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Listings for E4 on Sunday, May 27 2018

06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Glenn is suspicious as he knows there's another grass in the village. Tom feeds Yazz some false information that could break her heart, while Darren and Mandy meet up alone. 
08:20Made in Chelsea Brand new series: Jamie's on a mission to impress Ell. Sam drops everything to support Olivia through her break-up, and a 'unicorn' causes trouble at Toff's twisted tea party. (S15 Ep11/12) 
09:25black-ish Brand new series - Inheritance: When Dre's sister Rhonda visits, Ruby talks to both of her children about their inheritance. Santamonica hires Andre Jr to be her assistant. (S4 Ep11/23) 
09:50black-ish Brand new series - Bow Knows: Dre is selected to take the lead at work on an important new campaign. Rainbow finds a group of women online who she can lean on for support. (S4 Ep12/23) 
10:20black-ish Brand new series - Unkept Woman: Dre and Rainbow's morning routine with the children changes radically after Rainbow decides to take time off work. Andre Jr bonds with Diane. (S4 Ep13/23) 
10:50black-ish Brand new series - White Breakfast: When Jack and Diane get into trouble at school, Dre and Rainbow must figure out the right balance of discipline and support for the twins. (S4 Ep15/23) 
11:20The Goldbergs George! George Glass! Adam risks bodily harm during a game of paintball to impress his latest crush, and Erica pretends she has a college-aged boyfriend. (S4 Ep3/24) 
11:50The Goldbergs Crazy Calls After getting telephone answering machines, Murray and Pop-Pop wage a message war on one another. Adam finds a lunchtime home with the school computer room crowd. (S4 Ep4/24) 
12:20The Goldbergs Stefan King Adam gets in trouble with Beverly for portraying her as a monster in a horror story, and Erica forces Barry to attend a Halloween costume dance with her. (S4 Ep5/24) 
12:50The Goldbergs Brand new series - Let's Val Kilmer This Car: Lainey's back and Barry invites her to the prom. When she says no, he plans a prank with Principal Ball's car to get out of going. (S5 Ep22/22) 
13:20Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brand new series - The Box: Captain Holt sacrifices an evening at the opera to help Peralta carry out an interrogation in the hope of getting a confession from a stubborn suspect. (S5 Ep14) 
13:50Young Sheldon Brand new series - Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey: When Mary takes a job as church secretary, she finds herself becoming a marriage counsellor to Pastor Jeff. (S1 Ep14/22) 
14:20The Core Film (2003) Sci-fi adventure starring Aaron Eckhart, Stanley Tucci and Hilary Swank. Can scientists save the planet when the Earth's core stops turning, causing widespread death and destruction? 
17:00The Big Bang Theory The Justice League Recombination The guys slowly warm to Zack and find an enjoyable way to bond with him when they enter a New Year's Eve fancy dress competition together. (S4 Ep11/24) 
17:30The Big Bang Theory The Bus Pants Utilization Leonard's idea for a smartphone application derails his friendship with Sheldon as they fight for control of the project. (S4 Ep12/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Love Car Displacement Tensions are high when Bernadette runs into her hulk of an ex-boyfriend at a science conference, leaving Howard feeling threatened. (S4 Ep13/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Thespian Catalyst Sheldon lectures at the university but worries that the students don't seem to like him. Raj fantasises about his best friend's girlfriend. (S4 Ep14/24) 
19:00The Big Bang Theory The Table Polarization Leonard buys a dining table for the flat, but Sheldon objects to such a big change inside his home. Howard gets the chance to return to space. (S7 Ep16/24) 
19:30The Big Bang Theory The Friendship Turbulence In an attempt to improve their strained friendship, Howard invites Sheldon to visit Nasa with him. Penny is upset when her car breaks down. (S7 Ep17/24) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Separation Oscillation Sheldon films a special post-break-up episode of Fun with Flags. Bernadette feels guilty about withholding a secret from Penny. (S9 Ep2/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Bachelor Party Corrosion The guys' science skills are tested when they get a flat tyre during Leonard's surprise bachelor party weekend in Mexico. (S9 Ep3/24) 
21:00New: Marvel's Agents of... ...S.H.I.E.L.D: Brand new series - The Devil Complex: Fitz and Simmons are faced with one of their greatest fears as they frantically search for a way to seal the rift. (S5 Ep13/21) 
22:00The Inbetweeners: Their Favourites The Fashion Show The favourite episode of Blake Harrison, who plays Neil in the much-loved sitcom. Carli organises a charity fashion show, but it's only for the coolest kids. (S3 Ep1/6) 
22:35The Inbetweeners: Their Favourites Night Out in London The favourite episode of James Buckley, who plays Jay in the much-loved sitcom. The lads decide to go clubbing and head off for a night out in the West End. (S2 Ep4/6) 
23:05The Inbetweeners: Their Favourites Field Trip The favourite episode of Simon Bird, who plays Will in the much-loved sitcom. It's a new school term and the sociology and geography field trip to Swanage is looming. (S2 Ep1/6) 
23:40The Inbetweeners: Their Favourites Thorpe Park The favourite episode of Joe Thomas, who plays Simon in the much-loved sitcom. After passing his driving test, Simon takes the boys on a day trip to Thorpe Park. (S1 Ep3/6) 
00:15The Big Bang Theory The Benefactor Factor A wealthy benefactor at the university makes Leonard consider how far he's willing to go in the name of science. (S4 Ep15/24) 
00:40The Big Bang Theory The Cohabitation Formulation Howard is torn between taking things to the next level with Bernadette and pleasing his mother. Leonard rekindles his relationship with Priya. (S4 Ep16/24) 
01:10Tattoo Fixers Will needs Lou's help covering a famous face in an intimate place. Jay assists glamour model Gigi, who has the initials of not one, but two exes on her breast. (S1 Ep9/9) [SL] 
02:15Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Brand new series - The Devil Complex: Fitz and Simmons are faced with the manifestation of one of their greatest fears as they frantically search for a way to seal the rift. (S5 Ep13/21) 
03:05black-ish Brand new series - R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Dre and Rainbow realise that both Andre Jr and Zoey are now sexually active. Jack and Diane hang out with a friend's grandmother after school. (S4 Ep14/23) 
03:30Hollyoaks Omnibus Glenn is suspicious as he knows there's another grass in the village. Tom feeds Yazz some false information that could break her heart, while Darren and Mandy meet up alone. [SL] 
06:00Hollyoaks Darren and Mandy meet at the Osbornes' alone - is this a recipe for disaster? Maxine is on a mission, while Tony and Diane continue to argue over Dee Dee's treatment.