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Listings for E4 on Friday, January 24 2020

06:00Hollyoaks Courtney wakes up alone - where's Jesse? Martine urges Mitchell to tell her why he's so unhappy, and Damon puts his feelings aside to help Maxine. 
06:30Hollyoaks John Paul is happy to be back working at Hollyoaks High but soon clashes with Juliet. The Donovans begin to turn on each other. Mitchell is tempted to take the next step to happiness. 
07:00Celebrity Coach Trip Brand new series: It's the penultimate day, and in Lloret de Mar, Spain, the group welcome back some familiar faces. The celebs go bungee jumping and to a life drawing class. (S3 Ep14/15) 
08:00Mike & Molly Jim Won't Eat When Peggy needs surgery, she surprises Molly by asking her to take care of her dog Jim while she's in hospital. Mike talks about where he wants to be buried. (S1 Ep14) 
08:30Mike & Molly First Valentine's Day Mike makes special plans for his first Valentine's Day with Molly, but the romantic scheme is jeopardised when he accidentally meets Molly's ex-boyfriend. (S1 Ep15) 
09:00Young Sheldon Gluons, Guacamole, and the Color Purple No longer academically challenged at school, Sheldon audits a college class taught by his pen pal Dr John Sturgis. (S1 Ep19/22) 
09:30Young Sheldon A Dog, a Squirrel, and a Fish Named Fish A neighbourhood feud erupts between the Coopers and the Sparks family when the Sparks' new dog terrorises Sheldon. (S1 Ep20/22) 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Communication Deterioration Raj is asked to create a message for Nasa to use if one of their missions finds alien life. Penny considers taking up acting again. (S8 Ep21/24) 
10:30The Big Bang Theory The Graduation Transmission Leonard is invited to give the commencement address at his former high school. Howard and Sheldon can't make a toy drone fly. (S8 Ep22/24) 
11:00The Goldbergs The Facts of Bleeping Life Barry and Adam put together a garage rock band, and ask Lainey and Erica to get involved - leading to unexpected consequences. (S2 Ep3/24) 
11:30The Goldbergs Shall We Play a Game? Adam accidentally gets Barry kicked out of his cool group of friends, but then comes up with a plan to get his brother back in favour. (S2 Ep4/24) 
12:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine HalloVeen The precinct embarks on its fifth annual Halloween Heist. Everybody has a plan, no one is safe, and relationships and friendships are sorely tested. (S5 Ep4/22) 
12:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine Bad Beat To track down an arms dealer, Peralta and Jeffords go undercover at an illegal gambling club. Hitchcock and Scully have an unusual challenge for Diaz. (S5 Ep5/22) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Guitarist Amplification Sheldon feels annoyed when Leonard and Penny argue about Penny's male friend staying over and he has to act as peacemaker. (S3 Ep7/23) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Adhesive Duck Deficiency Leonard, Raj and Howard go on a camping trip that alters their minds. Penny dislocates her shoulder when she slips in the shower. (S3 Ep8/23) 
14:00Baby Daddy A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing Ben tries to bring everyone together for Emma's first Christmas photo, including his dad Ray, who's been keeping a secret. (S1 Ep9/10) 
14:30Baby Daddy Something Borrowed, Something Ben Riley organises a wedding for her friends Katie and Dave but is horrified when Ben invites his wild pal Gene to the event. (S1 Ep10/10) 
15:00Young Sheldon Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon Sheldon gets into trouble with fellow child genius Paige at the Science Museum. Meemaw has a jumble sale in her garage. (S2 Ep7/22) 
15:30Young Sheldon An 8-Bit Princess and a Flat Tire Genius Meemaw gives Sheldon his first video game. George Sr gets jealous when Georgie bonds with Herschel from the garage. (S2 Ep8/22) 
16:00The Goldbergs Van People Erica and Barry buy a shabby second-hand van to drive. Adam is voted 'nicest guy' in the school yearbook but when he objects he is suspended. (S2 Ep13/24) 
16:30The Goldbergs Barry Goldberg's Day Off Inspired by the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Barry pretends to be ill so he can avoid school and create an epic day of his own. (S2 Ep14/24) 
17:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Box Captain Holt sacrifices an evening at the opera to help Peralta carry out an interrogation in the hope of getting a confession from a stubborn suspect. (S5 Ep14/22) 
17:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Puzzle Master Peralta and Santiago investigate arson attacks connected to a crossword puzzle author. Gina helps Holt with his Commissioner presentation. (S5 Ep15/22) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Precious Fragmentation The gang squabble over a ring that they believe was used in The Lord of the Rings movies, while Sheldon seems to be turning into Gollum. (S3 Ep17/23) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Pants Alternative Sheldon has been awarded a prestigious prize but is scared of collecting the award at a ceremony because he knows he'll have to make a speech. (S3 Ep18/23) 
19:00Hollyoaks Drug dealer Jordan makes his presence known in the village, leaving his cousin Sid unnerved. The Nightingales try to stop Juliet from making a big mistake. 
19:30New: Celebrity Coach Trip: The... ...Finale Brand new series: It's the final day. In Barcelona, Brendan rounds things off in style with a no-expense-spared boat party, and one couple are declared champions. (S3 Ep15/15) 
20:35The Big Bang Theory The Vacation Solution Sheldon helps Amy in her biology lab after he is forced to use up two weeks of holiday, but he is bored by the tasks she gives him. (S5 Ep16/24) 
21:00Celebrity Gogglebox From First Dates to Serengeti, what do Jessie J, Jamal Edwards, Chris Eubank Sr, Chris Eubank Jr, Martin and Roman Kemp, Nick Grimshaw and other famous faces think of our top telly? (Ep4) 
22:00Gogglebox: Celebrity Special... ...for SU2C: With Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith; Jack Whitehall and parents Michael and Hilary; Yungblud and Jack Saunders; and Grayson, Philippa and Flo Perry. (S14 Ep7) 
23:10Rick and Morty [adult swim] One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty On a treasure-seeking expedition in an alien temple, Rick and Morty discover a heist expert has already snatched the prize. (S4 Ep3) 
23:40New: Mr. Pickles [adult swim] Brand new series - Foul Ball: The Goodman family have an outing to a baseball game, where Tommy hopes to catch a highly sought-after, record-breaking foul ball. (S1 Ep3/10) 
23:55Robot Chicken [adult swim] Fila Ogden in: Maggie's Got a Full Load: The Robot Chicken writers reveal what happened to Pee-Wee's Playhouse while he was searching for his stolen bicycle. (S10 Ep3/10) 
00:10Rick and Morty [adult swim] Morty's Mind Blowers Rick shows Morty a room filled with disturbing memories that Morty had begged him to erase from his mind. (S3 Ep8/10) 
00:40The Big Bang Theory The Cushion Saturation A game of paintball leads to a squabble when Penny accidentally shoots paint at one of Sheldon's cushions. Romance blossoms between Howard and Leslie. (S2 Ep16/23) 
01:10The Big Bang Theory The Terminator Decoupling Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj discover that beautiful sci-fi actress Summer Glau is on board their train to San Francisco. (S2 Ep17/23) 
01:40Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lockdown Peralta is left in charge of the precinct at Thanksgiving because Holt and Jeffords are away, but chaos ensues when a strange package is delivered. (S2 Ep7/23) 
02:10Brooklyn Nine-Nine USPIS While trying to catch a drug dealer, Peralta and Boyle join forces with Agent Jack Danger, a pompous investigator at the US Postal Inspection Service. (S2 Ep8/23) 
02:35Gogglebox Britain's sharpest armchair critics on: All Together Now, Dancing on Ice, Bake Off, Wild Britain, The World's Most Extraordinary Homes and Do the Right Thing with Eamonn and Ruth. (S11 Ep3) 
03:30Tattoo Fixers: Extreme Brand new series: This time, Sketch tucks away Andy's massive mishap, Alice cleans up Sam's idiotic inking, while Uzzi and Pash team up to tackle Joe's gigantic and sleazy slogan. (S6 Ep12) [SL] 
04:25The Big Bang Theory The Communication Deterioration Raj is asked to create a message for Nasa to use if one of their missions finds alien life. Penny considers taking up acting again. (S8 Ep21/24) 
04:50The Big Bang Theory The Graduation Transmission Leonard is invited to give the commencement address at his former high school. Howard and Sheldon can't make a toy drone fly. (S8 Ep22/24) 
06:00Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister discovers some slightly less rude (but still cheeky) online videos, including extreme unicycling, a very bad mystic cat and some incredible frisbee shots.