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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, October 19 2019

06:00Gold Rush: White Water When Bears Attack. The Dakota boys are stalked by hungry bears. Meanwhile Dustin's two dredges are running dirt, but when they get a second winch system working disaster strikes. S2, Ep3 
07:00Gold Rush: White Water Too Close For Comfort. Fred and Dustin disagree on where to find the gold and dig separate holes. But, a fierce confrontation jeopardises the entire operation. S2, Ep4 
08:00Gold Rush: White Water The Nugget Trap. The Dakota Boys and the crew face difficulties and delays when their equipment breaks. But, their hard work finally pays off when they find a huge amount of gold. S2, Ep5 
09:00Gold Rush: White Water McKinley, We Have A Problem. The Dakota Boys push towards Bedrock Crack when disaster strikes and Rich is left in deep trouble. Dustin calms him down and he returns to the water. S2, Ep6 
10:00Gold Rush: White Water Sacrifice & Sabotage. Morale hits rock bottom after months of hard work are wiped out. Dustin looks for an alternative dive site, but Fred insists on working the original location. S2, Ep7 
11:00Gold Rush: White Water Landslide. With time running out, Fred breaks the drill. To replace it, he buys a dangerous but effective pressure washer to break through the last ground before pay dirt. S2, Ep8 
12:00Gold Rush: White Water The Widow Maker. The Dakota boys are dredging towards a nugget trap they believe holds a jackpot of gold. After a rough season, could this be the life-changing fortune they need? S2, Ep9 
13:00Gold Rush: White Water Gold Strike. The crew cleans up and does a final gold weigh-in for the season. Dustin leads the crew to a new mine site that quickly proves to have massive potential. S2, Ep10 
14:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Dozer Dave Returns. Dave Turin sets out prospecting for an abandoned gold mine to reopen. But when an investor backs out, will he risk his family's life savings for his dream? S1, Ep1 
15:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Rookie Mistakes. Mining expert Dave Turin bets his life savings that he can unearth piles of gold from an abandoned mine using salvaged equipment and a team of amateur miners. S1, Ep2 
16:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Paydirt Mystery. Dave faces a nightmare scenario when the ground he's mining goes cold. With his season in jeopardy, the pressure mounts for him to get them back on the gold. S1, Ep3 
17:00Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Last Chance Cut. Dave's entire season comes down to the final 24 hours and a bold risk that threatens to shut down his operation and force him out of the gold game for good. S1, Ep4 
18:00Naked and Afraid XL Belly Of The Beast. Extraction is on the other side of the island, but the sea is risky to cross. If they trek through the jungle, they might meet poisonous vipers and centipedes. S4, Ep5 
19:00Gold Rush Crisis In The Klondike. A crisis in the Klondike forces Parker, Rick and Tony to take big risks and hunt for gold on new grounds, as a spike in the price of gold sparks a new rush. S10, Ep1 
21:00Tony Robinson's World War I Tony Robinson unpicks the Great War using a unique archive of 3D photographs taken in the trenches at the time. These incredible images have never been broadcast before. S1, Ep1 
22:00SAS: Who Dares Wins Character. The recruits arrive and are immediately thrown into the deep end. Ex-Special Forces soldiers set them a series of challenging physical and psychological tests. S1, Ep1 
23:00World War II in Colour Victory In The Pacific. With Germany beaten, the Allies turned their attention to Japan, who made them pay for every inch of gained ground. How was this last, great foe overcome? S1, Ep13 
00:00Gold Divers Unleash The Beast. Shawn is able to dig deeper than ever before, but he's also fighting to keep his family dynasty. Meanwhile, veteran skipper Vernon has rebuilt his war chest. S8, Ep2 
01:00Outback Truckers Matt Adams is rustling up his roughest ride ever: Macca McReady sails into trouble with a precious load, and the Stephens brothers battle backyards and bogs to rescue their haul. S3, Ep3 
02:00Fast N' Loud Building Brady. Actor Barry Williams hires Richard and the Gas Monkeys to build a specially-themed station wagon. But, a series of mysterious mishaps delay the project. S6, Ep11 
03:00Bitchin' Rides Finish What You Start. A 1941 Chevy has been delayed by numerous issues. Now, it's ready for a fresh lick of paint, new wiring and custom interior to fully upgrade this classic car. S6, Ep1 
03:50SAS: Who Dares Wins Character. The recruits arrive and are immediately thrown into the deep end. Ex-Special Forces soldiers set them a series of challenging physical and psychological tests. S1, Ep1 
04:40American Chopper Drop The Mikey. When the crew builds an old-school chopper for a fan, Senior must rely on Mikey to get the job done. And, Junior designs an awe-inspiring trike for a repeat client. S10, Ep6 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how noise barrier walls, Bourbon, and front-load washers are made. S22, Ep3 
06:00Alaska: The Last Frontier A Bridge And A Bear. Atz builds a bridge and encounters a predator in the backcountry. Otto's hay season nearly comes to a halt when a broken tractor forces him to get creative. S8, Ep6