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Listings for Mtv on Friday, August 14 2020

06:00Love Squad Dating diva Charlotte Dawson ditches the dating apps and helps sassy singles find love on three real life dates. Tonight, Maisie calls in her Love Squad to help search for her dream man. (S1, ep27) 
06:25Teen Mom: From The Beginning The mums and their significant others travel to Puerto Rico where Maci struggles with wanting to help Ryan overcome his issues. Farrah is invited to speak about her businesses at SXSW. (S6, ep23) 
07:10Teen Mom: From The Beginning Maci and Taylor work on their marriage in counselling while Farrah goes on a date with Asaf whom she picked on the aftershow. Gary asks Amber to help him surprise Leah with a new house. (S6, ep24) 
08:00Teen Mom: From The Beginning Catelynn and Tyler sign Nova up for daycare while Maci throws a surprise birthday party for Taylor. Simon tries to get over Farrah while Amber and Matt settle on a wedding venue. (S6, ep25) 
08:55Global Video Premiere: Miley Cyrus It's the comeback we've all been waiting for! Miley Cyrus returns with her brand new video for breezy summer anthem Midnight Sky. And guess what? We have the first play for you right now! 
09:00Catfish: Every Episode! After being paralysed as a teenager, Robert met Ashleigh online and they fell in love. With news he may not have much longer to live, Robert asks Nev and Max to bring Ashleigh to him. (S6, ep16) 
10:00Catfish: Every Episode! Robin is desperate to meet her hunky, long-distance love in person. Nev and Max agree to help her hunt him down, but what they uncover turns out to be much more than Robin bargained for! (S6, ep17) 
11:00Catfish: Every Episode! For years, Nicole has had her pictures stolen to make fake profiles, one of which has been catfishing Ryan for ten years. Is this a random troll or do Ryan and Nicole have a common enemy? (S6, ep18) 
12:00Catfish: Every Episode! Jasmine writes to Nev and Max asking for help for a "friend". But they're perplexed when Jasmine drops a bombshell revelation: they've helped her friend before! (S6, ep19) 
13:00Catfish: Every Episode! Caitlyn calls on Nev and Max to help separate the fact from fiction of her courtship with Kenton. Kenton insists she and her daughter move to Kentucky but is Kenton all he claims to be? (S6, ep20) 
14:00Catfish: Every Episode! A concerned son reaches out when his mum's online boyfriend seems too shady for comfort. But Mum is hiding secrets of her own, and once Nev & Max find their man, things take a bizarre turn. (S7, ep1) 
15:00Catfish: Every Episode! Alyssa's friend Mary urged her to sign up for a dating website and that's where Alyssa met Tyler. As Nev and Max help, they begin to wonder who's behind the Tyler profile. Could it be Mary? (S7, ep2) 
16:00Catfish: Every Episode! After five years of talking to Matt, Kim is ready to meet up. As Max and Nev try to bring the two together, they uncover buried secrets that threaten to drive a wedge between the couple. (S7, ep3) 
17:00Catfish: Every Episode! After a number of near-death experiences, Lawrence survived through it all with the assurance of Cierra's online love. But with Cierra blowing Lawrence off, Nev and Max must find the truth. (S7, ep4) 
18:00Catfish: Every Episode! A former Catfish turns to Nev and Max for help when they fall hard in love online. Could this Catfish be playing Nev and Max? Or will the Catfish have to pay for their crimes? (S7, ep5) 
18:55Miley Cyrus: Brand New Vid! She's baaaaack! Miley gifts us with a brand new vid for her chill new summer anthem Midnight Sky! We love this one - turn it up! 
19:00Teen Mom UK: From The Beginning Shannon and Charlie come to blows in Spain while Amber's flying high in Benidorm. Sassi is missing home, and Chloe's relationship reaches breaking point. (S4, ep6) 
20:00Beach Body SOS Becci is tired of being the fat sister while Kieran is sick of feeling like the runt of the litter. Can they transform their bodies in time to bare all in an Ex on the Beach reveal? (S1, ep4) 
21:00The Faculty Film Sci-fi horror starring Elijah Wood and Jordana Brewster. A group of no-hopers tries to stop the alien menace threatening their school. (1998) 
23:00Scream Film A year after the murder of her mother, a teenage girl is terrorized by a new killer, who targets the girl and her friends by using horror films as part of a deadly game. (1996) 
01:05Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo pick up a few "aggressive hitchhikers", wrestle with their "inner demons", and beg our viewers to "drop the camera". (S17, ep6) 
01:35Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate Oktoberfest in "lederhosed", welcome unexpected guests in "don't answer", and experience some sweet and stern "southern mother'n". (S17, ep2) 
02:00Drag Race: From The Beginning The queens get their Cookie on in two Empire-inspired scenes. With guest judges Tasha Smith and singer-songwriter Faith Evans. (S8, ep3) 
02:50Drag Race: From The Beginning This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. See what happens behind the scenes when the queens let their tucks breathe... and let their emotions flow. (S8, ep3) 
03:15Just Tattoo Of Us USA Best friends continue their lifelong prank war when ridiculous tattoos cross the line. A couple on the edge take out their frustrations in ink. (S1, ep7) 
03:35Ridiculousness Oakland rap legend Too Short joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to talk about My Favourite Word, decide when to Blow The Whistle, and watch some kids who are Born To Mack. (S14, ep30) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Pimp My Ride The '73 Volkswagen Thing is Erin's passion. She's a groomer for small animals but she bought 'The Thing' for $5,000 by selling 3 pigs. Only Xzibit and the guys can help her now. (S4, ep2)