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Listings for Disney on Saturday, September 22 2018

06:00Ducktales The Mising Links of Moorshire Scrooge and Glomgold discover a lost golf course. Scrooge wants to share it with his nephews, until he realizes Dewey may be better at golf than him! S1 E13 
06:25Big Hero 6 The Series Food Fight When Aunt Cass stumbles into an underground cooking competition, she thrives and becomes addicted to the excitement. S1 E10 
06:56Elena Of Avalor Spellbound When a wicked wizard named Fiero turns Elena's family to stone, Elena enlists the help of Mateo, her newly appointed Royal Wizard, to undo the spell and save her family. S1 E5 
07:25Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Horrificator: Humiliated during the making of a film, Mylene is akumatized and turns into a terrifying monster. Who's afraid of the big bad monster? Not Ladybug and Cat Noir. S1 E10 
07:56New: Miraculous Secrets Master Fu Shorts featuring Marinette and Adrien who transform into superheroes. S2 E1 
08:00Big Hero 6: Baymax Returns Lovable inflatable high-tech hero Baymax returns with friends Hiro, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred and Go Go as Big Hero Six continues its adventures, in a story set after the hit film. 
08:50Cars Toons Moon Mater As the first tow truck on the Moon, Mater's mission is to rescue the Impala XIII and tow him back to Earth. Lightning McQueen helps and they get a hero's welcome on their return. S1 E9 
08:55Ducktales The Mising Links of Moorshire Scrooge and Glomgold discover a lost golf course. Scrooge wants to share it with his nephews, until he realizes Dewey may be better at golf than him! S1 E13 
09:26Miraculous Secrets Master Fu Shorts featuring Marinette and Adrien who transform into superheroes. S2 E1 
09:31Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Rogercop: Sabrina's police officer dad is akumatized. Now Rogercop, he establishes authoritarian rule in Paris. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir prove they're the real righters of wrongs? S1 E9 
10:00Raven's Home The Baxters Get Bounced After accidentally breaking the dishwasher, Booker and Nia call the landlord to fix it, which almost costs the family their home. S1 E2 
10:32Raven's Home When Booker and Levi get into some trouble backstage at a concert, Raven and Chelsea try to seize the moment to perform with their all-time favorite group La Dee Da. S1 E13 
11:00Bunk'd A Whole Lotta Lobsta The Ross kids are determined to make the forthcoming Kikiwaka lobster festival the best one ever, but everything goes wrong and it ends up being a disaster. S3 E7 
11:32Bunk'd No Bones About It Matteo and Finn find a strange collection of bones and think they are from a new species. They set a trap for the creature and want credit for their discovery. S3 E8 
12:00Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Garage Sale Hoping for enough money to buy an above-ground pool, the kids work together to pull off a garage sale. S2 E7 
12:32Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Diaz Easter Inventor and mediator Harley Diaz manoeuvers through the bustle of a big happy family, from the unique vantage point of being a tween middle child. S2 E6 
13:00Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
13:32Andi Mack Buffy in a Bottle: Andi's world turned upside down when big sister Bex returned home and surprising revelations followed. Now the dynamics in her group of friends are changing too. S2 E22 
14:00Jessie Bye Bye Bertie Bertram decides he's had enough after the kids play a mean prank on him. He goes to work for Mrs. Chesterfield, but her unwanted advances make him rethink his decision. S4 E7 
14:32Jessie What a Steal Jessie tries to help Ravi make friends by taking him to a MENSA meeting in the park. They meet Madeline and Scott. Things look promising, but the couple aren't what they seem. S4 E13 
15:00Bizaardvark Pretty-Con Annual beauty convention Pretty-Con is coming to Vuuugle and Amelia hopes to win the coveted Golden Powder Puff award. S1 E10 
15:32Bizaardvark Puff and Frankie Paige and Frankie help Bernie sign new clients and arrange meetings for the 12-year-old agent to win over animal acts, including internet sensation Grumpy Cat. S1 E12 
16:00Raven's Home Because When Booker and Nia want to reveal Booker's powers to impress classmates, Raven warns them to keep the Baxter's psychic powers a family secret. S2 E3 
16:32Raven's Home Cop to It When the new building manager accuses someone of tagging the side of their building, Raven thinks Tess is responsible. S2 E3 
17:00Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Sapotis: Alya's sisters are akumatized into small, out-of-control monsters named Sapotis who wreak havoc in Paris. Epic babysitting session ahead for our heroes!! S2 E12 
17:31Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Gorizilla Adrien's bodyguard gets akumatized into Gorizilla. Endowed with extraordinary strength and an acute sense of smell, he tracks Adrien all through Paris. S2 E10 
18:00Ducktales The Beagle Birthday Massacre Webby and Lena Le Strange crash a party. It turns out to be for Ma Beagle's birthday. They must fight their way through Beagle Boy turf to get home. S1 E6 
18:31Ducktales The Great Dime Chase At the Money Bin, Louie accidentally spends Scrooge's Number One Dime and turns to mad inventor Gyro Gearloose for help to get it back. S1 E5 
19:00Big Hero 6 The Series Food Fight When Aunt Cass stumbles into an underground cooking competition, she thrives and becomes addicted to the excitement. S1 E10 
19:31Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure The Return of Quaid When a new crime boss tries to rise to power in Vardaros, Rapunzel seeks to coax an old lawman out of retirement to help save the day. S2 E3 
20:00Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Goodbye and Goodwill Rapunzel plans to stage a Goodwill Festival in Vardaros. But when Cassandra's ideas for it are better received than hers, she becomes over competitive S2 E4 
20:32K.C. Undercover Virtual Insanity Ernie is kidnapped and hooked up to a virtual world by two bad guys who are after a code he created. Jira and Craig agree to allow K. C. to plug in to save Ernie. S2 E23 
21:00K.C. Undercover Collision Course The Coopers go undercover in a biker club..K.C. visits her therapist to tell him about the strange dreams and sightings she has been having regarding her cousin Abby. S2 E25 
21:32Liv and Maddie Match-A-Rooney Liv plays matchmaker at the school dance when she tries to make Joey fall for Willow. S2 E5 
22:00Liv and Maddie Hoops-A-Rooney Liv has an audition as a basketball star, so Maddie has to teach her to play - quickly! Meanwhile, Joey and Parker fight for the affection of a girl in their robotics class. S2 E6 
22:31Wizards Of Waverly Place Alex Russo, Matchmaker? When Harper and Zeke become partners on a science fair project Alex decides to cast a spell to help their romance, but Harper tells her off for interfering. S3 E22 
23:00Wizards Of Waverly Place Max's Secret Girlfriend Max has a girlfriend but, afraid his family will embarrass him, keeps her secret. When he decides to tell her who he is, he may have exposed a bigger secret. S3 E21 
23:29Raven's Home The Bearer of Dad News When Raven has a vision of Booker and Nia upset after their dad's farewell party, she takes it upon herself to make sure her kids remain happy. S1 E4 
23:57Alex & Co. Episode 21 Alex is increasingly worried about his song for the next round. Is it better than the first, and will it be good enough for them to go through to the next round? S2 E8 
00:23Good Luck Charlie Bob's Beau-Be-Gone Everything's going well for Teddy and Beau, and he loves his work as an exterminator. But then he gets an amazing job offer back home in Tennessee - what will he do? S4 E13 
00:48Good Luck Charlie Futuredrama Ten years in the future, a 14 year old Charlie watches Teddy's video diary and is surprised how closely it mirrors the argument she is currently having with 11 year old Toby! S4 E14 
01:12Good Luck Charlie Fright Knight While out with Teddy and the others, Victor falls down a manhole. They raise money for Halloween by charging people to see him. Amy even features his plight on her TV show! S4 E15 
01:36Hannah Montana You are so Sue-able to Me Miley persuades Lilly to get a makeover for the school dance, but then Lilly's date stands her up, so the girls decide to take him to Teen Court. S2 E2 
01:59Hannah Montana Me and Rico down by the School Yard Miley is excited about her first day at Seaview High, until she discovers Rico knows her secret, and she pretends to be his girlfriend to keep him quiet. S2 E3 
02:22Hannah Montana Get Down Study-Udy-Udy Miley may not be allowed to go on her European tour as her science grades have slipped. She writes a song to help her study and ends up inspiring the whole class. S2 E4 
02:46Violetta Renzo discovers Violetta is taking classes at the studio, without Herman knowing, and threatens to tell him. Leon tries to persuade him to keep her secret. S1 E57 
03:33Disney The Lodge Wishful Thinking Kaylee is leaving the lodge, but Ben is returning. Sean learns the lodge is worth a lot of money. Everyone makes a wish. S1 E8 
03:56Evermoor Chronicles Splintered Bella is set to leave for fashion school, but when a mysterious man in a magic mirror shatters Ludo into magical splinters, she realises she must stay to fix Ludo. S2 E1 
04:20Disney Cookabout Episode 15 Ase and Mila head onto the rocks at Kalk Bay in search of fresh sea ingredients. S1 E15 
04:43The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Band in Boston As the Battle of the Bands approaches, problems beset both Zack and Cody's group and Maddie's, with London buying herself a place in Maddie's. Will either hotel group win? S1 E12 
05:09Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Pharoah: Jalil, a young Egyptologist, is akumatized by Hawk Moth. He becomes Pharaoh and wants to sacrifice Alya in a ritual. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him? S1 E5 
05:32Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Mr Pigeon: Mr Ramier is a pigeon lover. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, he becomes Mr Pigeon and wants to turn Paris into a kingdom for his favorite birds. Can our heroes stop him? S1 E6 
06:00Ducktales McMystery at McDuck McManor! Scrooge mysteriously disappears while Huey tries to throw him the perfect birthday party. The boys now have to host a locked room mystery party. S1 E11