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Listings for Fx on Friday, June 29 2018

06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
08:00Monk Mr Monk and the Kid A severed finger is discovered in the park and Monk's only source of information is the two-year-old boy who found the grisly item. (S3, Ep16) 
09:00Bones The Doctor in the Photo he Jeffersonian team find a body in a tree and Dr. Brennan discovers that the victim is practically a clone of herself. (S6, Ep9) 
10:00Bones The Body in the Bag An unidentifiable body is discovered in the shower of an upscale home belonging to a young female socialite. (S6, Ep10) 
11:00Leverage The Ice Man Job With Sophie gone, Parker and Hardison must assume new roles to recover a cache of stolen diamonds and help an innocent man accused of the crime. (S2, Ep8) 
12:00Leverage The Lost Heir Job Nathan leads a con against a corrupt lawyer trying to swindle a client's estate. (S2, Ep9) 
13:00NCIS The Searchers - After investigating the murder of a retired Master Sergeant, the NCIS team uncovers a fraudulent charity that preys on those searching for missing military personnel. (S12, Ep7) 
14:00NCIS Semper Fortis - While the NCIS team investigates the cause of a hit and run that resulted in the death of a Petty Officer, Gibbs searches for a way to clear a Navy Hospital Corpsman. (S12, Ep8) 
15:00Bones The Bullet in the Brain The city anticipates the arrival of Heather Taffet, more notoriously known as "The Gravedigger," for her final appeal after being sentenced to death. (S6, Ep11) 
16:00Bones The Sin in the Sisterhood A body disguised as a scarecrow is found with a bullet wound in a remote cornfield, and the team is forced to work against the clock to avoid a storm. (S6, Ep12) 
17:00Leverage The Runway Job To bring down an oppressive sweatshop owner, Nate and the team crash a fashion show. (S2, Ep10) 
18:00Leverage The Bottle Job To save the bar in Nathan's building from being lost to an avaricious loan shark, the team tries an old-school con. (S2, Ep11) 
19:00NCIS Grounded - While stuck at the Dulles airport due to inclement weather, DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband Jake work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports. (S12, Ep9) 
20:00NCIS Twofer NCIS investigate the body of a murdered Navy lieutenant, who disappeared over a year ago; Gibbs and McGee must pass a psych evaluation to officially resume working. (S15, Ep2) 
21:00NCIS Lockdown While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage. (S13, Ep5) 
22:00Bull A Business Of Favors The DA's office asks Bull to assist them in their prosecution of a fraternity when a pledge accidentally drowns during a hazing incident. (S2, Ep3) 
23:00Family Guy The Most Interesting Man In The World When Peter takes Stewie to the park for some quality father-son time, he mistakenly takes the wrong baby home. (S13, Ep17) 
23:30Family Guy Baby Got Black When Chris begins to date Jerome's daughter, Pam, Jerome forbids it. But when Chris and Pam run away together, Jerome and Peter must work together to find their kids. (S13, Ep18) 
00:00American Dad Moon Over Isla Island - Stan accidentally kills the dictator of Isla Island, so he gets Roger to pose as the leader of the small island nation. (S6, Ep2) 
00:30American Dad Home Adrone - Steve and his friends find and play with what they think is a video game in his father's study, but they end up activating a CIA drone. (S6, Ep3) 
01:00Family Guy Let's Go to the Hop. When a plane smuggling psychedelic toads crashes and teenagers start toad licking, Peter tries to convince the kids that getting high on toad is not cool. (S2, Ep8) 
01:30Family Guy Dammit Janet. Stewie is put in a day care centre where he develops his first crush. Without Stewie at home, Peter encourages Lois to take a job as a flight attendant. (S2, Ep9) 
02:00American Dad Weiner of Our Discontent - Stan has had enough of Roger's antics - but when he confronts him, Roger claims he has been sent to determine the fate of mankind. (S5, Ep18) 
02:30American Dad Daddy Queerest - Terry is nervous when his father, football great Tank Bates, comes to town for a visit. (S5, Ep19) 
03:00Family Guy Secondhand Spoke Peter takes up smoking cigarettes, and is approached by Mr. Stone, an advertising executive who wants Peter to be the face of his anti-smoking campaign. (S13, Ep15) 
03:30Family Guy Herpe The Love Sore Brian gives Stewie an STD. Meanwhile, Peter and the guys fight back when another group claims their booth at The Drunken Clam. (S13, Ep16) 
04:00American Dad Stan's Night Out - Stan leaves Francine at home to go out with the boys, but the guys' night out turns reckless. (S5, Ep20) 
04:30American Dad In Country...Club - Stan decides Steve needs to experience real war before he can sing about the country's military prowess in the national anthem, (S6, Ep1) 
05:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
05:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone.