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Listings for Five on Monday, October 23 2017

06:00Puffin Rock Animation. Oona gets tangled up in fishing twine near Seagull Cliff! Will she be freed before the seagulls come back? (S2 Ep 29) 
06:05Poppy Cat Animation. Gilda's nest has gone missing in Spinner's Grove. Owl has a sprained wing and can't fly, but finds a clever way to lift Zuzu into the tree tops to find it. (S2 Ep 27) 
06:20Simon Animation. Simon's family are camping when a wild animal rushes past. Wondering what it was, they hike over to a pond where they experience a moment of pure magic. (S1 Ep 45) 
06:25Bob the Builder CGI animation. Bob and his team are building a monorail system for Spring City. However, chaos ensues after Leo is left in charge. (S1 Ep 23) 
06:35Fireman Sam Flood's Flood When Mike and Station Officer Steele get into trouble while working, everyone rushes to help make sure they get back to the Whole Fish Cafe in time for karaoke. (S7 Ep 8) 
06:50Thomas and Friends Animation. When Edward's shed is being repaired he is sent to Philip's shed, then the Steamworks, then Brendam Docks, but they are all too noisy for him to sleep! (S21 Ep 14) 
07:00Secret Life Of Puppies A dog's-eye view of life. Five new Mummy dogs look after their two-week old pups, who are all born deaf, blind and extremely hungry! (S1 Ep 1) 
07:05Nella the Princess Knight Animation. Nella's messenger falcon Flutter mishears her dictating the invitations to Clod's birthday party and delivers some confusing messages to the guests. (Ep 21) 
07:20Noddy Toyland Detective CGI-animation. Noddy tries to find out who is leaving presents for everyone in Toyland, so that the toys can thank them. (S1 Ep 6) 
07:35PAW Patrol Pups and the Kitty-tastrophe CGI animated series. Ryder and the Paw Patrol rescue a lost kitty from the bay, but who will save them from all the mayhem that she causes? (S1 Ep 5) 
07:50Rusty Rivets Ten-year-old Rusty Rivets invents his way out of every problem by turning old parts and objects into weird and wonderful contraptions! (S1 Ep 6) 
08:05Digby Dragon CGI-animated series. A Red Rufus tale of super-heroics inspires Digby to become 'Wonder Wings', the guardian of Applecross. But who is to be his faithful sidekick...? 
08:15Floogals Animation. When a strange light emanates from under the covers of the Girl Hooman's bed, the Floogals discover the joy of making shadow puppets. (S1 Ep 15) 
08:35Peppa Pig Animation. Mrs Kangaroo takes everyone on an amazing adventure under the sea in her submarine to see the Great Barrier Reef! (S5 Ep 18) 
08:45Peppa Pig The Playgroup Animated series about a little pig. George is joining Peppa at her playgroup but she doesn't really want him there - until her friends decide that George is brilliant. (S1 Ep 6) 
08:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Mr Elf Takes a Holiday Animation. Mr Elf is overworked so King Thistle orders him to go on holiday. While he is not too pleased, Mrs Elf and Ben are overjoyed at the news! (S2 Ep 25) 
09:05Mofy Animated series. Foxy rushes up with some exciting news for Mofy and Kerry - there's a stranger in the forest! (S1 Ep 11) 
09:15The Wright Stuff Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show. 
11:15Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! Reality series. A car parts dealer throws a spanner in the works after Stewart and Elmor strike a deal, and the cops are called to help evict a tenant in East London. (S5 Ep 7) 
12:105 News At Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15The Gadget Show Consumer series. Craig Charles flies the most affordable ever drone, Jon Bentley tests out IKEA smart lighting and Georgie Barrat meets rock band The Hoosiers to test music tech. (S26 Ep 3) 
13:15Home and Away As further evidence against Brody emerges, Scarlett decides to do some detective work on her own, but gets herself into a dangerous predicament. Does VJ have feelings for Coco? 
13:45Neighbours The return of T-Bone is the cause of tension on Piper's birthday. Leo's suspicions of Courtney grow. Frustrated that Tyler will not go away with him, Hamish recruits a new ally. 
14:15NCIS Enemies Foreign US crime drama series. The team has to protect Ziva's father when he attends the NCIS conference. Ziva confronts her past. (S8 Ep 8) 
15:15Dangerous Lessons Film Thriller starring Louise Lombard and Alex Elso. School teacher Stephanie gets involved with a student, until her lover shows obsessive behaviour. (2016) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours The return of T-Bone is the cause of tension on Piper's birthday. Leo's suspicions of Courtney grow. Frustrated that Tyler will not go away with him, Hamish recruits a new ally. 
18:00Home and Away As further evidence against Brody emerges, Scarlett decides to do some detective work on her own, but gets herself into a dangerous predicament. Does VJ have feelings for Coco? 
18:305 News Tonight National and international news. 
19:00Moto GP: Australia Highlights from the St Phillip Island circuit in Australia of the sixteenth round of the world championship. (Ep 16) 
20:00All New Traffic Cops Action-packed observational documentary series with Jamie Theakston. North Yorkshire's road crime team chase a gang using 4x4s on nightly thefts from industrial estates. (S2 Ep 17) 
21:00New: Paddington Station 24/7 Documentary series. Sunday's service grinds to a halt when a train de-rails in the station, and a knife-carrying passenger causes concern in Bristol. (S2 Ep 7) 
22:00New: Hunted And Confronted:.. ...Cowboys, Crooks and Chancers. Paul Connolly investigates the negligent sales pitch of a funeral plan sales agent, and tracks down a car clocker who goes the extra mile to cheat the system. 
23:05Tears of the Sun Film Thriller starring Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci. A veteran American soldier leads his team into the jungle to rescue a doctor caught up in a civil war. (2002) 
01:05SuperCasino Live interactive gaming featuring roulette and autowheel. For more information and to register visit 
03:10GPs: Behind Closed Doors Observational documentary series. World-class bantamweight boxer Lee Haskins visits Dr Amanda Ramshaw, who sends him to hospital amid fears he has sustained neurological damage. (S5 Ep 13) 
04:00Criminals Caught On Camera Documentary. Nick Wallis investigates the effect of alcohol and drugs-related violence on towns and cities across the UK and reveals how CCTV is helping to ensure convictions. [SL] (S2 Ep 5) 
04:25Criminals Caught On Camera Documentary series. Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces across the country to reveal how CCTV is helping to ensure convictions against criminals. [SL] (S2 Ep 6) 
04:45House Doctor Home improvement series. Californian interior designer Ann Maurice and Alistair Appleton tackle a huge pink mansion in Edinburgh. [SL] (S3 Ep 11) 
05:10Divine Designs Documentary series exploring Britain's religious art. Paul Binski visits Liverpool to view the city's two radically different cathedrals. (S2 Ep 13) 
05:35Wildlife SOS Documentary series about the work of dedicated animal lovers who save injured and orphaned wild animals brought into their sanctuary. (S2 Ep 15) 
06:00Puffin Rock Animation. Baba is sick, so Oona promises to bring him back a shiny seashell to cheer him up. But the pesky seagulls make her mission very difficult. (S2 Ep 30)