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Listings for Dave on Friday, March 1 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Road Cops Teen Riot New Zealand's cops curb trouble on the highways. The party is over for a group of teenagers when the police are called. Officers have to dodge fireworks on the road. S1 Ep27 
07:35Road Cops Drug Bust Reality series following New Zealand's cops as they tackle motoring madness. Officers hunt for a lost child when they discover a garden packed with marijuana plants. S1 Ep28 
08:00American Pickers Woody Wood Picker Rummaging for relics in the land of the free - or the very cheap, anyway. Woody's 80-acre property features a Finnish sauna and an art gallery outhouse. S5 Ep19 
09:00Storage Hunters Rhinestones and Thrones Dogfights abound in the explosive US reality show as Brandon and Lori bid on a pet bin. The Alvarado brothers stumble across an unusual collectible. S2 Ep22 
09:30Storage Hunters Bear Hunters Auction ructions! As Jesse and the Alvarado brothers get devious, frustrations get the better of Brandon and Lori - who may leave the sale in Big Bear empty-handed. S2 Ep23 
10:00American Pickers Superhero Super Picks! Mike and Frank come across comic-book, superhero and sci-fi memorabilia, including a rare Spider-Man comic book, life-size Han Solo and the original Batmobile. S12 Ep19 
11:00American Pickers Doctor Is In The bargain hunters who boldly go off road in search of rusty gold. Mike and Frank come across a futuristic scrap metal fortress designed for space travel! S5 Ep20 
12:00American Pickers Best of: Wheels and Deals: A selection of the most memorable bargains picked up by the team during the series. S12 Ep20 
13:00Top Gear The unstoppable juggernaut that is Top Gear rolls on, with Matt LeBlanc driving an eight-wheeled rescue vehicle. Jay Kay swaps his hat for a crash helmet as he hits the track. S24 Ep7 
14:00Top Gear More motoring mischief. Jeremy Clarkson tries to outrun Japan's legendary 'bullet train' in the remarkable Nissan GT-R. Newscasters Fiona Bruce and Kate Silverton guest. S11 Ep4 
15:00Yianni: Supercar Customiser Up to Scratch Supercar makeovers. A client's dad wants his son's new Jaguar F-TYPE to have a 'cow' wrap - which Yianni sagely overlooks in favour of some James Bond cool. S1 Ep19 
15:30Yianni: Supercar Customiser Family Affair Aston Merrygold is the latest superstar supercar owner to have his wheels revamped. Yianni's kids choose the next wrap colour of their dad's Lamborghini. S1 Ep20 
16:00Sin City Motors Stampede Rod Steve Darnell and his larger-than-life Las Vegas crew kit out one-of-a-kind wild rides for demanding clients. The team restore and pimp out an old Ford Model A. S2 Ep2 
17:00Top Gear Men and motors - automotive antics with Clarkson and the team. Jeremy and James May show off the ageing but massive luxury cars they bought for the price of a new Ford Mondeo. S11 Ep5 
18:00Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow motoring obsessives are going Deutsch as they take on their rivals from the show's German equivalent. James May tries out a very strange Japanese car. S11 Ep6 
19:00Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Stay-at-home dad Jason has four options put before him by Rebecca and Elo. Sporty and fun are his requirements, with a heavy dose of flashy too. S1 Ep19 
19:30Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Self-proclaimed Chelsea Girl Lexie needs a car for a road trip to the south of France and she has a whopping budget of 65,000 for Elo and Rebecca to play with. S1 Ep20 
20:00New: Cops UK: Bodycam Squad A group of angry locals trap an innocent man in a telephone box and accuse him of being a paedophile, and a woman claims her boyfriend is trying to kill her. S4 Ep1 
21:00QI XL Kings The king of general knowledge, Stephen Fry, joins his loyal subjects Jeremy Clarkson, Jimmy Carr, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies for a right royal hour of trivia and titbits. S11 Ep5 
22:00Red Dwarf Holoship The space comedy with a legion of fans. Crafty Rimmer attempts to 'earn' a commission to join the crew of the advanced holoship Enlightenment, the vessel of his dreams. S5 Ep1 
22:40Red Dwarf Inquisitor The crew are in trouble when they run into the Inquisitor, a creature that roams through the universe dealing with life's wastrels. Naturally, they are next on his list. S5 Ep2 
23:20QI XL Lucky Losers Alan's in with a chance as the panelist with the lowest score wins this edition of the mind-bending quiz. With Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker. S12 Ep13 
00:20Mock the Week TV's funniest comics offer a satirical take on world events, via improv and stand-up. Alistair McGowan, Hal Cruttenden, Gary Delaney and Miles Jupp join Dara O Briain and co. S12 Ep8 
01:00QI Dogs The always amusing quiz show. Stephen Fry throws guests Liza Tarbuck, Jeremy Clarkson, Neil Mullarkey and Alan Davies a bone as they tackle posers on all things canine. S4 Ep3 
01:40Uncle I'm Back The odd couple comedy about an irresponsible thirtysomething musician and his neurotic teenage nephew. Andy and Errol have to sneak around just to spend time together. S2 Ep1 
02:25Uncle Love Is All Around Nick Helm is an avuncular manchild in the hit comedy. Andy wants his latest fling to think he's mature, while Errol tries to show a girl that he's cool. What can go wrong? S2 Ep2 
03:00Uncle Last Place Hero The odd couple comedy about a feckless thirtysomething musician and his neurotic nephew. Andy is wrecked with the flu, but Errol has soon lured him to the recording studio. S2 Ep3 
03:30The Indestructibles Abandoned BMX Epic stunts dreamt up on a modest budget. Backflips and rail rides are the order of the day as Tim and Gendle turn a derelict building into BMX bike heaven. S1 Ep7 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.