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Listings for Disney on Friday, October 20 2017

06:00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Simon Says: Humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, the hypnotist Jacques Grimault is akumatized and can make people obey his orders. Simon Says: destroy Ladybug and Cat Noir! S1 E20 
06:27Tangled Challenge of the Brave Cassandra and Rapunzel enter the Challenge of the Brave, a gathering of warriors from across the kingdom, to test their courage. S1 E4 
06:58Bizaardvark Friend Fight After being awarded their own studio at Vuuugle, Paige and Frankie have their first major argument, and it quickly turns personal. S2 E4 
07:29Andi Mack Dad Influence Andi meets Bowie. He wants her to be off school to get to know him. At first she's not allowed but eventually he manages it. Amber secretly wishes she was at school. S1 E7 
08:00Descendants 2: It's Going Down Take a look ahead to the long-awaited sequel to the film in which the kids of Disney heroes and villains meet at school. 
08:31Bunk'd Luke Out Below Luke returns to camp and decides to take Griff and Zuri on an adventure to prove that he can be just as responsible as the other CITs. Cameron Boyce guest stars. S2 E6 
09:02Jessie Ghost Bummers Jessie and the kids aren't invited to the building's Halloween party so hold their own. Real ghosts and demons are released leaving Jessie and the others to become ghost busters. S3 E1 
09:33K.C. Undercover Runaway Robot - Part Two: K.C. enlists the help of former spy and computer expert Simone Deveraux when her family's sophisticated robot, Judy, runs away and is captured by enemy agents. S1 E21 
10:04Stuck In The Middle Stuck in a Slushy War: Harley's Slushy Shack faces new competition which escalates into a full-scale slushy war. S2 E5 
10:35Andi Mack She Said, She Said Andi tells Jonah about seeing Amber with another guy. Amber sets a trap to get Andi to admit to liking Jonah. S1 E6 
11:06Liv and Maddie Slumber Party-A-Rooney Liv has a sleepover to help Ruby and co-star Priya become better friends. Joey meets a new nemesis and Parker reveals a big surprise to Maddie. S4 E5 
11:37Twitches Film (2005) Identical twins from a magical kingdom are separated at birth to protect them from evil. They re-unite on their 21st birthday in a bid to save the kingdom. Tia and Tamera Mowry star. 
13:17Descendants Wicked World Chemical Reaction Mal's mischievous spell leads to a colorful scene in the chemistry lab for Evie, Freddie, Jane & Audrey. A new-comer sneaks about Auradon. S2 E5 
13:21Hotel Transylvania Great Eggspectations/Hotel Pennsylvania Mavis aims to show she can care for a living creature by rescuing a bad egg. The kids want to see the last episode of their favourite show. S1 E6 
13:52Descendants Wicked World Talking Heads In the cafeteria, the Aks and Vks argue about Mal's evil behavior, leading to a school wide food fight. The episode contains a new Descendants song entitled Evil. S2 E6 
13:56K.C. Undercover Brainwashed K.C. learns Erica and Abby are working with The Other Side to carry out an evil mission at the Presidential election party. The Coopers must act fast to stop the enemy agents. S2 E7 
14:27Stuck In The Middle Stuck Without a Ride Harley needs to visit an inventor's contest in Boston. Dad is away and Mum's busy with the other kids. Rachel's her last chance but doesn't have her licence. S1 E15 
14:58Bizaardvark First Paige and Frankie are over the moon when their Bizaardvark channel finally hits 10,000 subscribers and they are invited to produce videos in the prestigious Vuuugle space. S1 E1 
15:28K.C. Undercover Coopers on the Run - Part One: The Cooper family along with Marisa, are on the run from Zane in Rio de Janeiro S3 E1 
15:59K.C. Undercover Coopers on the Run - Part Two: The Cooper family works together to bring down a notorious bird smuggler, while Sheena is ready to bring down K.C. S3 E2 
16:30K.C. Undercover Welcome to the Jungle K.C., K.C., Marisa and Ernie are determined to get to the extraction point of the jungle S3 E3 
16:59New: Andi Mack Terms of Embarrassment Celia learns Bowie has slept in Andi's shack she kicks him out but he doesn't understand and ends up bringing his belongings through the front door in order to stay inside the 
17:30New: Descendants 2 Film The story of the teenage sons and daughters of Disney's greatest villains continues in this contemporary, music-driven, imaginative sequel to the global smash hit original movie. 
19:38Raven's Home Baxter's Back Raven has a vision of Nia getting in a fight with Booker and is convinced it's because she gives Booker more attention. Booker experiences his first psychic vision. S1 E1 
20:09Andi Mack Terms of Embarrassment Celia learns Bowie has slept in Andi's shack she kicks him out but he doesn't understand and ends up bringing his belongings through the front door in order to stay inside the 
20:40Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Middle Avid inventor Harley is all set to accept a community award, but must first devise a way to get her family out of the house and to the ceremony on time. S1 E1 
21:11A.N.T. Farm MutANT Farm This fantasy episode sees the ANTs as monsters and the older kids are humans - meaning they have to do what the ANTs tell them, including the preparation for the Halloween dance. S1 E18 
21:42That's So Raven Don't Have a Cow Raven dreams everyone's invited to Alana's Halloween party except her and Chelsea.They try to concoct a spell to wangle an invitation, but it all goes horribly wrong. S2 E4 
22:12Jessie Kids Don't Wanna be Shunned Emma is upset when her friends stand her up for the new girl in school. Ravi helps Luke with his project about India for their school's multicultural night. S2 E15 
22:43Austin & Ally Moon Weeks & Mentors Austin and Ally are judges in a singing competition. They select a contestant who reminds them of Ally's former shy self. Can they transform her into the top contender? S2 E22 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place Alex Does Good Alex skips class so the principal makes her go to the Happy Helpers Club. Alex explains she prefers to be an unhappy trouble maker and do good anonymously. S2 E19 
23:45Good Luck Charlie Study Date Teddy helps Bob mind Charlie when Amy goes back to work. But Bob falls down the stairs, so PJ takes him to the hospital where Amy works, leaving Teddy to watch Charlie. S1 E1 
00:11Good Luck Charlie Baby Come Back Teddy encourages Amy and Bob to go on a date while the kids babysit. PJ takes Charlie to the park, flirts with Emma, then brings back the wrong baby! S1 E2 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Take Mel Out to the Ball Game Teddy discovers she has a Great Uncle Mel she never knew about, so goes to meet him. When she takes him out to a ball game she sees his unpleasant side. S1 E3 
01:00Hannah Montana Ready, Set, Don't Drive Miley learns to drive but finds it's not as easy as she thought, and fails the test. Using her celebrity status she gets a second one and passes, but as Hannah! S3 E1 
01:24Hannah Montana He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother Miley is horrified when she discovers Lilly is thinking of dating Jackson, and does everything she can to stop it. Then she finds it was all a dream! S3 E2 
01:47Hannah Montana Don't Go Breakin' My Tooth: When she needs to go to the dentist Miley decides to go without her dad, but it proves to be a mistake. Oliver tries to stop Joanie from learning he eats meat. S3 E3 
02:10Alex & Co. Episode One Alex thinks high school will be easy but soon learns it's very strict. Coping with it seems impossible until a hidden room behind a secret door changes everything. S1 E1 
02:34Violetta Episode 200 Gery finds out about Roxy and asks Alex's help to unmask her. Gregorio announces that the studio must close. Leon sees Roxy, kisses her, and realises the truth. S3 E40 
03:21Billie and The Ghost The Secret Room-mate 13 year old Billie moves to an old house in Berlin and discovers she has an unexpected, unwanted room-mate. He's Malcolm, the ghost of a 14 year old boy born in 1899. S1 E1 
03:44The Evermoor Chronicles Fuggy Tara is reunited with Fuggy, her old teddy bear. Fuggy could always get Tara to sleep as a baby, but now his lullaby sends you to sleep forever! S1 E8 
04:08Disney Cookabout Episode 15 Ase and Mila head onto the rocks at Kalk Bay in search of fresh sea ingredients. S1 E15 
04:32Elena Of Avalor Prince Too Charming Visiting a neighbouring kingdom Elena is convinced by a spoiled prince to set aside her better judgement and take a break, resulting in unforeseen problems. S1 E7 
04:58Kim Possible Camp Wannaweep Ron and Kim go to cheerleading camp Wannaweep, and find their least favourite place really hasn't improved, but Gill seems to have reformed. Or has he? S1 E42 
05:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...and Cat Noir: Princess Fragrance: Marinette's friend gets akumatized. Now Princess Fragrance, she wants to abduct a visiting prince. This new villain smells like trouble for our heroes! S1 E15 
06:00Elena Of Avalor The Gecko's Tale Elena and Isabel must learn to appreciate each other's differences and work together in order to help an explorer undo a curse. S1 E23