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Listings for Disney on Friday, May 25 2018

06:00Bunk'd Counsellors' Night Off: Emma sneaks out to the Counsellors' Night Out party to eavesdrop on Xander, leaving Ravi in charge back at camp. S1 E10 
06:29Raven's Home Adventures in Mummysitting Booker, Nia and Levi convince Raven and Chelsea they're responsible enough to watch themselves while the moms celebrate a moms' night out at a new club. S1 E7 
07:00Stuck In The Middle Stuck with a Diaz Down Georgie struggles with filling the oldest sister role now that Rachel is gone. S3 E4 
07:31K.C. Undercover Teen Drama K.C. struggles to make amends with Marisa after their fight, while Marisa wants a recommendation for The Organization from K.C. S3 E6 
08:02Big Hero 6 The Series: Shorts Baymax and Hiro Each character teaches Baymax something new about life. S1 E5 
08:06Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... ...Cat Noir: Robustus: Markov, a small, sensitive robot, is akumatized into Robostus, a villain who brings inanimate objects to life. Can our heroes reason with this humane robot? S2 E11 
08:37Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Ice-cream maker Andre is akumatized by Hawk Moth. As Glaciator he turns people into ice cream, which starts to melt! S2 E3 
09:08Hotel Transylvania Curse Club/Casket If You Can Pedro desperately tries to throw a curse. Mavis loses a casket with Aunt Lydia resting inside. S1 E9 
09:39Tangled The Return of Strongbow When Eugene's old friend Lance Strongbow sweeps back into town, he tries to drag Eugene back into his thieving ways. S1 E6 
10:10Elena Of Avalor My Fair Naomi Elena offers to throw a Royal Quinceanera to celebrate Naomi's upcoming 16th birthday, but regrets it when Naomi becomes obsessed with having the perfect party. S1 E19 
10:41Sofia The First Lord of the Rink Prince Hugo is hesitant to try a sport he thinks is just for girls but Princess Sofia teaches him that Enchanted Ice Dancing is for everyone. S2 E31 
11:12Vampirina Nanpire the Great/Two Heads Are Better than One Vee's Grandmother visits to help her cook a vampire dish. Chaos ensues when two-headed monster sisters come to stay. S1 E10 
11:43Tangled Pascal's Story When Pascal begins to feel that he doesn't fit in to Rapunzel's new life in the castle, he runs away and returns to the tower. S1 E14 
12:14Hotel Transylvania Brain Drain/Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hank and Zombie Sir Isaac Newton inadvertently swap brains. Medusa comes to stay at Hotel Transylvania again. S1 E16 
12:46K.C. Undercover Buggin' Out: K.C. saves Ernie as it was her fault the barbecue failed. They learn the Bishops have planted listening devices and someone called The Mask wants the weapons sold. S3 E23 
13:17Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
13:21K.C. Undercover Pilot Zendaya stars as 16 year old K.C, who learns her parents are spies and expect her to be one too. She must cope with life as an agent as well as the problems and pitfalls of teen life. S1 E1 
13:52Bizaardvark Draw My Life Amelia gives Frankie and Paige tips on how to produce their Draw My Life video, which has to tell the story of how the two met and created their channel. S1 E2 
14:23Hotel Transylvania The Legend of Pumpkin Guts Mavis and her friends learn the true meaning of Halloween. S1 E15 
14:54Elena Of Avalor Three Jaquins and a Princess Isabel tries to prove she can babysit three baby jaquins by herself, but the babies escape. It's a mad dash to find them before their parents return. S2 E4 
15:23Raven's Home Fears of a Clown: Booker and Levi fight Nia and Tess for the attention of a cool new kid. Raven's fear of clowns risks the friendship when they learn his mom works as a clown. S1 E6 
15:55Big Hero 6 The Series: Shorts Baymax and Honey Lemon Each character teaches Baymax something new about life. S1 E6 
16:00Stuck In The Middle Stuck in a Nice Relationship: Georgie enlists Harley's help to break up with Wyatt. S3 E7 
16:31Bunk'd The Great Escape Xander and Emma learn that two of their campers have a crush on one another. Meanwhile, Ravi leads Tiffany and Jorge on a hike. S2 E13 
17:00New: K.C. Undercover Domino 4: The Mask: KC and Marisa take Amy on a trip to New York, so she won't be at home to witness her parents being arrested by The Organization. S3 E24 
17:31Andi Mack Mama On the anniversary of the day Bex left home, Andi finally learns the truth behind what happened. S2 E5 
18:02Zombies Film Students from Zombietown are transferred to a high school in a suburban town preoccupied with uniformity, traditions and pep rallies. 
19:52What The What - Avengers:... Film ...Infinity Wars: As Avengers Infinity War is released, learn fascinating facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the help of fans, quick fire questions and viewer quizzes. 
19:57K.C. Undercover Domino 4: The Mask: KC and Marisa take Amy on a trip to New York, so she won't be at home to witness her parents being arrested by The Organization. S3 E24 
20:28Disney Mickey Mouse The Fancy Gentleman Minnie attempts to 'class' up Mickey by enrolling him in finishing school lessons. S4 E13 
20:33Liv and Maddie Coach-A-Rooney A new coach for the girls' basketball team arrives and falls out with Maddie. When Liv agrees to help Parker with his art project, her date with Holden takes an unexpected turn. S3 E11 
21:05What The What - Avengers:... Film ...Infinity Wars: As Avengers Infinity War is released, learn fascinating facts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the help of fans, quick fire questions and viewer quizzes. 
21:10Jessie Driving Miss Crazy Jessie teaches Emma to drive but she crashes the limo so can't take the test. Jessie's licence has expired and she has to take the test herself. But will she pass? S4 E8 
21:41Austin & Ally Comebacks & Crystal Balls A visit to a fortune teller convinces Austin something bad will happen during his comeback concert. Meanwhile, Trish believes she is going to meet a prince. S4 E8 
22:12That's So Raven That's So Not Raven Raven has a vision of herself winning a fashion contest, so she enters one to design and model a dress, only to rebel when she's told she's too big to model her dress. S2 E1 
22:43Hannah Montana Miley Hurt the Feelings of the Radio Star Oliver auditions as a radio presenter but gets stage fright, so Miley helps. They're a hit so Miley feels she must continue, despite being busy. S3 E13 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place Family Game Night Alex changes brains with Harper so she can pass a test, but has trouble swapping them back and ends up with two brains! S2 E18 
23:45Alex & Co. Episode Three Alex finds teacher Mr. Belli playing piano in the secret room and learns he finds the strict school rules stifling too, They decide to form a band together. S1 E3 
00:11Good Luck Charlie Charlie Did It! While in the chemist's shop with Teddy and Gabe, Charlie grabs a pair of sunglasses. A shoplifting alarm is set off, and the shop manager won't let them leave. S1 E7 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Dance Off Teddy invites Spencer to the dance. They go with Ivy and Emmett (who likes Teddy). The boys have a dance-off over Teddy, who is angry her date with Spencer has been spoiled. S1 E8 
01:00Good Luck Charlie Boys Meet Girls PJ gets a job delivering for a fast food restaurant and falls in love with a customer, Madison. It turns out Bob used to date Madison's mum, which upsets Amy. S1 E9 
01:24Hannah Montana The Idol Side of Me Hannah is involved in a talent show. To her horror she finds herself singing with one of her school's bullies. Dad and Jackson have a problem with a noisy dog. S1 E17 
01:47Hannah Montana Good Golly Miss Dolly Hannah's obsession with Jake interferes with her singing. Her father is worried and gets someone to give her advice - her godmother, Dolly Parton! S1 E18 
02:10Hannah Montana People Who Use People Miley's determined to make Jake jealous. Her plan backfires when the boy she chooses turns out to be too young. S1 E19 
02:34Violetta Episode 177 After listening to Violetta and Ludmila, German realises that the girls have made a commitment to Youmix and so he agrees to go back to Buenos Aires as soon as possible. S3 E17 
03:21Billie and The Ghost The Prom It's Billie's prom, but a clumsy ghost tries to match-make her teachers so the gym floods and she must help Luca find a new location for the prom. A clue from Malcolm's parents helps. S1 E11 
03:44Evermoor Chronicles Race to Stink Island Ludo remembers he was filming on his phone the night he was shattered. They race to the island to find it. But betrayal and heartbreak also await. S2 E33 
04:08Disney Cookabout Episode 25 The cooktestants learn about citrus fruit, visiting an orchard and creating recipes which prove that it is a great ingredient for meat dishes as well as fruit salad. S1 E25 
04:32The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Risk It All Zack and Cody go on a game show called "Risk it All". Maddie is annoyed with Moseby and lets off steam by writing an email she doesn't intend to send. London sends it by accident. S2 E3 
04:58Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Mr Pigeon: Mr Ramier is a pigeon lover. Akumatized by Hawk Moth, he becomes Mr Pigeon and wants to turn Paris into a kingdom for his favorite birds. Can our heroes stop him? S1 E6 
05:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Lady WiFi: Marinette's friend Alya is akumatized. Now Lady Wifi, she's convinced Chloe is Ladybug and seeks to unmask her. Ladybug must protect her secret identity at all costs! S1 E7 
06:00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Stormy Weather: The loser of a kids-channel contest gets akumatized. Now Stormy Weather, takes revenge. Dark skies ahead for our superheroes! S1 E1