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Listings for More 4 on Wednesday, October 24 2018

04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Food Unwrapped Kate visits Rome to find out what the difference is between gelato and ice cream. Are dark rum and white rum made with different ingredients? Why do mints make your mouth cold? (S10 Ep4/5) 
09:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Chris Wood and Eleanor Clements are looking for a retirement property in north Tenerife. Scarlette Douglas has some stunning clifftop apartments in mind for their ?120,000 budget. 
10:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun With retirement on the cards, Terry Windle and Julia Lenart want to escape the British winters and live a more active life. Scarlette Douglas shows them five properties in Gran Canaria. 
11:35Four in a Bed Kicking off the competition are Tony Keates and Jeanette Hamer of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in Arnside, Cumbria. The guests are captivated by the view, but less so by mould on a mattress. 
12:05Four in a Bed The next visit is to Dr Stephen Stanley-Little's Westward Cottage in Hadleigh, Suffolk. While some are thrilled by its quirky appeal, the relaxed approach to breakfast drives others spare. 
12:35Four in a Bed The third hosts are bohemian Avril Berry and Alan Fraser of Roulotte Retreat in Melrose, Scottish Borders. Most guests are stunned by the Gypsy caravans, but the washing-up causes gripes. 
13:10Four in a Bed The final visit is to The Elgin Hotel in Blackpool where Garry Lloyd wants to deliver the personal touch. But mix-ups at breakfast don't put the guests in the best of moods. 
13:40Four in a Bed The B&Bers face the music, as they come together to find out what they've been paid and to settle some scores. There's tension and tears, but who will take the title of best B&B? 
14:10Come Dine with Me Rochdale. Fitness instructor Tanya hosts a stylish Mediterranean feast at the start of a week of competitive dining. But is this glamourpuss host more style than substance? (Ep1/5) 
14:40Come Dine with Me Rochdale. Business coach and passionate foodie Rod is determined to impress. But he has already offended Tanya, and so HR manager Claire predicts fireworks. (Ep2/5) 
15:15Come Dine with Me Rochdale. HR manager Claire hopes to compensate for 'imperfect cooking skills' with her hosting ability. But tension rises when Tanya barely touches her food. (Ep3/5) 
15:50Come Dine with Me Rochdale. Psychic medium Dean plans to put his supernatural skills to good use on night four. The main goes down very well, even with Tanya, but the pudding bombs. (Ep4/5) 
16:20Come Dine with Me Rochdale. It's the last night and feisty mum Sadiya's turn to host. Will the tension between Sadiya and Tanya finally explode? And Sadiya decides to test Dean's clairvoyant powers. (Ep5/5) 
16:50Secret Life of Brothers & Sisters The young stars of The Secret Life of... return, and they've brought their younger siblings along for a camping holiday. How does their siblings' presence affect their interaction? (Ep1/2) 
17:55The Secret Life of the Zoo Young giraffe mum Tula gives birth, while this year's brood of penguin chicks face the ordeal of joining the main pool, where they must compete for fish with the adult penguins. (S3 Ep2/7) 
18:55The Supervet Tina and her boisterous sons bring in a springer spaniel puppy with a badly deformed hind leg requiring complicated surgery. And a cocker spaniel has cancer. (S6 Ep7/10) 
19:55Grand Designs Kevin McCloud revisits Philip and his wife Angela, who moved to Surrey and renovated a Grade II-listed 150-year-old threshing barn after Philip was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 
21:00Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship In 1845, seeking the elusive Northwest Passage, maverick Royal Navy captain Sir John Franklin sailed into the Arctic with 128 men... and vanished. But in 2014 an amazing discovery was made. 
22:00Pearl Harbor: The New Evidence Did Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt know that Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, and did they conspire to let it happen? New evidence helps to reveal the answers. 
23:05New: This Is Us Brand new series - This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life: Deja's life with her mother and grandmother unfolds from the beginning. Randall and Beth welcome visitors to their home. (S2 Ep17/18) 
00:05Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon visits an Italian restaurant in Florida. Owner CeCe has lost her way in the kitchen and on top of that, refuses to take any criticism and battles Gordon every step of the way. 
01:0024 Hours in A&E This episode focuses on strong women who find themselves in A&E with a wide range of problems, like Georgia, who fell 20 feet while trying to climb into the window of her flat. (S8 Ep9) 
02:05Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners Glen, who spends 13 hours a week cleaning his one-bed flat, visits multi-collector David, whose hoard includes 300,000 books, 25 military uniforms, 10 African masks and a straitjacket. 
03:108 Out of 10 Cats Jimmy Carr hosts with captains Rob Beckett and Aisling Bea, together with Gabby Logan, Ellie Simmonds, Alex Brooker and David O'Doherty for a sporty edition of the panel show. (S19 Ep9) 
03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping.