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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, September 21 2019

06:00Combat Dealers French Resistance. Bruce is tasked with creating a display based on the French Resistance: a parachute basket filled with items the RAF would have dropped to the Resistance in WWII. S4, Ep1 
07:00Combat Dealers WWI. Bruce heads to Ypres looking for items from WWI, finding a German trench mortar. He also goes for a ride in a WWI-era British tank - one of the first tanks ever used in combat. S4, Ep2 
08:00Combat Dealers Dunkirk. Bruce finds a picture in his attic from Dunkirk, given to him by a soldier who was there. Bruce and Hus go on a hunt for kit that tells the real story of the evacuation. S4, Ep3 
09:00Combat Dealers Battle Of The Bulge. A client wants a German half-track armoured personnel carrier converted into a Pioneer variant, used by the German army during the Battle of the Bulge. S4, Ep4 
10:00Fast N' Loud Bullitt In The Chamber. Chad McQueen asks Richard and the Monkeys to turn a 1968 Ford Mustang into an iconic muscle car and recreate one of Hollywood's most famous car chases. S6, Ep19 
12:00Fast N' Loud Scout's Honor. The Gas Monkey crew are trying to make history with a record-breaking profit. Plus, will Richard claim back his old Ferrari Dark Horse? S6, Ep3 
13:00Fast N' Loud Beyond Reasonable Scout. The Monkeys race to be the first to drop a Hellcat motor in their '79 International Scout and fetch the world record for the most expensive ever sold. S6, Ep4 
14:00Fast N' Loud SEMA Dreamin'. The Monkeys have one of their biggest challenges yet. They want to convert a '72 Buick Riviera into a SEMA super-build and the team meets Richard's stepson. S6, Ep1 
15:00Fast N' Loud Chop Shop Truck. Richard makes Brian Bass an offer he can't refuse to turn his antique Ford into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck. And, he gets a green 1970 Cuda on the cheap. S5, Ep13 
16:00Fast N' Loud Monsters And Monkeys. The Monkeys find themselves in a hot-rod dilemma when their 1950s flat-head isn't tailor-made for their '33 Ford pickup, as deadline approaches. S5, Ep14 
17:00Fast N' Loud Keeping It Shelby. Richard's beloved Mustang breaks down weeks before he is supposed to show it at the Shelby Car Show in Tulsa. They fix up the car making it the star of the show. S6, Ep2 
18:00Naked and Afraid XL Waterworld. Dropped into the South China Sea, 12 elite survivalists try to survive 40 days on land and sea. Two all-star survivalists start a 60-day challenge in the Philippines. S4, Ep1 
19:00Legend of Deep Blue Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington return to Guadalupe Island to search for the largest great white in the world, Deep Blue. Can they unravel the mystery? 
20:00Swimming With Monsters: Steve... ...Backshall. Squid. In the Sea of Cortez, Steve studies the hunting behaviour of the Humboldt squid, using himself as bait. Can he avoid being dragged into the abyss? S1, Ep4 
21:00Deadliest Catch Dark Ship. As smoke fills the Wizard, the Colburns face a dark ship nightmare. And, the storm and towering breakers shatter Jake's steel anchor, threatening the crew. S15, Ep19 
22:00Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence Top scientists reveal how a revolutionary study and advanced DNA technology solved the mystery of the legendary Loch Ness monster. S1, Ep1 
00:00Inside Raising the Concordia The world's leading salvage experts face the biggest challenge of their careers as they attempt to raise the wrecked cruise liner the Costa Concordia. But how will they fare? 
01:00Outback Truckers Midway through a vital run Trubo is feeling the temperature as the rig overheats. Meanwhile, Mark Cromwell is fighting to complete the biggest job of his career. S2, Ep8 
02:00Bitchin' Rides We Build Bitchin' Rides. Dave and the team start a one of a kind build they have never attempted before, a 1964 Ranchero. But what there is underneath the metal sets the team back. S5, Ep1 
03:00Loch Ness Monster: New Evidence Top scientists reveal how a revolutionary study and advanced DNA technology solved the mystery of the legendary Loch Ness monster. S1, Ep1 
04:40American Chopper You're My Dog... Junior designs a monster trike and discusses taking a big financial risk with Rachael. Josh builds a bike for the Hudson Valley SPCA, headed by Joanie and Senior. S2, Ep7 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items go under microscope. How are objects including aircraft cabinets and motorcycle brake locks produced? S21, Ep1 
06:00Alaskan Bush People King Of The Mountain. The Wolfpack kids have divided their land between themselves. They're keen to finish building their houses in time as Noah prepares for the baby's arrival. S4, Ep14