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Listings for Disney on Sunday, April 28 2019

06:00Go Away Unicorn! S1 Get a Clue, Unicorn!/Move Out, Unicorn! Alice and Unicorn solve a mystery. Unicorn goes away for the weekend. (S1 Ep2) S1 E2 
06:29Elena Of Avalor Model Sister Elena is torn between a promise she made to help Isabel and fulfilling her royal duties as crown princess. George Takei (Star Trek) guest stars as King Toshi. S1 E2 
07:00Hotel Transylvania Four Monsters and a Funeral/Rainbow Doom Mavis throws a fake funeral for Uncle Gene. Mavis uses a cursed code to accidentally unleash a video game on the hotel. S1 E21 
07:29Big City Greens Rated Cricket/Homeshare Hoedown The family takes its first trip to a movie multiplex. Cricket registers his house on a homeshare website. He's annoyed when guests want attention. S1 E14 
08:00101 Dalmatian Street The Nose Job There's a crime in the park and Dylan turns detective. He thinks he can handle an investigation alone. S1 E8 
08:29New: Sadie Sparks S1 He's Such A Doll/Lunch Potion Number 9: Sadie brings an action figure to life for the dance. A love potion gets in the tacos, making everyone adore Sadie. S1 E4 
09:00Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star Ne ...All Star Special: Jessie helps out when Austin is booked to play Times Square. She offers him the family's helicopter and home, and hopes he might perform one of her songs, but he likes Zuri's! 
10:00Bunk'd Fog'd In A strange, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka causing the campers to develop bizarrely altered personalities and it's up to the camp counsellors to save the day. S2 E12 
10:31Bunk'd Dog Days of Summer When Lou's dog dies, the gang gets together to show its support. Ravi and Tiffany are surprised to learn that they have something in common with Hazel. S2 E14 
11:00Bunk'd Though Ravi advises against it, Zuri, Tiffany, and Jorge play in mud they discover while on a hike. Meanwhile, Xander, Lou, and Emma hike to a nearby lighthouse. S2 E16 
11:32Bunk'd Camp Stinky Waka:Tiffany's mother comes to visit, so the Woodchucks help Tiffany pretend Camp Kikiwaka is a camp for geniuses. Grizzly cabin gets a visit from an infamous skunk. S2 E18 
12:00Bunk'd Dreams Come True As the end of camp nears, Griff gets some unexpected news about his parole term. Meanwhile, Lou has a nightmare that she fears is coming true! S2 E20 
12:32Bunk'd We Didn't Start the Fire To celebrate the last night at camp, the kids take an overnight camping trip. Ravi and Emma take their final tests to earn their promotions to counsellors. S2 E21 
13:00Sydney To The Max S1 The Parent Track In this entertaining sitcom school girl Sydney navigates growing up with three generations under one roof including single dad Max and progressive grandma Judy. S1 E4 
13:32Sydney To The Max S1 Adventures in Babe-sitting Comedy as school girl Sydney navigates growing up with three generations under one roof single dad Max and progressive grandmother Judy. S1 E7 
14:00Coop And Cami Ask The World Would You Wrather Take a Worm Shower? Dakota Lotus and Ruby Rose Turner star as brother and sister Cooper and Cameron making decisions based on Cooper's online followers' opinions. S1 E16 
14:32Coop And Cami Ask The World Would You Wrather Take Your Mom to the School Dance? Cooper and Cami learn their mom wants to start dating again and her first date is with none other than their school's principal. S1 E1 
15:00Raven's Home In-Vision of Privacy When Booker has a vision of Tess getting her heart broken, he sets out with Levi to prevent it from happening. S1 E11 
15:32Raven's Home Vest In Show When Raven and Booker have the same vision of Raven getting fired, Booker helps her design outfits for her upcoming doggy show. S1 E12 
16:00Bunk'd Mother May I? Lou is in awe when her hero, the legendary Christina Ross, pays a visit to Camp Kikiwaka. Meanwhile, the boys from Grizzly Cabin head out for an overnight camping trip. S2 E10 
16:32Bunk'd Fog'd In A strange, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka causing the campers to develop bizarrely altered personalities and it's up to the camp counsellors to save the day. S2 E12 
17:00101 Dalmatian Street The Nose Job There's a crime in the park and Dylan turns detective. He thinks he can handle an investigation alone. S1 E8 
17:31Jessie Beauty and the Beasts Jessie shows Zuri how to cheat in the Little Miss Big Apple competition, but later finds her cheating on her school work and apologises for teaching her to do wrong. S1 E22 
18:00Jessie Creepy Connie's Curtain Call Jessie and Agatha both lose a bet over whether Zuri or Lindsey will win the Little Miss Big Apple contest, and end up hanging from a tree wearing monkey suits. S1 E23 
18:31Jessie We are So Grounded Jessie and the kids are flying to meet their parents when the plane crash lands. The kids find monster footprints and are scared until they find a scientist planted them. S1 E24 
19:00Liv and Maddie Neighbours-A-Rooney To get back at a neighbour, Liv and her mum steal her ornamental giraffe. When they learn it was for a wake they must find a way surreptitiously to return it. S2 E13 
19:31Liv and Maddie Repeat-a-Rooney It turns out that when Liv left for Hollywood, she never actually finished her sixth grade project, so she will need to redo the class - with Parker! S2 E14 
20:00Jessie Green Eyed Monsters Jessie is worried about Tony's jealousy after he turns up at an improv class she's doing with Petey and tries to make a fool of him. S2 E1 
20:32Jessie Make New Friends and Hide the Old On her first day at school Emma clashes with another student over an assignment, but they discover they have a lot in common and end up becoming friends. S2 E3 
21:00Jessie Trashin' Fashion: Emma's excited about Mum's designs being in a fashion show, but when she doesn't like them she doesn't know whether or not to tell the truth in her fashion blog. S2 E4 
21:32K.C. Undercover Dance Like No One's Watching K.C. goes undercover at a retirement home in order to plant a tracker on her target. S2 E10 
22:00Raven's Home It's Your Party and I'll Spy If I Want To Nia and Booker are pressured to throw a 13th birthday party with no moms or kids allowed, and must tell Raven and Levi they can't come. S2 E19 
22:31Raven's Home Keepin' It Real: Raven gets social influencer Lil Z to be the announcer at her fashion show, but it rebounds when he learns they used Lil Z's celebrity to sell more raffle tickets. S2 E18 
23:00Girl Meets World Girl Meets Commonism Maya and Farkle are caught cheating on a test and have to face the school honour board! Meanwhile Auggie tries to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. S2 E6 
23:29Girl Meets World Girl Meets Demolition Riley and Maya meet Aubrey, a salesgirl who manipulates them into using Topanga's credit card for an expensive purchase. Guest star: Debby Ryan. S2 E7 
23:57Kim Possible Overdue/Roachie Kim gets a library detention for an overdue book which Ron borrowed and lost. Ron decides he likes roaches and adopts a dog-sized one left behind by a villain. S3 E61 
00:23Kim Possible A film producer witnesses Kim and Ron's crime-fighting skills first hand and decides to base a movie on them. Kim and Ron find having the film's stars around proves tiresome S3 E62 
00:48Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Guitar Villain: Hard rocking crook Guitar Villain seeks revenge against a young, arrogant pop singer. To stop him, Ladybug and Cat Noir must sharpen their wits! S1 E21 
01:12Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Reflekta: Absent from a class photo thanks to Chloe, Juleka gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she turns everyone into copies of herself, including Cat Noir! Can Ladybug stop her? S1 E22 
01:36Disney The Lodge No Hard Feelings Ben and Noah try and distract Sean from his problems, Kaylee focuses on her music and Skye is forced to team up with Alex and Danielle. S2 E8 
01:59Alex & Co. Episode 11 The teens are crushed . They've been discovered by the principal, Mr. Belli has been fired and everyone is punished, especially Emma, who's grounded. S1 E11 
02:22Alex & Co. Episode 12 Alex and friends enter the interscholastic competition to show the principal that they are the best students in the country due to Mr. Belli's alternative teaching methods. S1 E12 
02:46Violetta Tomas is upset by Violetta's actions. Ludmila learns Violetta is trying to get her father to employ Tomas's father, and gets her dad to give him a job. S1 E35 
03:33The Evermoor Chronicles Fuggy Tara is reunited with Fuggy, her old teddy bear. Fuggy could always get Tara to sleep as a baby, but now his lullaby sends you to sleep forever! S1 E8 
03:56The Evermoor Chronicles Tallulah Brinkworth Meets Her Match Tara hatches a plan to pull her magical self out of the tapestry to help defeat Bridget. Instead she pulls out her fictional alter-ego. S1 E9 
04:20Disney Cookabout Episode 25 The cooktestants learn about citrus fruit, visiting an orchard and creating recipes which prove that it is a great ingredient for meat dishes as well as fruit salad. S1 E25 
04:43Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Frozer Skating champion Philippe gets akumatized into Frozer. Armed with evil ice skates, he wants to turn Paris into a Kingdom of Ice. S2 E17 
05:09Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Style Queen The Queen's Battle -Part One: Chloe's mother is akumatized into Style Queen. Armed with a sceptre she's determined to get revenge, she attacks Adrien. S2 E18 
05:32Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Queen Wasp (The Queen's Battle - Part Two): After transforming into Queen Bee to impress her mother, Chloe gets akumatized into Queen Wasp. S2 E19 
06:00101 Dalmatian Street The Woof Factor Dolly, Dylan and Deepak take the Triplets' place in a perfume commercial and discover that being a cute celebrity pooch is way harder than they thought. S1 E7b