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Listings for Five on Friday, April 27 2018

06:00Peppa Pig The Museum Animation about a lovable young pig. Peppa and her family visit the museum. Peppa likes the Kings and Queens room, whereas George's favourite is the dinosaur room. (S1 Ep 39) 
06:05Mofy Animated series. Mofy has promised to meet Kerry, but gets distracted helping the squirrels look for their acorns. By the time she gets to Kerry's house he is upset. (S1 Ep 28) 
06:10Olly the Little White Van Just the Ticket Bazza cheats in the Bumpton Pie contest and wins a trip for two to Bumpton's finest hotel. Everyone starts to be nice to him, hoping he will take them with him. (S1 Ep 17) 
06:20Peppa Pig Very Hot Day Animated series about a lovable little pig. Today is a very hot day. Peppa and George want to jump in muddy puddles. (S1 Ep 40) 
06:25Fireman Sam The Best Sleepover Ever CGI adventures. During a sleepover, Norman makes a toasted sandwich for a midnight feast. But his huge sandwich sets the toaster on fire! (S9 Ep 8) 
06:35Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animation. A new ruler mysteriously appears in Toy Green and begins building a huge castle. (S1 Ep 42) 
06:50Thomas and Friends Duck in the Water CGI animation. When Duck gets stuck on some flooded track, Rocky is called to rescue him. But the rescue attempt turns the accident into a major incident! (S18 Ep 7) 
07:00Milkshake! Monkey: Bananas About Food ...Bananas About Food. Preschool series about an inquisitive puppet. Milkshake! Monkey doesn't like the smell of Kemi's herbal tea, but Kemi shows him how useful and tasty herbs can be. (S5 Ep 10) 
07:05Shimmer and Shine Animation. Zeta captures Samira and seals her inside Caliana Caves, which contain crystals that are invulnerable to magic. Leah and her genies are forced to help. (S2 Ep 24) 
07:20Shane the Chef Animated preschool series about healthy eating. Shane gives the children chopped vegetables to make self-portraits on a pizza for Penny's art exhibition. (S1 Ep 10) 
07:30Peppa Pig Pedro The Cowboy Pedro Pony pretends he is a proper cowboy, telling everyone stories in the camp he has set up in the garden. (S4 Ep 11) 
07:40Peppa Pig Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard Pig tales. Grandpa Pig goes to Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard to have his boat fixed. (S3 Ep 41) 
07:50Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The Elf School Impish animation. The Wise Old Elf tells Holly and Ben that no magic should be used at school. Holly finds it difficult to get by until Nanny uses magic to help her. (S1 Ep 18) 
08:05PAW Patrol Animation. Alex and Daring Danny X go snowboarding and head straight for Risky Ridge. Can the Paw Patroller get to them in time? (S4 Ep 10) 
08:20Floogals Animation about tiny aliens investigating planet Earth. The Floogals are baffled by strange noises coming from Mr Hooman in the shower. (S1 Ep 10) 
08:35Digby Dragon CGI-animation. Fizzy has a container that can make things change colour, but when Grizel and Mungo get their hands on it all the colour disappears from Applecross! (S1 Ep 13) 
08:55Rusty Rivets Animated series about a ten-year-old engineer. When Crush wanders off and gets lost, Rusty invents a night flyer to find him in the dark. (S1 Ep 17) 
09:05Mofy Animated series. Mofy has lost track of time at Kerry's house. It will be night soon, and Mofy is scared of the dark. Kerry suggests that Mofy overcome her fear. (S1 Ep 29) 
09:15The Wright Stuff Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show. 
11:15Paddington Station 24/7 Documentary series following the goings on at Paddington Station (S2 Ep 5) 
12:105 News At Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15GPs: Behind Closed Doors Documentary series. 17-year-old Emily has a long history of depression and some degree of psychosis which can cause her to hear voices in her head. (S4 Ep 13) 
13:10Access Entertainment round-up. 
13:15Home and Away Ash's need for solitude means no help is on hand when a car falls on him in the garage. Hunter tries to end his relationship with Jennifer. Coco panics on her date with Ryder. 
13:45Neighbours After Mark conducts a simple test, Mishti is devastated to learn not only that Monique is corrupt but also that her former fiance Zander was under investigation when he died. 
14:15NCIS Sins of the Father US naval drama series starring Mark Harmon. Tony's father claims to have no memory of the night when he is found inside a car containing a dead body in the boot. (S9 Ep 10) 
15:15Nightmare Nanny Film Mystery thriller starring Ashley Scott and Kip Pardue. A mother hires a dangerously unstable nanny to look after her three-year-old daughter. (2013) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours After Mark conducts a simple test, Mishti is devastated to learn not only that Monique is corrupt but also that her former fiance Zander was under investigation when he died. 
18:00Home and Away Ash's need for solitude means no help is on hand when a car falls on him in the garage. Hunter tries to end his relationship with Jennifer. Coco panics on her date with Ryder. 
18:305 News Tonight The national and international news, including reports, live updates and interviews. 
19:00New: The Gadget Show Tech series hosted by Craig Charles. Jon Bentley tests out brand new indoor security cameras. Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley present golf tech to golf tutor Amanda Carlson. (S27 Ep 7) 
20:00New: Britain's Great Cathedrals... ...With Tony Robinson. History series. Tony Robinson visits Durham cathedral, one of Britain's first UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a leading tourist attraction. (S1 Ep 4) 
21:00New: Portillo's Hidden History... ...Of Britain. Documentary series. For almost a century, Orford Ness was owned by the MOD, a lens into a bygone era of secrets, spies and superpowers. (S1 Ep 2) 
22:00Jack The Ripper: Missing Evidence Documentary. Journalist Christer Holmgren explains his theory about the identity of one of history's most notorious serial killers, Jack the Ripper. (S1 Ep 3) 
23:00Stonehenge: The Final Mystery Archaeololgists pour over evidence from a recently-discovered mass grave that throws open a new theory as to how and why the stone circle came into existence. 
00:00Supercasino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit 
02:50The Kennedys: Decline and Fall ...Decline and Fall. Stylish biopic. Starring Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry. Stylish film about the Kennedy family over three decades following Bobby's assassination in 1968. (2017) 
04:45House Doctor Home-improvement series. Ann Maurice tackles a property in North Shields which is proving too bohemian for buyers. [SL] (S5 Ep 12) 
05:10Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. [SL] (S2 Ep 19) 
05:35House Doctor Home improvement series. Interior designer Ann Maurice visits a couple who are having trouble selling their home in Southampton's prestigious Ocean Village marina. (S2 Ep 6) 
06:00Little Princess I Want to Cook Animated series. It is the General's birthday, and Little Princess decides to bake him a cake. Will the castle kitchen be big enough for two chefs? (S1 Ep 24)