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Listings for E4 on Saturday, February 24 2018

06:00Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's wee sister has been let loose on the internet resulting in some very cheeky, if a bit less rude, video clips. Featuring a cat kissing a dolphin and an incredible high dive. 
06:25Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's wee sister has been let loose on the internet resulting in some very cheeky, if a bit less rude, video clips. Featuring the best golf fail ever and some dancing squirrels. 
06:50Couples Come Dine with Me In the West Country, Charlotte and Miguel's Venezuelan menu competes with Pansy and Rob's sophisticated fare and alternative healing practitioners Elle and Dave's organic wheat-free feast. 
07:50Couples Come Dine with Me In Devon, married couple Suzanne and Gary kick off the competition with a 'Britalian' menu, featuring British classics with an Italian twist. But guests Tony and Lisa aren't impressed. 
08:55Don't Tell the Bride Ireland Brand new series: Tracey dreams of taking centre stage with a grand wedding ceremony at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin, but Peter's ideal place for his nuptials is the football field. (S7 Ep2) 
10:00The Goldbergs The Facts of Bleeping Life Barry and Adam put together a garage rock band, and ask Lainey and Erica to get involved - leading to unexpected consequences. (S2 Ep3/24) 
10:35The Goldbergs Shall We Play a Game? Adam accidentally gets Barry kicked out of his cool group of friends, but then comes up with a plan to get his brother back in favour. (S2 Ep4/24) 
11:05The Goldbergs Family Takes Care of Beverly Pops is evicted after starting a fire in his flat during a Halloween party, so Beverly invites him to stay in the family home. (S2 Ep5/24) 
11:35The Goldbergs Big Baby Ball When Coach Mellor singles out Adam during dodgeball, Beverly intervenes and gets him fired. But then Murray and Adam see Mellor in a new light. (S2 Ep6/24) 
12:05The Goldbergs Brand new series - Parents Just Don't Understand: Adam and Barry write a song but don't get the reaction they were expecting from Murray. Beverly repeatedly calls Erica at college. (S5 Ep9) 
12:35The Big Bang Theory The Shiksa Indeterminacy Leonard, Raj and Howard all fall heavily for Sheldon's twin sister, but when Leonard comes up with a plan to win her heart, it's derailed by Sheldon. (S1 Ep15/17) 
13:05The Big Bang Theory The Panty Pinata Polarization Sheldon bans Penny from the flat for numerous minor infractions, so she retaliates. Howard and Raj search for the America's Next Top Model house. (S2 Ep7/23) 
13:35The Big Bang Theory The Rhinitis Revelation Sheldon's mother Mary comes to town and soon becomes a firm favourite with his group of friends, much to Sheldon's annoyance. (S5 Ep6/24) 
14:10The Big Bang Theory The Santa Simulation Sheldon unwillingly reveals painful memories of Christmas past when Leonard persuades him to join in with a seasonal game of Dungeons and Dragons. (S6 Ep11/24) 
14:40The Big Bang Theory The Itchy Brain Simulation A worried Leonard thinks that Sheldon will over-react when he confesses that he failed to return a DVD to the rental shop seven years earlier. (S7 Ep8/24) 
15:10The Big Bang Theory The Thanksgiving Decoupling Howard takes the gang to his mother's house for Thanksgiving to protect himself from his grumpy father-in-law, who has also been invited. (S7 Ep9/24) 
15:40The Big Bang Theory The Discovery Dissipation Sheldon feels guilty when he gets attention for his accidental discovery of a new element. Raj stays with Howard and Bernadette for a week. (S7 Ep10/24) 
16:10The Big Bang Theory The Cooper Extraction Sheldon has to go back to Texas when his sister goes into labour, and while he is away the gang gather at the flat to decorate the Christmas tree. (S7 Ep11/24) 
16:40The Big Bang Theory The Hesitation Ramification Penny's big TV acting break hits the cutting room floor, so Leonard does his best to comfort her, which leads her to ask him a bold question. (S7 Ep12/24) 
17:10The Big Bang Theory The Occupation Recalibration Penny quits her job at the restaurant to pursue her acting career full time. Bernadette accidentally destroys one of Howard's comics. (S7 Ep13/24) 
17:40The Big Bang Theory The Convention Conundrum After the guys miss out on Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon decides to hold his own comic book convention. The girls take tea at an upmarket hotel. (S7 Ep14/24) 
18:10The Big Bang Theory The Mommy Observation Sheldon pays a surprise visit to his mother in Houston and is forced to confront a new reality. Raj throws a murder mystery-themed dinner party. (S7 Ep18/24) 
18:40The Big Bang Theory The Matrimonial Momentum Penny struggles with Leonard's confession that he kissed another woman. Sheldon doesn't know how to act when Amy breaks up with him. (S9 Ep1/24) 
19:15Men in Black II Film (2002) Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith star in the boisterous action sequel to their sci-fi comedy about US government agents who secretly protect Earth from extraterrestrial criminals. 
21:00The Heat Film (2013) Broad-humoured comedy from the director of Bridesmaids. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star as mismatched cops who are forced to work together. Strong language/drugs/violence. 
23:20Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Line of Duty, University Challenge, Rio Ferdinand Being Mum and Dad, Comic Relief, One Night with My Ex and All Round to Mrs Brown's? (S9 Ep6) 
00:25Naked Attraction Taking part are Rebecca, who's tired of having her heart broken by guys with bad boy images, and Dan - who thinks the only thing missing in his life is the love of a good man. (Ep5) 
01:30Celebs Go Dating Brand new series: The agency throws its first masquerade mixer. Mike's hot tub snog catches up with him. Gemma has two men fighting over her. Jonathan faces an interrogation. (S4 Ep13/20) 
02:35Celebs Go Dating Brand new series: Gemma consults the stars. Sam turns to his sister for advice. Jade and London's double date has disastrous consequences. Seb's date with Jess ends awkwardly. (S4 Ep14/20) 
03:25Celebs Go Dating Brand new series: The agents meet Mike for crisis talks. Ollie goes skiing with Dr Jason. One of the celebs leaves the agency. Gemma's Parisian date with Laurence is dramatic. (S4 Ep15/20) 
04:20How I Met Your Mother Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra: Marshall reveals how he learnt enough speed, strength and accuracy to deliver the Slap of a Million Exploding Suns to Barney. (S9 Ep14/24) 
04:40How I Met Your Mother Unpause Marshall and Lily's big fight about Marshall accepting a judgeship without telling Lily has been looming, but the couple put it on hold to enjoy their reunion. (S9 Ep15/24) 
05:05Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's wee sister has been let loose on the internet resulting in some very cheeky, if a bit less rude, video clips. Featuring the best golf fail ever and some dancing squirrels. 
06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Jesse is onto Granny Campbell, while Glenn sets Esther up. Adam gets the wrong end of the stick about his father, and Jesse prepares for his drugs trial.