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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, February 24 2018

06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island On the quest to find a horde of Incan gold, a team of treasure hunters are led to the one place no one dares to go - an island inhabited by thousands of deadly snakes. S1, Ep3 
07:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne brings a rare 1946 Volkswagen Type 11 Beetle along with the notorious BMC Technical Support Bus to an auction. Later, a cherry 1979 Super Beetle comes in. S8, Ep3 
07:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne is chasing an AC Bristol and a 1956 Porsche Speedster that's been with its owner for over 55 years. Later, he brings a 1960 190 SL Mercedes to auction. S8, Ep4 
08:00Chasing Classic Cars Collector cars come in all shapes and sizes. From a 1972 Datsun 280Z to a steam-powered 1900, Wayne's casting a wide net and coming back with a killer catch. S8, Ep5 
08:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne evaluates a collection of cars including a 1911 Kissel Kar, a 1910 Buick Model 16, a 1914 Ford Model T Speedster and a 1915 Ford Model T C-Cab Delivery. S8, Ep6 
09:00Fast N' Loud Richard and Aaron try turning a shabby '49 Chevy 3100 into a top show truck for one of Texas' hottest truck shows - but as the clock runs down, problems pile up. S4, Ep2 
10:00Fast N' Loud The guys pick up the pace on their '49 Chevy. Plus, the Gas Monkey Monster Jam truck goes up against Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger. S4, Ep3 
11:00Wheeler Dealers A smart city car - the Panda is also surprisingly good off-road. Mike tracks down a model with potential, Edd does the mechanics, and they try to turn a profit. S12, Ep11 
12:00Wheeler Dealers Mike takes a risk by buying a late Alfasud 1.5 TI at auction. With no service history, dodgy brakes and a clapped-out suspension, can Edd work his magic? S12, Ep12 
13:00Blowing Up History A castle in Scotland may be the home of King Arthur's Round Table. Can the discovery of a disfigured skeleton reveal its secrets and rewrite history? S2, Ep6 
14:00Yukon Men The countdown to the dark days causes a mad dash for food. Chris and Jessi venture onto thin ice to net whitefish while Pat turns to the town dump to feed his pigs. S6, Ep5 
15:00Yukon Men With the dark days approaching, Chris and Jessi use Yukon ingenuity to bring light to the Cosna. Stan goes trapping with his dog team, but his dogs have other plans. S6, Ep6 
16:00Yukon Men Charlie fights to save Tanana's water supply with help from a fellow villager. Chris Morse's father Stuart returns to help build a key piece of infrastructure. S6, Ep7 
17:00Yukon Men A storm destroys the Morse's supply of food, turning their Alaskan dream into a nightmare. Stan Zuray builds a survival shelter for a dicey stretch of the new road. S6, Ep8 
18:00Mythbusters The MythBusters investigate if it's possible to safely escape from a burning car across a deadly high-voltage electricity 'web' caused by downed power lines. S11, Ep13 
19:00Garage Rehab Richard Rawlings is off to scope out Blue Ribbon Automotive. He has 6 days to rehab the shop and help the owner come up with new ways to make money. S1, Ep4 
20:00Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead are bringing to auction a highly desirable 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII. Will a sparkling new interior be enough to earn top dollar? S14, Ep8 
21:00Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep3 
21:30Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep4 
22:00Faking It: Tears Of A Crime When Nisha Patel-Nasri is stabbed on her doorstep, is her husband, Fadi's TV appeal fake? And Miles Evans is a suspect when his stepdaughter Zoe vanishes. S2, Ep7 
23:00Killing Fields: Murder Isle The Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office continues seeking clues in the Carrie Singer cold case. They interview past witnesses and pin down a suspect. S2, Ep2 
00:00Wheeler Dealers Mike bags an American classic, a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, but it's only been part-restored. Can Edd work his magic and make it seem as good as new? S10, Ep9 
01:00Wheeler Dealers Mike travels to Poland to source a FSM Syrena. But with it being virtually unknown outside of Poland, how will the duo add value to the car and make a profit? S10, Ep10 
02:00Wheeler Dealers Mike is after a Lotus Elise, but he soon sees it's hard to add value to a car that's already superb. Can Edd help him turn it into a demon on the track to turn a profit? S10, Ep11 
03:00Wheeler Dealers Mike finds a classic Cadillac Coupe with fins that has minimal rust and damage; however, the interior is another story. Can Edd turn this ugly duckling into a swan? S10, Ep12 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike gets a great deal on a tired old Aston Martin DB7. Can he and Edd restore this faded British masterpiece to its former glory and sell it on for a profit? S10, Ep1 
04:40Gold Rush Todd is out to get twice as much gold as ever before, but it will bring him into conflict with his son. Meanwhile, Parker gets some good advice after poor results. S6, Ep4 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how skeletal replicas are manufactured and ice buckets are made. S22, Ep17 
06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island As injuries pile up, the team push deeper into the Island in search of the Treasure of the Trinity, but a trail of clues leads to confrontation. S1, Ep4