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Listings for ITV 1 HD on Sunday, January 27 2019

06:00Dino Dana Dino Rescue Train Edutainment series. Dana helps Sara rediscover her love of trains as they imagine themselves on the Dino Rescue Train rescuing baby dinos. [SL] S1 Ep15 
06:10Super 4 Wanted Rock Brock: Animated series. Rock Brock becomes the target of an angry elf after he breaks his magic cauldron during a battle with a ferocious dragon - or so he says! [SL] S2 Ep25 
06:25Super 4 Move It Animated series. The discovery of an inactive robot dumped in the middle of the bridge connecting Kingsland to Enchanted Island leads to conflict between the two realms. [SL] S2 Ep26 
06:35Make It Pop Fashion Truck Jodi visits her idol's pop-up store. Corki has to keep her father in the dark. Jared tries to convince Mr Stark to give him the lead role in the play. [SL] Ep12 
07:00Mission Employable Gardener Agent Kym's next mission is to be a gardener, and there is lots for her to do. Her first job is to cut the grass; she then finds out how bees make honey. [SL] S1 Ep8 
07:05Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. Flat Pack: Bean is unfamiliar with flat pack assembly and struggles to construct his new bookcase, failing miserably. S2 Ep11 
07:20Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. Holiday for Teddy: Mr Bean decides to take Teddy on holiday to the seaside - but a spoilt little girl wants Teddy all to herself. S2 Ep12 
07:30New: Scrambled! Bitesize TV that fills your morning with a blast of excitement and fun, Scrambled! is the place to go for the best of CITV's current and original shows. 
07:35Scrambled! The Tom and Jerry Show The Invisible Cat More antics from the world's favourite cartoon cat and mouse. The spooky invisible cat stalks the manor at night, but who is it? S3 Ep30 
07:50Scrambled! Ben 10 The Nature of Things Ben discovers a device that transforms the wearer into alien creatures. The Tennyson team must shut down Steam Smythe's power generator. S2 Ep15 
08:10Scrambled! Mr. Bean: The... ...Animated Series. The Cruise: The animated antics of the hapless bumbler Mr Bean. Bean wins two tickets for an exotic cruise and takes Teddy along for the trip of a lifetime. S2 Ep3 
08:30Scrambled! Spy School Operation Stark Raven Mad: It is a wondrous day for Spy School as their archenemy, Goldfist has finally been captured. Will he stay locked up in the Tower of London? S2 Ep9 
09:05Scrambled! Mighty Magiswords Elect to Decline Noville wants to impress Vambre with a new Magisword from the Cave of Stuff, but the Cave Weirdos are in election mode and have some other ideas! S1 Ep31 
09:25ITV News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results. 
09:30New: Parveen's Indian Kitchen Parveen opens the doors to her pantry and shows us which pulses, beans and lentils should be kept at home - clearing that Daal debacle! Ep2 
10:30This Morning - On Sunday Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford bring inspiration for the weekend. Featuring the best moments from This Morning over the past week. Ep2 
11:30New: Ainsley's Caribbean Kitchen Jamaica Part 2: Carrying on his Caribbean adventure in Jamaica, Ainsley takes to the water of the Martha Brae river to learn about the area and to experience the beauty of the river. Ep2 
12:30ITV Lunchtime News The latest headlines from around the world at lunchtime with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents, all of which are followed by a national weather forecast. 
12:50The Voice UK Coaches, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and Olly Murs return to the infamous red chairs for the fourth instalment of the Blind Auditions. S3 Ep4 
14:15From Russia with Love Film Classic spy adventure, starring Sean Connery as 007, 1963. James Bond becomes involved in an assassination plot as he attempts to retrieve a Soviet encryption device. 
16:30ITV Evening News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world as well as the latest major sports results. 
16:45ITV News London The latest news and weather from London and the South East. 
17:00The Chase Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Four contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the cash prize. S9 Ep39 
18:00New: Dancing on Ice Hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the Greatest Show on Ice continues. Torvill and Dean make a return to the Ice for a very special performance. S11 Ep4 
20:00New: Vera Cold River A beauty empire is shaken to the ground when one of three sisters is found dead in the River Tyne. DCI Vera Stanhope investigates. S9 Ep3 
22:00ITV News National and international news with reports and analysis from ITV's Correspondents in the UK and around the world. 
22:15Unbelievable Moments:... ...Caught On Camera. This episode features the amazing stories behind some incredibly close shaves - including a hot-air balloon collision. S4 Ep3 
23:10Cold Feet Adam begins a journey of self-discovery which opens his eyes, and his heart. Jenny grapples with her secret, whilst Pete is pre-occupied with helping troubled Evan. S8 Ep2 
00:05Tenable Five prison officers from the North East take on the Tenable Tower and a succession of Top 10 list question. Will they have what it takes to win big? Warwick Davis presents. S2 Ep18 
00:55Jackpot247 Join the presenters live and play roulette on your telly. Join in now at 
03:00Amazing Greys Paddy McGuinness and Angela Rippon present the game show in which a series of young challengers take on some of the UK's most celebrated senior citizens. [SL] Ep2 
03:50ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
05:05The Jeremy Kyle Show Were You Cheating When I Reported You Missing to the Police? Jeremy Kyle presents the confrontational talk show in which guests thrash out their conflicts. [SL] S16 Ep79 
06:00Good Morning Britain Breakfast show featuring the latest news, sport and weather.