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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, May 26 2018

06:00How It's Made: Dream Cars From a Maserati to the Audi R8, a Morgan Aero Coupe to a Porsche 911, this is a journey into automobile heaven to find out how these stunning machines are designed and created. S1, Ep1 
06:30How It's Made: Dream Cars Ever wondered how a Porsche 911 was made? Join the How It's Made crew as they go to its birthplace, explore the inner workings and its gorgeous exterior. S1, Ep2 
07:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne dreams of an Auburn Boattail Speedster. Fate leads him to sisters selling their granddad's collection, including a 1909 Ford Model T. S9, Ep15 
07:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne is contacted by the New York Governor's office to refresh a '32 Packard originally bought by Franklin D. Roosevelt - currently sitting in a state museum. S9, Ep16 
08:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne buys a Sprint Midget racer with a custom trailer, a vintage '36 Ford Pickup truck to tow them, and a matching Quarter Midget race car. S9, Ep17 
08:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne helps clients sell a unique 1968 Superbird. Plus, he chases down the 'Italian Detroit' - a 1970 Ford Torino that's showing signs of age. S9, Ep18 
09:00Fast N' Loud With a big-time buyer already on the way, engine and upholstery problems threaten to derail Richard and Aaron's red '67 Cadillac convertible. S3, Ep18 
10:00Fast N' Loud When Richard buys a VW Microbus, can the gang work out its mechanics? Plus, the duo discovers that the Fired Up garage is attending a demolition derby. S3, Ep1 
11:00Misfit Garage 'Fired Up Garage' goes to work on a '67 Chevelle. The team also enters a demolition derby for publicity, running into old co-worker Richard Rawlings. S1, Ep1 
12:00Misfit Garage The guys struggle to deal with 'landlord' Richard Rawlings, as well as the completion of their first major build. Will the '67 Chevelle redo put 'Fired Up Garage' on the map? S1, Ep2 
13:00Edge of Alaska Neil Darish is on the brink of reopening the Motherlode mine for tourism, but a new arrival puts Neil's empire at risk. Jeremy Keller begins a new venture to grow his family farm. S2, Ep1 
14:00Edge of Alaska Hidden deep in the wilderness of Alaska is the toughest town in America McCarthy. It's a refuge for people who don't want to be found, surrounded by extreme wilderness. S2, Ep2 
15:00Edge of Alaska Neil's project is over budget, so his partner moves to push him out of his oldest business. Jeremy and his boys go on a supply run and return with Jason Lobo. S2, Ep3 
16:00Edge of Alaska Plans for tourism at the Motherlode mine push forward. And as the last days of winter threaten life as they know it, the McCarthy locals must once again band together. S2, Ep4 
17:00Edge of Alaska Neil begins the first Motherlode tour, but complications could spell the end of his life's work. Jeremy and Gary embark on a bear hunt but encounter something even more dangerous. S2, Ep5 
18:00Free Ride One month into their adventure, Rob and James hit Bolivia's high plateau. With no money and nowhere to stay, Rob strikes a deal to work their way to the world's largest salt flats. S1, Ep3 
19:00Wheeler Dealers Mike and Ant enter the market for iconic American SUVs with a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. But, it has a sagging suspension and a defective four-wheel drive. S14, Ep10 
20:00Wheeler Dealers Mike and Ant take on a 1987 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio with a rare hardtop. It needs extensive repairs, including a rebuild of the propshaft. S14, Ep11 
21:00Two Weeks In Hell Follow the Green Berets' gruelling selection process, which consists of a two weeks of tasks designed to gauge whether recruits are ready to join America's Special Forces. 
23:00Waco Cult: Crimes Of The... ...Century. Recalling the Branch Davidians, the cult led by David Koresh that came to a fiery end in 1993 at their compound near Waco, Texas, following a 51-day standoff with the ATF and FBI. 
00:00Wheeler Dealers Mike is looking for a British classic and finds a Jaguar XK8, but it's not in good shape. Will Edd be able to fix it up within budget, or is this project about to stall? S9, Ep7 
01:00Wheeler Dealers Mike finds an unregistered Cobra with just 1,000 miles on the clock, but it must pass tough emissions tests to make it legal. Can Edd get the car back on the road? S9, Ep8 
02:00Wheeler Dealers Going to buy a Jaguar Mark 2 is Mike's idea of a good day at the office, but buying the wrong car could be a costly mistake. Edd and Mike work to restore this iconic classic. S9, Ep9 
03:00Wheeler Dealers Mike heads to the USA to find the grandfather of four wheel drives, the Willys Jeep. But will major repairs and high transport costs prevent him from making a profit? S9, Ep10 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike thinks he's on to a winner when he finds a budget Nissan Skyline supercar. Can Edd transform this modern classic into a homemade drift racer? S9, Ep11 
04:40Wheeler Dealers Mike takes the plunge and invests in a car and a boat, all in one. However, it has some underlying problems that could quite easily make his profits sink like a stone. S11, Ep7 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how carbon fibre, antique frame restoration, railcar movers and hood ornaments are made. S21, Ep18 
06:00How It's Made: Dream Cars Ever wondered how a Ferrari FF was made? Join the How It's Made crew as they go to its birthplace, explore the inner workings and its gorgeous exterior. S1, Ep3