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Listings for Disney on Friday, October 27 2017

06:00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Antibug: After an argument with Ladybug, Chloe gets akumatized and turns into Antibug, meaning Ladybug will have to fight an opponent with the same powers as her. S1 E24 
06:27Tangled Great Expotations Cassandra can be a guard for the Judge of the Exposition of the Sciences if she can complete her handmaiden duties in time and enlists Varian's help. S1 E8 
06:58Bizaardvark Halloweenvark - Part Boo! When the power goes out at Vuugle while they are watching a scary movie, the gang is left with no choice but to make up its own scary Halloween stories. S2 E13 
07:29K.C. Undercover K.C. Under Construction: Unbeknown to K.C., Marisa is leaking classified information including her latest undercover assignment as a construction worker. S3 E7 
08:00Andi Mack Terms of Embarrassment Celia learns Bowie has slept in Andi's shack she kicks him out but he doesn't understand and ends up bringing his belongings through the front door in order to stay inside the 
08:31Bunk'd Though Ravi advises against it, Zuri, Tiffany, and Jorge play in mud they discover while on a hike. Meanwhile, Xander, Lou, and Emma hike to a nearby lighthouse. S2 E16 
09:02Jessie From the White House to Our House Jessie and Zuri plan a party for Taylor, whose mum is away in the military. She's reluctant but finally agrees. Her mum turns up, and so does Mrs Obama! S3 E19 
09:33K.C. Undercover In Too Deep - Part Two: While undercover at The Volunteers organisation, K.C. is asked to undertake a mission that pits her against her family. S2 E15 
10:04Stuck In The Middle Stuck without Devices:The kids must entertain themselves for an entire weekend without using technology or devices. S2 E10 
10:35Andi Mack Sshh! Andi stays up late with Bex, then falls asleep in class the next day and gets detention. That means she can't take part in the Ultimate Frisbee competition. S1 E3 
11:06Liv and Maddie Tiny House-A-Rooney When Maddie and Willow discover that one of their acquaintances is homeless, they set out to help him. S4 E10 
11:37Twitches Too Film (2007) Twin sisters and twin witches Alex and Camryn hear their father may be alive in New York, in this bewitching family comedy sequel starring real life sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. 
13:17Descendants Wicked World United We Stand AK's to the rescue! Audrey, Lonnie, Ally, Jordan, and Ben join together with Mal and Evie in their battle against Zevon. S2 E14 
13:21Hotel Transylvania Enter the Nose Picker/Hide & Shriek Mavis accidentally lures an unwelcomed guest into the hotel. Mavis finds her childhood toy, Demented Debbie, in the attic. S1 E1 
13:52Descendants Wicked World Face to Face Mal and Evie face off against Zevon as he uses the stolen Jewel-bilee gems to take over all of Auradon. S2 E13 
13:56K.C. Undercover K. C. Levels Up: When K.C. is up for a promotion at The Organization, she becomes obsessed with acing her test. S2 E12 
14:27Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Aqualympics The family engages in water sports when Harley's winning invention scores them a free trip to a waterpark. S2 E2 
14:58Bizaardvark Puff and Frankie Paige and Frankie help Bernie sign new clients and arrange meetings for the 12-year-old agent to win over animal acts, including internet sensation Grumpy Cat. S1 E12 
15:29K.C. Undercover Teen Drama K.C. struggles to make amends with Marisa after their fight, while Marisa wants a recommendation for The Organization from K.C. S3 E6 
16:00K.C. Undercover K.C. Under Construction: Unbeknown to K.C., Marisa is leaking classified information including her latest undercover assignment as a construction worker. S3 E7 
16:31K.C. Undercover The Storm Maker K.C. is tasked with tracking down a dangerous weather-controlling device on the same night as her homecoming dance. S3 E8 
17:00New: Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
17:31New: Disney The Lodge Finish Line Skye competes in the Enduro final, Alex and Danielle to try and piece together the final clue in the mystery and Kaylee's big moment's finally arrived. S2 E14 
18:02Descendants 2 : Wicked Couture Film This very special version of hit movie Descendants 2 also includes a wicked fashion show hosted by some of the stars of the film - Dove, Sofia and China. 
20:14Descendants Wicked World Pair of Sneakers Mal and Freddie sneak back onto the Isle of the Lost in hopes of finding Mal's missing Jewel-bilee gem. Freddie gives Mal a gift. S2 E3 
20:19Hotel Transylvania Wendy Big and Tall Mavis accidentally turns Wendy into a ginormous, blobby version of her little self. S1 E5a 
20:33Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
21:04A.N.T. Farm IntelligANT Tensions rise between the ANTs when Chyna scores higher than Olive in an intelligence test. Cameron wants to qualify for the Olympics. He takes up curling, and Lexi joins him. S2 E14 
21:36Tangled: Short Cuts Hare Peace Rapunzel is asked to watch the Cobbler's pet bunny, which proves to be no easy task. S1 E4 
21:41That's So Raven Psychics Wanted Raven has a vision of a new boy asking her out, and does all she can to make it come true. But when she takes a job on a psychic phone line, things go wrong. S1 E17 
22:12Jessie Throw Momma from the Terrace Jessie arranges for Bertram's mother to visit as a birthday surprise. But she doesn't know they don't get on, and soon his mum is criticising her nannying skills! S2 E22 
22:43Austin & Ally Presidents & Problems Visiting the Smithsonian museum Austin slips on the famous shoes from the Wizard of Oz and can't get them off! The museum thinks they've been stolen: what can he do? S3 E3 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place My Tutor My Tutor Max enters a wizard competition and gets a tutor. The tutor turns out to be a pretty female and Justin doesn't want her to leave so conspires with Alex to make Max fail. S2 E26 
23:45Good Luck Charlie Pushing Buttons Gabe accuses Charlie of leaving the garage door open and allowing his bike to be stolen. Teddy lets slip how she felt when her parents told her they were expecting Charlie. S1 E24 
00:11Good Luck Charlie Driving Mrs Dabney When Dad won't let her practise driving, Teddy drives Mrs Dabney around for experience. They run out of gas and a muddy Teddy arrives home - to a surprise birthday party. S1 E26 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Sleepless in Denver Teddy's going to audition for the school play but Charlie draws on her face just before the audition. Charlie gets her first big bed but won't sleep in it. S1 E25 
01:00Hannah Montana Judge Me Tender Hannah judges an American Idol style show, and votes Oliver through to the next round. But he gets big-headed, and she has to decide whether to keep supporting him. S3 E23 
01:24Hannah Montana Come Fail Away Hannah gets a part in an animated film starring a top voice-over artist (played by Lucas Cruikshank, famous as YouTube's Fred). She's fired for not being as good as him. S3 E25 
01:47Hannah Montana He Could Be the One - Part One: Hannah's going steady with Jake again - but she's worried all the things she said to Robbie about Jake might have made her dad dislike him. S3 E26 
02:10Alex & Co. Episode 8: The principal's angry when he learns his daughter is wasting time with music and stops her hanging out with Alex. A record producer has seen his video clip and likes it. S1 E8 
02:34Violetta Episode 207 Violetta finds out Leon and Gery aren't a couple. Leon confronts Gery about posing as Violetta. Vilu sings for Alex and he tries to kiss her. S3 E47 
03:21Billie and The Ghost Horse Play While trying to find the next clue left by Malcolm's parents Billie works in a racing stable. She tries to help stable boy Niklas when he's unfairly accused of poisoning a horse. S1 E8 
03:44The Evermoor Chronicles Twist of Fate A black prediction appears on the tapestry. The villagers are shocked, and say it must be guarded - so Seb will miss the Prom! S1 E15 
04:08Disney Cookabout Episode 22 Cooktestants Ase and Siya explore trout farming, learning about fly fishing and the relevant bait required. Which recipe will they choose for today's dish? S1 E22 
04:32Elena Of Avalor Olaball Gabe tries to make his demanding father proud by joining Avalor's olaball team despite being a terrible player. S1 E14 
04:58Kim Possible Dad's annoyed when he's the only genius not invited to the Crooked D Ranch Research Roundup. Then things go wrong at the Roundup and the Possible clan must save the West! S1 E49 
05:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Reflekta: Absent from a class photo thanks to Chloe, Juleka gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she turns everyone into copies of herself, including Cat Noir! Can Ladybug stop her? S1 E22 
06:00Elena Of Avalor Blockheads When a mysterious spell turns Elena and her friends into moving Maruvian sculptures, Elena must rely on her little sister to help undo the spell. S1 E26