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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, October 20 2018

06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island Snake Island Strikes Back. A discovery on the island fires up the team. But as excitement builds, a series of dangerous encounters threatens to end the mission - and people's lives. S1, Ep3 
07:00Wheeler Dealers 1980 Chevy LUV. When Edd sets Mike the task of finding him a classic American truck, Mike heads to Sonoma County where he meets his first hipster and her Chevy LUV. S13, Ep4 
08:00Twin Turbos Off Track, On Course. On track to return to pro-lite racing, Brad and Doug get to work on prepping a new truck for the racetrack. And, they mod a 2018 Mustang for the SEMA auto show. S1, Ep3 
09:00Diesel Brothers Free Willy's. In the diesel world, no one has more fun or builds bigger, badder trucks than DieselSellerz. They turn a rusty 1948 Willy's Jeep into a diesel-drinking monster. S1, Ep3 
10:00Fast N' Loud Chopped Cabriolet and 'Vette Rescue. The crew help a widow by buying her husband's Ford '32 Cabriolet and hot rod projects. Later, they rescue a '62 Corvette from a decrepit garage. S2, Ep3 
11:00Fast N' Loud Killer Copo Camaro. Richard gets his hands dirty building a Camaro from the wheels up on the VIP assembly line. Later, Aaron ignores his request to work on a newly arrived Model A. S2, Ep4 
12:00Garage Rehab Fast Lane Auto Repair. Richard helps a fellow hot rod enthusiast in Nashville. With less than a week to transform the shop, the crew have their work cut out for them in Music City. S1, Ep9 
13:00Tanked Keyshia Cole's Dream Tank. R&B singer Keyshia Cole is literally dreaming of a beautiful saltwater aquarium in her home. Luckily for ATM, her social media followers led her to them! S8, Ep1 
14:00Gold Divers Enter A Titan. Shawn needs a strong start to build his mega-dredge but newcomer Ken and the 600-ton Myrtle Irene may have beat him to it. Emily's plan to dive deep is in jeopardy. S7, Ep1 
15:00Above And Beyond: NASA's... ...Journey To Tomorrow. A celebration of NASA's 60th anniversary and the remarkable, historic institution that went to the moon, the surface of Mars, and to the outer edge of the solar system. 
17:00Death On A Comet: The Rosetta... ...Mission. The Rosetta mission made historic discoveries on Comet 67P. Celebrate one of the 21st century's biggest scientific events the very day Rosetta crashes onto the comet's surface. 
18:00Spies In Space Rarely-seen footage from America's secret spy satellite systems and interviews from experts and crew members tell the story of the space race's unsung heroes. 
19:00Gold Rush Declaration Of Independence. It's a new season for the gold miners of the Yukon, and Rick Ness has parted ways with former boss Parker Schnabel, setting up his own mining outfit. S9, Ep1 
21:00Mighty Ships HDMS Absalon. HDMS Absalon is one of the high military ships of the sea. Hailing from Denmark, the Absalon heads out for a dangerous mission in Somalia. S2, Ep1 
22:00Super Yachts Hakvoort. Find out how super yachts can offer every luxury, from helipads and submarine docks to pools and cocktail bars, as we follow their journey from blue print to blue seas. S1, Ep1 
23:00Destroyed in Seconds See a Naval pilot as he bails out of a crippled plane moments before crashing, two men who outrun a destructive mudslide and a tornado that sends cars flying! S1, Ep1 
23:30Destroyed in Seconds A modified drag boat almost costs the driver his life, two storm chasers are trapped by a tornado, a military plane spectacularly crashes and a famous bridge disintegrates. S1, Ep2 
00:00Wheeler Dealers 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Mike gets his hands on a valuable 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Can new mechanic Ant Anstead bring back the 227 hp engine's famous 'fizz'? S14, Ep1 
01:00Tanked The Amazing Piano Tank. Pianoworks in New York wants Wayde and Brett to build them their own piano-shaped tank made from acrylic. Will the guys hit the right note? S8, Ep7 
02:00Gold Divers Enter A Titan. Shawn needs a strong start to build his mega-dredge but newcomer Ken and the 600-ton Myrtle Irene may have beat him to it. Emily's plan to dive deep is in jeopardy. S7, Ep1 
03:00Bitchin' Rides Blue Suede Shoes. The Invicta build finally comes to a show-ready end after many challenges, including the most ambitious interior job the shop has ever attempted. S2, Ep2 
03:50Supercar Superbuild Maserati Ghibli. In order to continue to stay relevant in the automotive world, Maserati decides to take on the challenge of growing their business. How? Shrink the supercar. S1, Ep5 
04:40Gold Rush: White Water Boulder Battles. Fred's ex-boss Todd Hoffman has invested $50,000 in the Dakota Boy's operation. He infuriates Dustin, when he pays a surprise visit in a chopper. S1, Ep4 
05:30How It's Made Find out how nail nippers, jade putters, ice cider, and water skis are made. S20, Ep3 
06:00Fast N' Loud NHRA and a '55 Pink Caddy Part II. After a constant wait for parts for the '55 Pink Caddy, Richard and the Monkeys make a mad dash to get the car done on time. S3, Ep6