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Listings for Film Four on Friday, November 15 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Elephant Walk Film (1954) Colonial-era drama starring Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch and Dana Andrews. An Englishwoman marries a rich tea planter. But she finds life on his plantation in Ceylon tough. 
13:10The Last Command Film (1955) Western. Sterling Hayden, Richard Carlson and Arthur Hunnicutt play Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and William B Travis in Frank Lloyd's version of the legendary Battle of the Alamo. 
15:20Dark Command Film (1940) Western. John Wayne stars as a small-town sheriff during the American Civil War, who stands up to raids by the South's marauders, led by the local schoolteacher (Walter Pidgeon). 
17:15Funeral in Berlin Film (1966) Cold War thriller starring Michael Caine as the British spy Harry Palmer, who is sent to help a Communist defector cross over from East Berlin. Based on Len Deighton's novel. 
19:20Table 19 Film (2017) Comedy-drama. Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Tony Revolori and Stephen Merchant star as people who accepted a wedding invite, only to find that they weren't really wanted there. 
21:00A Million Ways to Die in the West Film (2014) Gross-out comedy western with Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron and Liam Neeson. A shepherd about to abandon the Wild West falls in love. Strong, crude language/sex/violence/drugs. 
23:15Dredd Fantastica Sci-fi thriller. Brutal lawman Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and a recruit (Olivia Thirlby) are ambushed by a sadistic criminal (Lena Headey). Strong language/gory violence. 
01:05RoboCop Fantastica Violent reboot of the 1987 sci-fi classic. Joel Kinnaman stars as a severely injured cop who is turned into a crime-fighting cyborg. With Michael Keaton and Gary Oldman. 
03:20Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.