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Listings for Disney on Monday, December 11 2017

06:00Tangled Great Expotations Cassandra can be a guard for the Judge of the Exposition of the Sciences if she can complete her handmaiden duties in time and enlists Varian's help. S1 E8 
06:27Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Origins - Part One: Find out how Marinette and Adrien, two ordinary high-school students, became Ladybug and Cat Noir, and why Hawk Moth wants their Miraculouses so badly. S1 E25 
06:58Stuck In The Middle Stuck with My Sister's Boyfriend When Cuff, Rachel's boyfriend, decides to make himself at home in the Diaz house, Harley tries to find a way to get him out. S1 E11 
07:29Tangled: Queen For A Day Rapunzel is excited to be left in charge but when a terrible blizzard threatens to destroy Corona, the Princess is faced with some difficult decisions. 
08:24Tangled: Short Cuts Checkmate While Maximus is on guard duty, Pascal goes to great lengths to convince him to play a game of chess. S1 E1 
08:29Liv and Maddie Fa La La La La-a Rooney When Maddie persuades Pete to make the town Christmas tree bigger than ever, it fuses all the lights. Pete lights candles in time for Liv to sing a Christmas carol. S1 E11 
09:00Hotel Transylvania Great Eggspectations Mavis tries to prove she can care for a living creature by rescuing a bad egg. S1 E6a 
09:17Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... ...Cat Noir: Prime Queen: Nadia Chamack is akumatized into Prime Queen. Can she force Ladybug and Cat Noir to admit they're in love on live TV to make the ratings skyrocket? S2 E2 
09:48Tangled Rapunzel's Enemy When Rapunzel gets booed, she becomes determined to win over her naysayer, a little old man who loves and is loved by everyone else in the kingdom. S1 E2 
10:19Tangled Fitzherbert P.I Eugene sets out to find a role for himself in the castle and decides to be a royal guard. S1 E3 
10:50Raven's Home Dream Moms Friends Raven and Chelsea are grown-up, divorced and living together with their children and Raven still sees into the future. S1 E13 
11:21Raven's Home Baxter's Back Raven has a vision of Nia getting in a fight with Booker and is convinced it's because she gives Booker more attention. Booker experiences his first psychic vision. S1 E1 
11:52Andi Mack She Said, She Said Andi tells Jonah about seeing Amber with another guy. Amber sets a trap to get Andi to admit to liking Jonah. S1 E6 
12:23Bunk'd Queen of Screams Jorge enters a story contest and wins dinner with his favorite horror novelist, Stephanie Queen. He decides to take fellow campers along for the experience. S2 E7 
12:54Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. The Evillustrator: A fellow student in love with Marinette gets akumatized. Now the Evillustrator, he seeks revenge against Chloe, the bully who made fun of him. S1 E8 
13:25Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ..& Cat Noir. Gamer: Ruled out of a video game tournament because of Marinette, Max is akumatized. Now the Gamer, he controls a robot that wreaks havoc. S1 E16 
13:56Tangled Challenge of the Brave Cassandra and Rapunzel enter the Challenge of the Brave, a gathering of warriors from across the kingdom, to test their courage. S1 E4 
14:27Tangled Cassandra v. Eugene: Rapunzel is sick of the constant bickering between Cassandra and Eugene, so she sets them off on a scavenger hunt as a bonding experience. S1 E5 
14:58Elena Of Avalor Navidad Elena brings everyone together to share each other's holiday traditions. When they end up trying to outdo each other, Elena reminds them of the true spirit of Christmas. S1 E11 
15:29New: Hotel Transylvania 116 Candles While trying to make Aunt Lydia feel younger. Mavis turns her into a real teenager who doesn't care about running the hotel. S1 E12a 
15:45Hotel Transylvania A Scare to Remember An author re-visits the B&B, not realising when the kids cleaned up after a party they accidentally got rid of the ghost author who really writes his books! S1 E10a 
16:00Tangled One Angry Princess Attila is accused of destroying Monty's shop, Rapunzel is the only one who believes in his innocence. She's given 24 hours to prove he didn't commit the crime. S1 E10 
16:31Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... Santa Claws Adrien is sad as he's spending the first Christmas without his mother. So he turns into Cat Noir and leaves. Can Ladybug find him and save Christmas? S2 E26 
17:00K.C. Undercover Holly Holly Not So Jolly It's Christmas time and K,C, reflects on the many disguises and missions she has taken on as a spy in the hope she can get over her holiday blues. S2 E24 
17:31Raven's Home The Bearer of Dad News When Raven has a vision of Booker and Nia upset after their dad's farewell party, she takes it upon herself to make sure her kids remain happy. S1 E4 
18:02Andi Mack Dancing in the Dark Since people heard her news, Andi is popular, so when Celia and Ham head out of town Bex throws her a massive house party. But things don't quite go to plan. S1 E4 
18:33Stuck In The Middle Stuck in a Good Deed: Harley and Suzy volunteer at a local retirement community. S2 E16 
19:04K.C. Undercover Teen Drama K.C. struggles to make amends with Marisa after their fight, while Marisa wants a recommendation for The Organization from K.C. S3 E6 
19:35Bizaardvark Pretty-Con Annual beauty convention Pretty-Con is coming to Vuuugle and Amelia hopes to win the coveted Golden Powder Puff award. S1 E10 
20:08Bunk'd Secret Santa Ravii advises Emma and Lou on their gift exchange but it doesn't go as imagined. Skai, Xander, Jorge and Tiffany run into a man they think is Santa and help him save Christmas. S1 E14 
20:39Stuck In The Middle Stuck in a Slushy War: Harley's Slushy Shack faces new competition which escalates into a full-scale slushy war. S2 E5 
21:10A.N.T. Farm FinANTial Crisis The Ants face a crisis when zPhone defects provoke complaints. Z-Tech's stock plummets. Zoltan fears he'll have to close the school, until a mystery buyer takes it over. S3 E14 
21:41That's So Raven Four's a Crowd Raven has a vision of Devon kissing her, and tries to make it come true. But she has to deal with his sister Nadine, who's very possessive about her big brother! S2 E6 
22:12Jessie New York, New Nanny Texan girl Jessie gets a job in New York working for famous movie director Morgan and his glamorous ex-supermodel wife Christina, now a successful entrepreneur. S1 E1 
22:43Austin & Ally Deejays & Demos Austin's invited to play his latest hit on a live radio broadcast. He wants Ally to come along and perform, but she has stage fright so he just plays a demo with her singing. S1 E11 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place Zeke finds out: Zeke takes up magic and Alex casts a spell so he does well. But when he plans to saw Max in half he has to be stopped. Justin does that, and finally reveals the Russos' secret. S4 E12 
23:45Good Luck Charlie Catch Me If You Can Amy discovers Teddy and Spencer are hiding a secret from her. They are starring in a children's theatre production of Franny Saves the Farm. S3 E7 
00:11Good Luck Charlie Name That Baby Amy and Bob vote on names for the baby. They overhear Gabe telling Charlie she will be forgotten once the new baby is born, like he was, and try to make it up to him. S3 E8 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Welcome Home Amy brings home the new baby, and Bob's mum shows up to help - but unfortunately, she drives everyone crazy. Teddy tries to keep her occupied and away from Amy. S3 E9 
01:00Hannah Montana You've Gotta Fight for Your Right Not to Party Miley and Jackson's fighting gets them grounded. Their plan to get Lilly and Oliver to pretend to be them when they want to go out backfires. S2 E7 
01:24Hannah Montana I Want You to Want Me to... Go to Florida: Miley meets Michaela, a singer who's also performing at a charity concert in Florida, and says she's going to be much better than Miley! S2 E8 
01:47Hannah Montana My Best Friend's Boyfriend Miley becomes an amateur detective when she discovers that her best friend Lilly's boyfriend is a two-timing Romeo. She's determined to catch him out. S2 E9 
02:10Alex & Co. Episode Two Alex and friends are excited to find a hidden room full of musical instruments where they can escape high school's strict regime. But can they keep it secret? S1 E2 
02:34Violetta Tomas tries to persuade Violetta to take the entrance exam like him, and become a full-time student at the studio, not come to take just take private piano lessons. S1 E12 
03:21Billie and The Ghost Poof Went the Weasel On Billy's first day of school, Malcolm causes trouble by messing with her chemistry experiment. While the fire brigade clears up, money is stolen from the charity box. S1 E2 
03:44Evermoor Chronicles Love (Really) Hurts: Otto tries to impress Bella by joining Cameron's wrestling team. He uses a magic splinter to make him a champion wrestler but Bella finds out he has cheated, S2 E4 
04:08Disney Cookabout Episode 15 Ase and Mila head onto the rocks at Kalk Bay in search of fresh sea ingredients. S1 E15 
04:32Elena Of Avalor Royal Retreat Elena attends her first Royal Retreat, but clashes with King Hector, the self-appointed leader, when she tries to reunite a baby sea creature with its mother. S1 E8 
04:58Kim Possible Attack of the Killer Bebes Kim meets Drakken's new team of robotic warrior women who threaten to kidnap the country's leading scientists, including Kim's dad. S1 E7 
05:29Miraculous Tales Of Ladybug... ...Cat Noir: Robustus: Markov, a small, sensitive robot, is akumatized into Robostus, a villain who brings inanimate objects to life. Can our heroes reason with this humane robot? S2 E11 
06:00Tangled Under Raps Rapunzel discovers that Cassandra has a new crush and is excited by the prospect of going on double dates with her best friend. S1 E9