate to get the right couples into the Truth Booth to pair up as Perfect Matches. Keith and Alexis push each other over the edge. (S6, ep12) 
03:35Pimp My Ride Pimp Master of Ceremonies Xzibit turns tired old hatchbacks into fully loaded cruisin' machines. In this episode, Xzibit turns a liquidated Ford ice cream truck into a frozen asset. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00The Hills After being stood up by Audrina, Kristin decides to stop fighting her attraction to Justin. Heidi wants to babysit a neighbour's child, but Spencer wants nothing to do with kids. (S5, ep12)