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Listings for Discovery on Friday, July 26 2019

06:00Outback Truckers There's trouble in the wind for Kurt, who is struggling with a load causing oversized problems. And for Johnny on the Tanami Track, it's too hard one minute and too soft the next. S4, Ep4 
07:00Alaskan Bush People Now Or Never. As the Browns struggle to get their house built, winter arrives. While working through the snow, a series of setbacks threatens to derail all the hard work. S2, Ep8 
08:00Naked and Afraid XL Human Prey. Tick-bite fever threatens some of the challengers, whilst deadly leopards circle the camp. Frustrations build amongst survivalists and explosive confrontations arise. S1, Ep13 
09:00Mighty Ships Africa Mercy. Africa Mercy is the world's largest NGO hospital ship. Travelling to Earth's poorest regions, her six state-of-the-art operating theatres deliver care to thousands. S3, Ep5 
10:00Fast N' Loud The Bass Is Back. Brian Bass rejoins the Gas Monkeys as Richard plans to resurrect the iconic '92 Chevy 3500 Dually - known as the 'Krew Kut' - to reveal at the Lone Star Throwdown. S5, Ep11 
11:00Wheeler Dealers Petrolhead Takeover. Mike and Ant answer questions from fans across the globe. In the process, they reveal on the inner workings of the series and look back at the last eight cars. S14, Ep18 
12:00Railroad Alaska Trapped in Ice. In the wilderness, homesteaders team up to track down an abandoned cabin washed down stream and trapped in ice. Plus, a freight crew dodges intruders. S3, Ep5 
13:00Combat Dealers Hollywood's Calling. A Hollywood movie is being shot and they need genuine military vehicles. Bruce could make a lot of money, but are his props good enough to seal the deal? S1, Ep6 
14:00Alaskan Bush People A Wolfpack Divided. The Brown family are ready to move into their new home when Ami requires immediate medical attention and must travel to a big city for surgery. S2, Ep9 
15:00Kindig Customs Where's The Gold, Paulie? A car doesn't always need to be totally rebuilt. Dave swaps the chassis and upgrade performance for a 1955 Nomad to give the car the edge it was missing. S5, Ep9 
16:00Kindig Customs Dave Kindig, Guest Judge. Car show season is always a big time of year for the crew, but a show has called with a special request. They want Dave to be a judge and present an award. S5, Ep10 
17:00Garage Rehab American Garage. Richard and his team take on their most meaningful project to date by rehabbing a struggling non-profit garage that trains veterans for careers in auto repair. S1, Ep14 
18:00Fast N' Loud Racing A '67 Dodge Dart - Part I. When Richard receives a challenge from two Internet upstarts, he changes gears on his big '67 Dart build to turn it into the ultimate dragster. S3, Ep23 
19:00Outback Truckers Mark Cromwell and his team drag a heavyweight, million-dollar shed through the narrow streets of Adelaide. And livestock trucker Brenton has three days to move 20,000 cattle. S4, Ep5 
20:00Combat Dealers Battle Of Britain. At Biggin Hill, Bruce visits a collector's haul of WWII Spitfires. Plus, the twins prepare some WWII artillery guns to export to Australia - but it's no easy feat. S3, Ep7 
21:00New: Greatest Events Of World... ...War II. Pearl Harbor. Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the greatest gambles in military history. Rare, expertly-restored footage recounts the extraordinary event. S1, Ep3 
22:00Wings Of War Fight For The Skies. In the early 20th Century there was an arms race to develop military airplanes. With the advent of WWI, the British and Germans experimented with air combat. S1, Ep3 
23:00NASA's Unexplained Files Secrets Of The Alien Signals. When NASA begins an experiment to communicate with dolphins, experts examine if it's a prelude to making alien contact. Will it have dire consequences? S4, Ep8 
00:00Apollo the Forgotten Films In 1969, millions watched Neil Armstrong step onto the moon. But behind these iconic images is an untold story, and the most extensive search for unseen footage ever undertaken. 
02:00Fast N' Loud: Demolition Theatre The Outlaw Way. A Russian man steals a police car and goes for the ride of his life. Meanwhile, a fire department demonstration leads to a real disaster. S1, Ep14 
03:00Wings Of War Fight For The Skies. In the early 20th Century there was an arms race to develop military airplanes. With the advent of WWI, the British and Germans experimented with air combat. S1, Ep3 
03:50Wheeler Dealers 1995 Volvo 850 T-5r Wagon. Mike finds a true unicorn of the car world: a '95 Volvo 850 T-5R, a station wagon with a racing pedigree. Unfortunately, the engine needs some serious work. S15, Ep6 
04:40Gold Rush: White Water Between Craziness & Insanity. Deep in a remote Alaskan canyon, Gold Rush veterans Fred and Dustin Hurt are back searching for gold. But this time, their lives are on the line. S1, Ep1 
05:30How It's Made Find out how coconut charcoal, dial indicators, wet downdraft tables, and bassoon reeds are made. S24, Ep14 
06:00Kindig Customs Fore. Dave and Kevin tee off on one of the most unique projects to ever come in the garage door, and a '67 Nova purchased off the internet comes in with a lot of holes to fill. S2, Ep9