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Listings for Dave on Thursday, February 28 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Road Cops Dawn Crash Buckle up as New Zealand's road cops tackle dangerous drivers head-on. There's turmoil on the tarmac when a young motorist falls asleep at the wheel. S1 Ep25 
07:35Road Cops Stolen Car New Zealand's cops curb more motoring madness. There's high-voltage drama when a young driver smashes into a power line and electrocutes herself. S1 Ep26 
08:00American Pickers Dial F For Fritz Larks with the cheeky chaps who go to extreme lengths to pick up bargain buys. Mike and Robbie's finds include a 1915 Harley bike and an antique bear trap. S5 Ep18 
09:00Storage Hunters Dangerous Methods Fortunes are made and lost at auctions in this hot-tempered US reality series. Brandon and Lori strike it rich, while T-Money does some dangerous bidding. S2 Ep20 
09:30Storage Hunters Mother Truckers America's full-blooded answer to Bargain Hunt? In one of the most unusual auctions yet, Sean invites bids for the contents of abandoned big-rigs. S2 Ep21 
10:00American Pickers Best of: Mikes Bikes: A special edition looking back at Mike Wolfe's top motorcycle and bicycle picks. S12 Ep18 
11:00American Pickers Woody Wood Picker Rummaging for relics in the land of the free - or the very cheap, anyway. Woody's 80-acre property features a Finnish sauna and an art gallery outhouse. S5 Ep19 
12:00American Pickers Superhero Super Picks! Mike and Frank come across comic-book, superhero and sci-fi memorabilia, including a rare Spider-Man comic book, life-size Han Solo and the original Batmobile. S12 Ep19 
13:00Top Gear High-octane hijinks. Jeremy falls in love with the Mercedes CLK Black and Richard takes on some annoyingly cool French skiers. Spooks stars Rupert Penry-Jones and Peter Firth guest. S11 Ep2 
14:00Top Gear Outrageously opinionated motoring news and views. Jeremy puts the huge Bentley Brooklands to the test, while Smithy and Uncle Bryn - aka James Corden and Rob Brydon - pop in. S11 Ep3 
15:00Yianni: Supercar Customiser The 18th Birthday Present Prepare to turn green with envy as a 17-year-old with an A-Class Mercedes gets a chrome blue wrap for his 18th birthday. Yianni works his magic. S1 Ep17 
15:30Yianni: Supercar Customiser The Customer Is Always Right The rich and famous entrust their swanky supercars to Yianni Charalambous. A businessman wants Yianni to make his McLaren 720S a true one-off. S1 Ep18 
16:00Sin City Motors Wagon Rod Master fabricator Steve Darnell is back to kit out one-of-a-kind custom cars! A Chevy Station Wagon gets a modern makeover on the inside and a rat rod exterior. S2 Ep1 
17:00Top Gear The unstoppable juggernaut that is Top Gear rolls on, with Matt LeBlanc driving an eight-wheeled rescue vehicle. Jay Kay swaps his hat for a crash helmet as he hits the track. S24 Ep7 
18:00Top Gear More motoring mischief. Jeremy Clarkson tries to outrun Japan's legendary 'bullet train' in the remarkable Nissan GT-R. Newscasters Fiona Bruce and Kate Silverton guest. S11 Ep4 
19:00Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Mark wants a weekend boy's toy with power, speed, and muscle...but his wife must like it too! Elo and Rebecca are up to the challenge. S1 Ep17 
19:30Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Daniela and Mike are a happy couple...except when it comes to cars. She wants a convertible head-turner and he wants an everyday car. Can Elo and Rebecca sort it out? S1 Ep18 
20:00Sin City Motors Joker's Wild Steve commits to the original build time to deliver the Villain Rat Rod in three weeks. However, it doesn't look like the crew will meet their deadline. S4 Ep6 New. 
21:00QI XL Odorous And Odious Sally Phillips, Ross Noble and Nish Kumar are the guest panellists who learn, among other fascinating facts, why the world's second-smelliest man is so frustrated. S15 Ep5 
22:00Room 101 The hit panel show that's way funnier than those people who show you viral videos - folk Joe Lycett really hates. Ricky Wilson and Zoe Lyons bemoan bin day and escalators. S6 Ep4 
22:40Room 101 Judge Rinder is not the man in charge for once, as he and fellow guests Lucy Porter and Romesh Ranganathan cajole Frank Skinner into ridding the world of their pet peeves. S6 Ep5 
23:20QI XL K-Folk Mind-blowing miscellany with Stephen Fry. Katherine Ryan, Josh Widdicombe, Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies tackle tricky teasers on Korea, Kiev, the Korowai and St Kilda. S11 Ep3 
00:20Mock the Week Dara O Briain and the team return to bring us the usual hilarious examination of not-so-topical events with guests Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett, Ed Byrne and Stewart Francis. S12 Ep7 
01:00QI Descendants Polymath, raconteur and nice chap Stephen Fry hosts a Children in Need special of the enlightening quiz. With Jonathan Ross, Rich Hall, Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies. S4 Ep8 
01:40Uncle Favourites Top comedian Nick Helm plays a feckless man-child who is forced to look after his neurotic nephew. Errol's much cooler uncle Rex shows up at grandma Joan's family lunch. S1 Ep4 
02:25Uncle Last of the Red Hot Uncles The darkly comedic misadventures of a man-child and his much more responsible 12-year-old nephew. Andy takes things to extremes as he tries to juggle three women. S1 Ep5 
03:00Uncle Nephew Kayvan Novak guest stars as shifty music producer Mo Kahn in the dark-yet-endearing sitcom's series finale. Andy and Errol are offered the chance to sign with Rage Records. S1 Ep6 
03:30The Indestructibles Will it Surf? Surf's up for stunt-mad duo Tim Warwood and Adam Gendle, who are handed three days and a grand in cash to knock up a surfing spectacular and next-level board. S1 Ep11 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.