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Listings for Fx on Sunday, July 15 2018

06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
08:00Cops The Hillsborough County, Florida Sheriff's Department conducts a sting in the parking lot of a Pain Management Center where prescription pain drugs are sold illegally. (S23, Ep9) 
08:30Cops Corporal Craig Putram of the Amarillo, Texas PD spots some suspicious activity on the road which turns into a foot chase. (S23, Ep10) 
09:00NCIS Neverland - NCIS feverishly investigates a global terrorist group, following a deadly bombing overseas that results in an emotional and surprising loss for the team. Season Finale. (S12, Ep24) 
10:00NCIS Stop the Bleeding Gibbs fights for his life aboard a Navy hospital ship after being shot, while DiNozzo and Joanna Teague travel to Shanghai to try and take down the Calling. (S13, Ep1) 
11:00NCIS Personal Day Gibbs calls on the team to assist DEA Agent Luis Mitchell with a case, but DiNozzo discovers there is more to Gibbs' personal connection to the agent and his desire to help. (S13, Ep2) 
12:00NCIS Personal Day After a Marine is found murdered in Quantico hours after calling Gibbs to discuss a possible case, Bishop and McGee go undercover as a married couple. (S13, Ep3) 
13:00NCIS Skeleton Crew The team, including recently transferred Special Agent Jacqueline Sloane, investigating the kidnapping of a sailor during a storm that shuts down Washington DC. (S15, Ep4) 
14:00Leverage The King George Job During the hunt for Damien Moreau, Sophie faces her past as the team go after a black market antiquities trafficker who takes advantage of refugee children. (S3, Ep12) 
15:00Leverage The Morning After Job To get the goods on Damien Moreau, the Leverage team attempts to trick a bad-tempered hedge-fund manager into revealing critical information. (S3, Ep13) 
16:00Leverage The Ho, Ho, Ho Job The Leverage team comes to the aid of Santa Claus and takes over a mall on Christmas Eve. But they find themselves in trouble when an old enemy resurfaces. (S3, Ep14) 
17:00Leverage The Big Bang Job To stop Moreau from selling information to international terrorists, the Leverage team infiltrates a government research laboratory. (S3, Ep15) 
18:00Leverage The San Lorenzo Job When Moreau flees the country, the Leverage team follows him to San Lorenzo, where they discover that he has insinuated himself into the government. (S3, Ep16) 
19:00Bull Play The Hand You're Dealt Bull navigates the unfamiliar rules of a Native American tribal court when his college roommate is accused of committing murder on his reservation. (S2, Ep5) 
20:00NCIS: Sister City Part 2 New Orleans - Sister City Part 2: Sebastian flies to D.C. to work with Abby Sciuto on the forensics in the case involving her brother, while Ellie Bishop comes to New Orleans. (S13, Ep12B) 
21:00Lucifer Homewrecker Lucifer goes to great lengths to protect his home when the owner is murdered and the new owner wants it demolished. (S2, Ep9) 
22:00New: Atlanta North Of The Border Earn, Paper Boi, Darius and Tracy visit a campus, where things escalate. (S2, Ep9) 
22:35New: Atlanta Fubu Y'all youngins don't know nothing about this. This one takes me back to middle school. Shout out Miller Grove! (S2, Ep10) 
23:10Stan Against Evil Hex Marks The Tot Denise takes a nanny job for a demon baby; Kevin gets beaten up by a baby. (S2, Ep6) 
23:40Brockmire Broadcasters Jinx When Jim is confronted with the truth about a legendary broadcaster, Jim attempts to do the right thing, but in the Brockmire way. (S2, Ep6) 
00:10The Orville When Ed and Kelly are tricked by a hologram of a ship in distress and find themselves?prisoners, Alara must step up in her first command of the?Orville. (S1, Ep2) 
01:05American Dad Family Plan Francine reconnects with her birth family, while Stan becomes a Picker based on his obsession with the show American Pickers. (S13, Ep17) 
01:30American Dad Buck, Wild - Steve is eager to prove that he's no longer a little boy, so he sets off to prove his manhood by joining Stan, Bullock, and the rest of the CIA on their annual hunting trip. (S10, Ep3) 
02:00Family Guy Roasted Guy When Peter's insulted by old friends at a roasting of him, he joins a group of mean girls. (S14, Ep16) 
02:30Family Guy Fighting Irish Peter prepares for a fight with Liam Neeson, while Lois becomes a class mom and pays more attention to the other children over Stewie. (S14, Ep17) 
03:00American Dad Hurricane - A storm hits the towns of Stoolbend, Quahog and Langley Falls. When the Smiths decide to stay home, they must fight tooth-and-nail to survive. (S8, Ep2) 
03:30American Dad A Ward Show - Roger becomes Steve's legal guardian, but gets a little too overzealous in the parenting department and gets Steve's BFF, Principal Brian Lewis, fired. (S8, Ep3) 
04:00American Dad The Worst Stan - When Stan realises that he might never become a best man, he convinces his last single friend, Principal Lewis, to marry the school's superintendent. (S8, Ep4) 
04:30American Dad Virtual In-Stanity - Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell alias, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve's way. (S8, Ep5) 
05:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
05:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone.