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Listings for Mtv on Monday, June 24 2019

06:00Daria The students of Lawndale High go on a paintballing trip to learn about history, psychology and shooting people. (S2, ep2) 
06:25Teen Mom UK Mia makes a surprise return to Teen Mom UK! Chloe rebels, Sassi struggles back at home and Megan faces her feelings. Shannon and Charlie go house-hunting while Amber sleeps on the streets. (S5, ep3) 
07:10Teen Mom UK Amber jets off on holiday, it's even more bad news for Sassi as she loses her job. Shannon hits a wall and Megan feels lonelier than ever. Chloe forces Jordan to be romantic. (S5, ep4) 
08:00Teen Mom UK Emotions run high for Megan as Dylan goes AWOL. Sassi gets some big news. Amber throws an engagement party to remember. And it's super-sad times for Chloe as Jordan gets a diagnosis. (S5, ep5) 
09:00Teen Mom UK Shannon has some exciting news but Charlie isn't happy. Sassi sits Darren down and demands answers. Amber and Ste are at breaking point and Megan tries to talk some sense into Dylan. (S5, ep6) 
10:00Teen Mom UK Charlie struggles to accept Shannon's pregnancy, while Megan can't step away from Dylan. Ste stays over at Amber's and Chloe and Jordan make a tearful breakthrough. (S5, ep7) 
11:00Teen Mom UK In the season 5 finale, Amber steps into the ring. Chloe and Jordan fight for their relationship, while the gloves come off for Sassi and Darren as they unite for Zena'ya's birthday. (S5, ep8) 
12:00Teen Mom 2 Kailyn announces the newest member of the Teen Mom 2 cast. Jace's dad, Andrew, makes an appearance for the first time since the first Teen Mom 2 Reunion. Cole and Aubrey join Chelsea on stage. 
13:00Teen Mom 2 Nessa and the cast of "Teen Mom 2" watch and react to never-before-seen clips from the past season. 
14:00Catfish: Top 5 Meltdowns After being bullied in her past, Jen relies on online communities to establish relationships. After meeting Skylar online, they immediately hit it off. But they've never met in person! (S2, ep6) 
15:00Catfish: Top 5 Meltdowns Hundra never planned on falling in love with a girl and is risking coming out on national TV to learn if her love is for real. Nev investigates to reveal a shocking Catfish. (S4, ep17) 
16:00Catfish: Top 5 Meltdowns Five months ago Artis met Jess online. Artis and Jess each were in relationships, but believed they'd found true love. But is Jess everything that she says she is? (S2, ep9) 
17:00Catfish: Top 5 Meltdowns Lucille led a simple life until she was asked to work for music producer Kidd Cole. Companies were never paid and one day Kidd couldn't be found. Will she get the answers she needs? (S3, ep4) 
18:00Catfish: Top 5 Meltdowns After a three-year online relationship, Tiana moved across the country to be with love-of-her-life James, and reveal her secret. Now in the same state, James seems more elusive than ever. (S4, ep11) 
19:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Kayla and Stephan struggle to put aside their differences. Brianna gets big news. Lexi and Kyler consider the future. Ashley and Bar try to keep the peace. Jade and Sean give it another go. (S1, ep13) 
20:00Just Tattoo Of Us Friends Saffron and Sheniya send each other a message, mother and son Mary and Lewis test their family bond while lovebirds Emily and Chris face some big decisions. (S4, ep2) 
20:30The Charlotte Show Charlotte Crosby's real-life reality show is back! Charlotte tries to put a plan in place for having babies with Josh, but Josh thinks she's moving too fast and things go downhill. (S3, ep1) 
21:00New: The Hills: Shadiest Moments.. ... Ever! From breakups to shocking reveals, The Hills changed reality TV forever. In anticipation of The Hills: New Beginnings, we look back at the the top ten shadiest moments in Hills history. 
22:00New: Double Shot At Love With DJ.. .. Pauly D & Vinny. Vinny and Pauly invite Angelina from Jersey Shore to the house to help them to figure out who is there for the right reasons. Angelina's aggressive approach goes too far. (S1, ep7) 
23:00New: Just Tattoo Of Us USA Lifelong friends brand each other with massive tattoos that will ruin their sex lives. And heels come off when best frenemies expose embarrassing personal stories. (S2, ep3) 
23:30New: Ridiculousness On an all-new episode of Ridiculousness, Rob, Chanel and Steelo check out some indestructible people in Allergic To Death! (S11, ep40) 
00:00Geordie Shore Holly and James still haven't put their differences behind them and are a war zone waiting to happen, Gary and Scott are on a mission to pull every girl in Sydney. (S6, ep1) 
01:00Geordie Shore The group are in high spirits as they get a surprise visit from Jay. Charlotte is still coming to terms with her feelings for Gaz. James' battle with Holly is set to continue. (S6, ep2) 
02:00New: The Hills: New Beginnings It's a new beginning for this iconic group of friends, as they return to the Hills and reconnect for the first time in years. While facing new challenges, old rivalries and romance. (S1, ep1) 
02:50The Charlotte Show Charlotte Crosby's real-life reality show is back! Charlotte tries to put a plan in place for having babies with Josh, but Josh thinks she's moving too fast and things go downhill. (S3, ep1) 
03:35Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel and Steelo celebrate a Russian Thanksgiving, feel the wrath of some "Teeny Meanies" and plug in with "Virtual Retirement". (S9, ep3) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria A (very) brief burst of intellectual activity by Quinn gets her an instant reputation as a "brain." (S2, ep3)