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Listings for Mtv on Friday, July 20 2018

06:00The Hills Lauren realises she can't trust her best friends after Heidi hooks Jen up with Brody. (S2, ep7) 
06:25Catfish: The TV Show Brendan loves McKenna, but failed attempts to connect have left him wondering if McKenna is for real. Nev teams with social media sensation Karrueche Tran to help Brendan uncover the truth. (S5, ep4) 
07:10Teen Mom 2 Leah learns that Ali will need to use a wheelchair. Jo and Kailyn fight about Isaac's scheduled drop off because Jo is late. Jenelle and her new boyfriend Nathan decide to move in together. (S5, ep3) 
08:0016 And Pregnant Not only is 16 year old Whitney pregnant, but so is her mother! Watch her prepare to become both a big sister... and a mother. (S1, ep5) 
09:00Catfish: The TV Show Kim's been pouring her heart out to Matt for over 10 years. Now, Kim's facing a life-changing decision - should she marry her current boyfriend or find out if Matt is her soul mate? (S1, ep3) 
10:00Catfish: The TV Show A year after meeting "T-lights" on Instagram, "Instaceleb" Antoinette is ready to meet him, but he always brushes off the idea. Is he really the online celebrity he claims to be? (S3, ep3) 
11:00Catfish: The TV Show Smart, single mum Miracle fell for Javonni, a dreamy-eyed Instagrammer. With Max on hiatus, Nev teams up with TV personality Charlamagne to take Miracle on a hunt for the man of her dreams. (S4, ep1) 
12:00Catfish: The TV Show Lauren met Derek online years ago. Derek is caring, supporting Lauren after she had a baby with a former boyfriend. Lauren thinks Derek could be the one, so why has he avoided meeting her? (S2, ep4) 
13:00Catfish: The TV Show After a string of bad luck with women, Jeff believes he has finally found his dream girl in Megan. However, Megan is starting to sound off Catfish alarms. (S3, ep9) 
14:00Catfish: The TV Show For shy Devan, meeting Rylan was love at first click. Devan wants to believe that Rylan is marriage material but her suspicious behaviour is leaving him with doubts. (S4, ep18) 
15:00Catfish: The TV Show Brittany finds love online with Bryon, a marine who may get deployed again to Iraq, she seeks Nev and Max's help before she runs out of time to discover if the perfect military man is real. (S4, ep19) 
16:00Catfish: The TV Show Hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, Catfish The Untold Stories, features shocking but true tales from the past as told by the people who actually experienced them. 
17:00Most Ridiculous Drivers Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. This episode takes out on the open road with crazy drivers! (S2, ep5) 
17:30Most Ridiculous Wildlife Narrated by Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Most Ridiculous seeks out the stupidest and most insane videos to ever be found online. This episode features penguins! (S2, ep6) 
18:00Wipeout USA Contestants make their way through an action-packed giant obstacle course to win a cash prize. Sweeper Trees and the Scary Go Round are the wild new obstacles this episode. (S2, E11) 
18:55The Official UK Number One Check out this week's ultimate chart champion as we present The Official UK Number 1! 
19:00Lip Sync Battle Celebrities pair up to do battle using lip sync as their weapon to outdo each other, and the audience is the judge! In this episode Gigi Hadid and Tyler Posey go head to head. (S2, ep20) 
19:30Lip Sync Battle: Star Trek Legendary actor Ben Kingsley and lauded "Star Trek" actor John Cho go head to head in the LSB arena, but only one will emerge as LSB champion. (S3, E01) 
20:00Punk'd Today features Nick Carter crying like a baby (almost), rock rebel Tommy Lee getting pushed to the brink and Bow Wow losing some bling! (S2, ep2) 
20:30Punk'd Ashton Kutcher plays practical jokes on unsuspecting celebrities. Today features Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Metcalfe. (S4, ep2) 
21:00New: MTV Movies Special Mission Impossible Fallout. This movie special jumps into one of the biggest movies of the year. With exclusive access behind the scenes and interviews with the cast, including Tom Cruise himself. 
21:30Ridiculousness Celebrate the world of NASCAR with a salute to "pass masters", an introduction to NASCAR exits, and a look at what happens when people get "pavemental". (S10, ep27) 
22:00Geordie Shore Things aren't alrite between Alex and Sophie, and Nathan sees red when he gets Alex back to the house. Chloe decides she needs to drink for two when Sam has to go to hospital. (S17, ep10) 
23:00Just Tattoo Of Us Best mates nicknamed Ugly and The Pig get roasted, and celebrity mates Mutya from the Sugababes and Vas from TOWIE are in the spotlight. (S3, ep7) 
23:50Charlotte's Crib Charlotte takes us on a tour of her proper mint house, including her swimming pool, gym and even her fishpond! 
23:55Geordie Shore: From The First Tash Peace has finally been restored in the house now that Vicky and Sophie have made up, but nothing lasts forever and when Ricci sees red on a family night out, disaster strikes. (S4, ep5) 
01:00Geordie Shore: From The First Tash It's James' birthday and the gang plan a surprise trip to Dublin to celebrate with a secret guest, but on their return their high is brought down by Ricci's return with some bad news. (S4, ep6) 
02:00Ex On The Beach ??Whilst Nancy May and Scotty grow closer, James and Ashleigh seem to have an actual bond. Meanwhile at the beach, it's, Lacey, Youssef's ex, and he's buzzin' as he might get lucky (S4, ep3) 
02:45Ex On The Beach The love triangle between Scotty T, Nancy May and Lacey gets more uncomfortable as they're sent to meet the new arrival. It's Lacey's ex, Jordan from Series 3. Plus, Megan McKenna is back! (S4, ep4) 
03:35Pimp My Ride X surprises an EMT nurse by turning her 1984 Ford Crown Victoria station wagon into a hot-rod style ambulance, with a CATscan-style sound system and a video monitor shaped like a defibrillator! 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00The Hills Spencer asks Heidi to move in with him but Heidi doesn't know what to do or how to tell her roommate, Lauren. (S2, ep8)