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Listings for Disney on Saturday, April 20 2019

06:00Go Away Unicorn! S1 Party On, Unicorn/Quiet on the Set, Unicorn Alice plans her parents' party. She makes Unicorn 'party enjoyer'. Alice makes a movie about Marie Curie, and learns some science. S1 E15 
06:29Elena Of Avalor A Lava Story When Charoca meets Charica, a female rock creature threatening to erupt the monfuego she controls, he has to learn that honesty is the best policy. S2 E15 
07:00Hotel Transylvania Drop the Needle/Really Gross Anatomy Mavis reluctantly makes a deal with her cousin Klaus. Mavis and the gang teach Dr Gilman about medicine. S1 E17 
07:29Big City Greens Gargoyle Gals/Supermarket Scandal Tilly claims she saw stone gargoyles come to life. Cricket can't fulfil an order for veg. What will he do? S1 E11 
08:00101 Dalmatian Street Walkies On the Wild Side/May Contain Nuts Dylan is determined to show Dolly he can be wild. Dolly is inspired by master of parkour Sid Squirrel. S1 E3 
08:29New: Sadie Sparks S1 Spot On/The Need for Speed Sadie loses her nose after a spell to remove a spot! Teepee's confidence spell leads to a huge inflated ego. S1 E1 
09:00Kim Possible Film (2019) Teen hero Kim Possible and her best friend Ron Stoppable embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. 
10:34Access All Areas: Dumbo Sammy Moore is on a mission to find a lucky feather in this behind the scenes look at Disney's new live action re-imagining of much loved iconic movie Dumbo. 
10:39Hotel Transylvania Great Eggspectations Mavis tries to prove she can care for a living creature by rescuing a bad egg. S1 E6a 
11:00K.C. Undercover ichtrope of Doom - Part Two: While trying to find out who set K. C. up, the family attempts to get a handwriting sample from all the circus performers. S2 E20 
11:32K.C. Undercover Undercover Mother When a magazine tries to interview K.C. for being the smartest student she disguises herself as her mom so she can be featured and hide her identity as a spy. S2 E22 
12:00K.C. Undercover Collision Course The Coopers go undercover in a biker club..K.C. visits her therapist to tell him about the strange dreams and sightings she has been having regarding her cousin Abby. S2 E25 
12:32K.C. Undercover Family Feud The Cooper family and Agent Johnson are trying to get Abby to give up the whereabouts of her parents. With no luck getting Abby to talk, they keep her in jail. S2 E26 
13:00Sydney To The Max S1 Shaved By the Bell In this entertaining sitcom school girl Sydney navigates growing up with three generations under one roof including single dad Max and progressive grandma Judy. S1 E2 
13:32Sydney To The Max S1 I Know What You Did Last Sleepover Olive stays with the Reynolds while her family is away. She and Sydney annoy each other so they enlist Max to stop each other's annoying habits. S1 E5 
14:00Coop And Cami Ask The World Would You Wrather Be the Heart or the Hammer? Cooper and Cami learn that their beloved hangout, their local ice rink, is going ot be torn down by its new owner, Bobby Bonafante. S1 E7 
14:32Coop And Cami Ask The World Would You Wrather Escape? Cooper uses an escape room game as a way of forcing Cami and Fred to hash out their issues. S1 E8 
15:00Raven's Home You're Gonna Get It When Nia sneaks to school wearing make-up against Raven's orders, she draws the attention of the 8th grade girls who invite her to hang out with them. S1 E5 
15:32Raven's Home Fears of a Clown: Booker and Levi fight Nia and Tess for the attention of a cool new kid. Raven's fear of clowns risks the friendship when they learn his mom works as a clown. S1 E6 
16:00Bunk'd Zuri had a Little Lamb Lou assigns Zuri and Emma to barn duty. The boys discover Gladys has been hiding a secret in the woods. S2 E3 
16:32Bunk'd Zuri Weasels Out To Zuri's dismay, Hazel makes her a trainee counsellor in the Weasel cabin. Meanwhile Jorge and Griff convince Ravi that the camp's horse has a hidden talent. S2 E5 
17:00101 Dalmatian Street Walkies On the Wild Side/May Contain Nuts Dylan is determined to show Dolly he can be wild. Dolly is inspired by master of parkour Sid Squirrel. S1 E3 
17:31Jessie Identity Thieves There is some personality confusion when Luke and Ravi's SPATS scores are mixed up, and Zuri is picked as New York's It Girl instead of Emma. S4 E17 
18:00Jessie The Fears in Our Stars Jessie has an audition and must practise all of the special skills listed on her resume. Mrs. Chesterfield helps out by giving her a crash course in tap dancing. S4 E19 
18:31Jessie Jessie Goes to Hollywood Christina returns home, and the kids find their loyalties split. Jessie feels redundant. Christina gets her a movie part in L.A. Is this her big break? S4 E20 
19:00Liv and Maddie Shoe-A-Rooney Liv gives Maddie some high heels to make her more girly. Maddie's reaction surprises her. She becomes obsessed with fashion. Can Liv get the Maddie she knows and loves back? S1 E17 
19:31Liv and Maddie Flashback-A-Rooney Liv hides a letter telling Maddie if she's been invited to try out for the Olympic basketball team, in case it means she'll lose her sister for a year. What does it say? S1 E18 
20:00Jessie Used Karma Ravi is fed up with Luke and Zuri's pranks. He explains about karma and how their bad behaviour will rebound on them. Are the bad things happening to Luke karma or Ravi's fault? S1 E2 
20:32Jessie The Talented Mr Kipling Ravi's best friend is his lizard Mr Kipling. He's shocked to find he's not allowed to keep his pet in the flat. Can Jessie work out how to keep the lizard and the flat? S1 E3 
21:00Jessie Zombie Tea Party 5: Luke needs a new member of his paintball team at short notice. He enlists a terrified Ravi, but when Luke's team is losing badly, it's up to Jessie to save the day. S1 E4 
21:32K.C. Undercover Coopers Re-activated - Part Two: For the Coopers to return to The Organisation, Craig must re-capture The Jackal. Craig is injured so K.C. goes undercover to trap him. S2 E2 
22:00Raven's Home Because When Booker and Nia want to reveal Booker's powers to impress classmates, Raven warns them to keep the Baxter's psychic powers a family secret. S2 E3 
22:31Raven's Home Cop to It When the new building manager accuses someone of tagging the side of their building, Raven thinks Tess is responsible. S2 E3 
23:00Girl Meets World Girl Meets Farkle's Choice Farkle is nominated for an award and must choose who to take to the awards dinner - Riley or Maya. Topanga forms a book club for Auggie and his friends. S1 E10 
23:29Girl Meets World Girl Meets Popular Riley's surprised when she's invited to a party but Maya isn't. It turns out to be a geek party, but Riley embraces her new-found popularity and becomes Queen of the Geeks. S1 E11 
23:57Kim Possible "Mother's Day" It's Mother's Day, but instead of celebrating both the mums find themselves dragged into the battle between Kim and Drakken. S1 E45 
00:23Kim Possible "Go Team Go" Shego can't escape her past when her old do-gooder team-mates need help against a bird brained villain. S1 E46 
00:48Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Marinette is looking after Alex's watch when it gets broken. Akuma evilises Alex so she becomes Timebreaker, and can freeze everyone in time so she can get the watch back. S1 E4 
01:12Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Pharoah: Jalil, a young Egyptologist, is akumatized by Hawk Moth. He becomes Pharaoh and wants to sacrifice Alya in a ritual. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him? S1 E5 
01:36Disney The Lodge The Choice Josh arrives to get Skye to focus on the concert. A large crowd has gathered to watch it but Olivia tries to stop it happening. Skye must choose between Sean and Ben. S1 E10 
01:59Alex & Co. Epsiode 46 Alex and his friends are attending their third high school year. They will have to face new challenges and get ahead together in the music world. S3 E15 
02:22Alex & Co. Episode 47 Alex and his friends are attending their third high school year. They will have to face new challenges and get ahead together in the music world. S3 E16 
02:46Violetta Violetta sings with Leon to get back at Tomas. Matias is worried Jade will abandon him when she's rich, so dresses up as the ghost of Maria to scare her into giving him what he wants. S1 E27 
03:33The Evermoor Chronicles Nevermoor As the battle for Evermoor climaxes,Tara receives unexpected help from the villagers, who also hate the Founders S1 E24 
03:56Evermoor Chronicles Splintered Bella is set to leave for fashion school, but when a mysterious man in a magic mirror shatters Ludo into magical splinters, she realises she must stay to fix Ludo. S2 E1 
04:20Disney Cookabout Episode 17 When the kitchen requires Max and Mila to cook with cheese, the magical kitchen door transports them to a dairy farm in Worcester. S1 E17 
04:43Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Simon Says: Humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, the hypnotist Jacques Grimault is akumatized and can make people obey his orders. Simon Says: destroy Ladybug and Cat Noir! S1 E20 
05:09Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Guitar Villain: Hard rocking crook Guitar Villain seeks revenge against a young, arrogant pop singer. To stop him, Ladybug and Cat Noir must sharpen their wits! S1 E21 
05:32Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Reflekta: Absent from a class photo thanks to Chloe, Juleka gets akumatized. Now Reflekta, she turns everyone into copies of herself, including Cat Noir! Can Ladybug stop her? S1 E22 
06:00Go Away Unicorn! S1 Dig This, Unicorn!/Disappear, Unicorn Will a note Alice finds lead her to buried treasure. Alice's investigation of Unicorn's magic powers causes him to lose them. S1 E16