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Listings for Dave on Saturday, September 22 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:10Ice Road Truckers Edge of the Earth The start of another season of journeys through jeopardy, with cameras following Canada's pluckiest truckers as they haul loads across ice-bound highways. (Also in HD). S2 Ep1 
08:00American Pickers From A to T: Join the two salvage supremos who go to great lengths to pick up a bargain buy - even wading through pigeon excrement. Mike splashes the cash on two old Fords. (Also in HD). S7 Ep15 
09:00American Pickers The Joy of Sax New. Reality series. A garage door in Indiana leads to a 1950s wagon that Mike is smitten with. (Also in HD). S10 Ep10 
10:00American Pickers Bucking Bronco New. Reality series following a team of skilled antiques pickers. The guys uncover a once-in-a-lifetime find, and must decide to go big or go home. (Also in HD). S11 Ep1 
11:00American Pickers Another Brick in the Wall New. The pickers have an awkward encounter with someone who calls themself the 'King of the Gypsies'. (Also in HD). S11 Ep2 
12:00Deadly 60 Namibia Risky encounters with deadly beasts. A clever camera brings Steve close to a tiny but mighty spider, while persistence pays off as the team track down an elusive reptile. (Also in HD). S2 Ep9 
12:30Deadly 60 Namibia 2: Up close with the world's deadliest predators. Steve Backshall dons a camouflage suit to beat a leopard at its own game, but it proves to be a lot harder than it looks. (Also in HD). S2 Ep1 
13:00Deadly 60 Romania Alarming animal encounters. Steve Backshall looks at dogs and their distant relatives, wolves. He also heads to the Arctic Circle, where huskies teach him about stamina. (Also in HD). S2 Ep16 
13:30Deadly 60 Norway Steve Backshall heads to the frozen north of Norway in pursuit of beasts way more deadlier than a Norwegian Blue. He follows the tracks of Europe's largest cat, the lynx. (Also in HD). S2 Ep17 
14:00Top Gear: Jaguar E Type The sometimes outrageous, always jocular motoring show with Clarkson and chums. Jeremy celebrates the 50th birthday of the Jaguar E-type with a typically low-key birthday party. (Also in HD). S17 Ep1 
15:00Top Gear Motoring magazine show featuring fast cars, banter, insane stunts, crazy challenges and serious speed. (Also in HD). S25 Ep4 
16:00Detroit Steel The Grand Opening New. Adam discovers a supercharged 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air station wagon and Mobsteel prepares for the grand opening of its downtown Detroit shop. (Also in HD). S1 Ep8 
17:00Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Kerri wants to swap her old Golf for a head-turner. Rebecca says a Porsche. Elo says a Karmann Ghia. Classic 1950s style is pitted against the best in German engineering. (Also in HD). S1 Ep1 New. 
17:30Modern Wheels or Classic Steals Former racer Martin wants to swap his practical Ford Focus for a two-door speedster. Rebecca offers a Caterham and a Lotus Elise, but is Elo off the mark with his choices? (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 New. 
18:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Join the officers of Staffordshire Police on the frontline. The officers see to a man who has been knocked unconscious. A frantic manhunt begins when a young boy goes missing. (Also in HD). S2 Ep3 
19:00Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts the devious and deceitful comedy panel show. Regulars David Mitchell and Lee Mack welcome guests Stephen Mangan, Keeley Hawes, Kevin Bridges and Prof Brian Cox. S4 Ep3 
19:40Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts the show in which celebs tell tall tales - and a few true stories - about themselves. With guests Ben Fogle, Craig Revel Horwood, Kate Silverton and Hugh Dennis. S4 Ep4 
20:20Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts as more celebrities tell tall tales. Joining team captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack here are John Bishop, Joanna Page, Chris Addison and Patsy Palmer. S4 Ep8 
21:00Not Going Out Rabbit Lee Mack stars in the laugh-out-loud flatshare sitcom, packed with wry one-liners. Lee and Daisy help Lucy when she runs over a pet rabbit that belonged to a client. (Also in HD). S6 Ep1 
21:40Not Going Out Skiing Lee Mack's off-piste sitcom. The gang go on a skiing trip to Europe, but Lee, Lucy and Daisy find that getting stuck in a cable car with a pregnant woman is snow joke. (Also in HD). S6 Ep2 
22:20Not Going Out Therapy Comedy legend Bobby Ball is back as Lee Mack's scrounging dad in the side-splitting sitcom. Lucy tries to use her counselling skills to reunite the estranged pair. (Also in HD). S6 Ep3 
23:00Have I Got a Bit More 2013 News... ...for You. A witty compilation of the scathing news quiz, which pokes fun at the key events of 2013. With regulars Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, plus a motley of guest hosts and panellists. (Also in HD 
00:00Mock the Week Unmissable special edition of the topical comedy panel show, featuring previously unseen material and a selection of side-splitting bits from the series. Dara O Briain presents. S8 Ep6 
00:40Mock the Week Dara O Briain presides over the witty panel show with regular mockers Hugh Dennis, Russell Howard and Andy Parsons, plus guests Diane Morgan, Milton Jones and Chris Addison. S9 Ep1 
01:20Mock the Week Sublime satire. Dara O Briain and regulars Hugh Dennis, Russell Howard and Andy Parsons dissect the week's events with guests Jack Whitehall, Nik Rabinowitz and Jarred Christmas. S9 Ep2 
02:00Alan Davies As Yet Untitled Mr Burns himself - the great Harry Shearer - joins The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade and Katherine Parkinson, comic Lou Sanders and our Alan for a wonderfully witty yak. Excellent! (Also in HD). S4 Ep3 
03:05Ice Road Truckers Ocean Run Death-or-glory drives across Alaska. Lisa forms a convoy with George and Tim, but is irked by their slow pace. Jack struggles to control a sloshing load of oil. (Also in HD). S3 Ep10 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.