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Listings for Discovery on Sunday, July 21 2019

06:00Outback Truckers Turbo faces a journey that takes him directly through an area affected by a bush fire. Plus, owner operator Yogi faces the biggest week of his career. But how will he get on? S2, Ep4 
07:00Fast N' Loud Caddy Rust Bucket/Bel-Air Beauty Part 2. Having junked his '68 Caddy, Richard takes a bold gamble by building a '60 Bel Air. At the garage, Tony and Christy try to sell an '88 Yugo. S2, Ep7 
08:00Wheeler Dealers Alfa Romeo Alfasud. Mike takes a risk by buying a late Alfasud 1.5 TI at auction. With no service history, dodgy brakes, and clapped out suspension, can Edd work his magic? S12, Ep12 
09:00Wheeler Dealers Caterham 7. Mike has always wanted to get an old Caterham into the workshop, but when Edd decides to take a risk by painting it a shocking colour will the risk pay off? S12, Ep13 
10:00Wheeler Dealers Ford Escort RS2000 Rally Car. Mike decides to combine his two loves of vintage escorts and rallying by making a Ford rally car. But can Edd make a profit on such an expensive build? S12, Ep14 
11:00Supertruckers Sergeant Major and Sully move two enormous boiler houses from the West Midlands to Bristol. But the pressure is on as they reverse their ultra-delicate cargo through the tiny yard. S1, Ep4 
12:00Outback Truckers Steve Grahame gets a double dose of bad on a brutal lap through the red centre. And Turbo is back, battling to get his business out of a rut. S4, Ep1 
13:00Combat Dealers Battle Of The Bulge. A client wants a German half-track armoured personnel carrier converted into a Pioneer variant, used by the German army during the Battle of the Bulge. S4, Ep4 
14:00NASA's Unexplained Files The Moon's Strange Secret. The last humans to walk on the Moon discovered something strange on the lunar surface. Plus, a NASA scientist investigates a strange phenomenon. S3, Ep15 
15:00NASA's Unexplained Files Saturn's Death Star. A NASA spacecraft suffers a malfunction in orbit - can its lone astronaut make it back to Earth? Plus, new evidence emerges over Yuri Gagarin's mysterious death. S3, Ep16 
16:00NASA's Unexplained Files Planet Of The Metal Aliens. Experts investigate if a nearby exoplanet could be the home to an alien civilization after a new discovery confirms that life can thrive on such a world. S4, Ep5 
17:00NASA's Unexplained Files Did Aliens Nuke Mars? A strange discovery by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover suggests the Red Planet was home to an alien nuclear war 300 million years ago - could this be true? S4, Ep6 
18:00NASA's Unexplained Files Aliens In The Amazon. Neil Armstrong led an expedition into the Amazon seeking a library apparently made by aliens. Did a close encounter on his moonwalk inspire his quest? S4, Ep7 
19:00NASA's Unexplained Files Secrets Of The Alien Signals. When NASA begins an experiment to communicate with dolphins, experts examine if it's a prelude to making alien contact. Will it have dire consequences? S4, Ep8 
20:00Apollo the Forgotten Films In 1969, millions watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. But behind these iconic images is an untold story, and the most extensive search for unseen footage ever undertaken. 
22:00New: Apollo 8: The Mission That... ...Changed The World. When the first manned mission to the Moon took off, earth was in chaos. Astronaut Bill Anders recounts the story and subsequent environmental campaigns. 
23:00Above And Beyond: NASA's... ...Journey To Tomorrow. A celebration of NASA's 60th anniversary and the remarkable, historic institution that went to the moon, the surface of Mars, and to the outer edge of the solar system. 
01:00NASA's Unexplained Files Pluto's Evil Twin. After NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies by Pluto, it encounters a mysterious object that shuts down the probe's computers. Experts investigate what it could be. S4, Ep1 
02:00NASA's Unexplained Files The Black Hole Next Door. When astronomers discover a rogue black hole speeding through the Milky Way, they investigate how much danger this cosmic monster poses to Earth. S4, Ep2 
03:00Apollo the Forgotten Films In 1969, millions watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. But behind these iconic images is an untold story, and the most extensive search for unseen footage ever undertaken. 
04:40Gold Rush Of Monsters And Men. Parker threatens to shut down Rick's Indian River operation after production drops. Disaster strikes for Tony and Todd gives his crew a shock ultimatum. S8, Ep17 
05:30How It's Made Find out how combination squares, farmed shrimp, ball valves, and string trimmers are made. S24, Ep10 
06:00Outback Truckers Turbo pushes his luck, and his truck, as he tries to go the distance and deliver his load. Plus, trucker Bob tackles a mountain of timber head on. S3, Ep13