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Listings for E4 on Tuesday, October 17 2017

06:00Hollyoaks Tony joins Damon, Brody and Mac for a poker game, while Lily goes up against Yasmine and Peri in a journalism competition to win an internship. 
06:30Hollyoaks Glenn and Grace are alarmed by recent findings, while Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Yasmine and Peri are jealous over Lily's idea for the journalism competition. 
07:00Charmed Out of Sight Prue witnesses a demon kidnapping a child in the park but, when she tries to step in and save him, a reporter sees her using her powers and resolves to investigate. 
08:00Melissa & Joey The Honeymooners Mel is disappointed when her honeymoon to Tahiti is cancelled because she has broken her leg, so Joe surprises her with a romantic getaway. (S5 Ep3/22) 
08:30Melissa & Joey The Day After When Dani wants to go on a date with a boy from school, Joe tells her that she's not allowed, so she tricks Mel into taking her along instead. (S5 Ep4/22) 
09:002 Broke Girls And the Loophole When Caroline and Max search for bigger premises for their dessert bar, Han refers them to real estate agent Evie, who has a crush on him. (S5 Ep18/22) 
09:302 Broke Girls And the Attack of the Killer Apartment Randy asks to spend the night at Max's place. Caroline tries to obtain a licence to serve alcohol at the dessert bar. (S5 Ep19/22) 
10:00Baby Daddy Double Date Double Down Ben and Riley get more than they bargained for by dating older partners, so they plot to get out of their respective relationships. (S5 Ep16/20) 
10:30Baby Daddy The Love Seat Ben receives an anonymous note from a former love interest asking for a second chance and does everything he can to find the mystery girl. (S5 Ep17/20) 
11:00How I Met Your Mother P.S. I Love You: Marshall and Lily worry that Ted's new girlfriend Jeanette is a deranged stalker, but Ted insists that their meeting is simply the result of destiny. 
11:30How I Met Your Mother Bad Crazy Ted is reluctant to break up with his crazy girlfriend Jeanette, despite the advice of his friends. Robin is intimidated by the idea of holding baby Marvin. 
12:00The Goldbergs The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet Barry is excited when a representative from a modelling agency approaches him but Erica thinks the whole thing is a scam. (S2 Ep9/24) 
12:30The Goldbergs DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan Adam and Barry find Erica's old collection of New Kids on the Block memorabilia in the cluttered garage and tease her mercilessly. (S2 Ep10/24) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Alien Parasite Hypothesis Amy finds that she has romantic feelings for Zack, while Raj and Howard compete to prove who would make the better superhero. (S4 Ep10/24) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Justice League Recombination The guys slowly warm to Zack and find an enjoyable way to bond with him when they enter a New Year's Eve fancy dress competition together. (S4 Ep11/24) 
14:00Melissa & Joey You Little Devil Joe loses his swagger in the bedroom when he learns about the romantic significance of a little devil tattoo that Mel has on her rear end. (S5 Ep14/22) 
14:30Melissa & Joey The Early Shift Joe gets a new job as the lifestyle correspondent on a local morning television show but he is required to get up very early every day. (S5 Ep16/22) 
15:00Baby Daddy You Cruise, You Lose Ben meets a runaway bride who's convinced fate has thrown them together. Danny and Riley take their cruise but Bonnie decides to tag along. (S6 Ep8/11) 
15:30Baby Daddy The Rebound Ben helps Tucker in an attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend Sondra. Bonnie and Riley bond at the sales and Danny tries to baby-proof the apartment. (S6 Ep9/11) 
16:00New Girl Naked Nick sets up a date with his sarcastic colleague Amanda. But he loses his confidence when Jess nervously giggles as she accidentally walks in on him while he's getting ready. 
16:30New Girl Cece Crashes Cece is determined to convince Jess that Nick likes her as more than just a room-mate. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to seal the deal with Cece. 
17:00The Goldbergs I Rode a Hoverboard Adam breaks his arm and exaggerates to his friends that he fell off a hoverboard, just like the hero in the film Back to the Future. (S2 Ep8/24) 
17:30New: Stage School Brand new series: Pop superstar Will Young has some very exciting news for Lucia, Hollie, Pia and Sophie. Meanwhile, D&B dance crew's new-found optimism is put to the test. (S2 Ep17) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Herb Garden Germination Sheldon and Amy experiment on their friends by spreading gossip, while Howard takes a big step in his relationship with Bernadette. (S4 Ep20/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Agreement Dissection Priya uses her legal expertise to dissect the roommate agreement and put Sheldon in his place, and the girls take Sheldon dancing. (S4 Ep21/24) 
19:00Hollyoaks This special episode concentrates on a day in the life of teens Peri, Yasmine and Lily, alongside their guardians Leela, Misbah and Diane. 
19:30Extreme Cake Makers For one lucky little birthday girl, Extreme Cake Maker Michelle Wibowo is creating a five foot edible Wizard of Oz mural out of Genoese sponge, covered in painted icing and sweets. (Ep7/15) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Cooper/Kripke Inversion Sheldon is forced to work on the same project as his nemesis Barry Kripke. Howard and Raj spend a fortune on personalised action figures. (S6 Ep14/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Spoiler Alert Segmentation After Sheldon and Leonard have a row, Leonard attempts to move in with Penny, even though she isn't ready for this big step. (S6 Ep15/24) 
21:00Die Hard Film (1988) Violent action-thriller starring Bruce Willis. A New York cop attempts to free hostages who are being held in a skyscraper by an arch villain. With Alan Rickman. Strong language. 
23:40The Big Bang Theory The Bachelor Party Corrosion The guys' science skills are tested when they get a flat tyre during Leonard's surprise bachelor party weekend in Mexico. (S9 Ep3/24) 
00:10The Big Bang Theory The 2003 Approximation Sheldon sulks when Penny and Leonard announce they're moving in together. Howard and Raj form a band to play at the comic book shop. (S9 Ep4/24) 
00:35Naked Attraction Taking part this time around are Sapphire, who is looking for a woman, and Kieron, who will be choosing from six women in the Naked Attraction pods. (Ep4) 
01:40Tattoo Fixers Victoria is in desperate need of a tattoo cover-up so she can train as a teacher. Abigail gets inked at the age of 75 and Hollie loses her cheeky chicken tattoo. (S1 Ep8/9) [SL] 
02:35First Dates Charlotte says she has no 'gender boundaries' but when her date, Charlie, reveals he used to be a girl, Charlotte is uncharacteristically speechless, at least initially... (S4 Ep13) [SL] 
03:30Rude Tube: Rudelympics Alex Zane presents the funniest and greatest alternative sporting and athletic heroes and fails. Who will get the gold - the cats with their workout routine? (S10 Ep4/10) 
04:20Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister presents crazy clips including Man v Subway, an incredible downhill bike run and the best kebab shop in the world. 
04:45Charmed Out of Sight Prue witnesses a demon kidnapping a child in the park but, when she tries to step in and save him, a reporter sees her using her powers and resolves to investigate. 
06:00Hollyoaks Glenn and Grace are alarmed by recent findings, while Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Yasmine and Peri are jealous over Lily's idea for the journalism competition.