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Listings for Dave on Sunday, December 16 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Rocket City Rednecks Alabama Blast-Off Sky-high science. Our chums enter a NASA contest and launch a rocket one mile into the air, before parachuting it - and their poor old dummy - back to Earth. S2 Ep1 
07:35Rocket City Rednecks Lightning Gun Ingenious engineering, Alabama-style. The Rednecks enlist the help of a mad scientist as they harness high-voltage technology to create a truly shocking weapon! S2 Ep14 
08:00Top Gear The return of an old Dave favourite with another new line-up. Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid race across Kazakhstan in high-mileage cars. Actor James McAvoy stops by. S24 Ep1 
09:00Top Gear Buckle up for more motoring japes. In Albania, the team test luxurious cars including the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the Bentley Mulsanne and the Mercedes S65 AMG. Jonathan Ross guests. S16 Ep3 
10:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad On the job with the Staffordshire Police. The cops uncover thousands of pounds' worth of drugs disguised as ice cream in a raid. Confrontation looms with a group of travellers. S2 Ep1 
11:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad On the beat with the Staffordshire Police force in this fly-on-the-wall series. Officers have to restrain a man who is having a bad reaction to the 'zombie' drug Black Mamba. S2 Ep2 
12:00Top Gear Clarkson, May and Hammond drive off into the sunset in the last episode to feature the much-discussed trio. The boys are up to no good as they test classic cars and 4x4s. S22 Ep8 
13:20Top Gear Middle East Special The not-so-wise Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May embark on an action-packed road trip as they try to follow the path of the Three Wise Men across the Middle East. S16 Ep8 
15:00Top Gear Motoring mania. A trio of convertibles have gone to Iceland - the Audi TT, Nissan 350Z and Chrysler Crossfire. Composer Tim Rice hopes to perform well in the Reasonably Priced Car. S6 Ep8 
16:00Top Gear Buckle up for more motoring japes. In Albania, the team test luxurious cars including the Rolls-Royce Ghost, the Bentley Mulsanne and the Mercedes S65 AMG. Jonathan Ross guests. S16 Ep3 
17:00Red Bull Soapbox Race Paris French farce from the streets of Paris as rival teams of amateur racers pit their wacky, gravity-powered soapbox vehicles in a downhill race against the clock. S5 Ep5 
18:00Ross Noble: Off Road It's the last three days of the Scottish Six Days Trial, one of the world's toughest motorbike challenges. Can the Geordie randomist silence the doubters and complete it? S1 Ep3 
19:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad More on-the-ground action with the officers of Staffordshire Police. Their hi-tech bodycams capture every move as they contend with everything from drug raids to brawls. S1 Ep5 
20:00QI XL Knits & Knots Sue Perkins, Ross Noble, David Mitchell and Alan Davies tie themselves up in knots as the all-knowing Stephen Fry quizzes them on knitting, katydids and knackers! S11 Ep4 
21:00Dave's Advent Calendar Nina Conti Nina Conti forces her Monkey to get into the Christmas spirit in their Christmas 'Tail'. S1 Ep16 New. 
21:05Have I Got a Bit More News for You Jack Dee, with his face like a neglected radish, hosts the satirical news quiz. Janet Street-Porter and James Acaster join Paul Merton and Ian Hislop for some Blatter-bashing. S49 Ep9 
22:00Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier Jon Richardson Jon's wife and fellow comedian Lucy Beaumont is on hand to answer her stressed spouse's worries about himself - and their marriage. Jonathan Ross also guests. S1 Ep5 
23:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You Returning host Martin Clunes is all ears as Reginald D Hunter and Kirsty Wark join Paul Merton and Ian Hislop to snicker at politicians behaving badly - and Grumpy Cat! S48 Ep10 
00:00QI XL Kings The king of general knowledge, Stephen Fry, joins his loyal subjects Jeremy Clarkson, Jimmy Carr, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies for a right royal hour of trivia and titbits. S11 Ep5 
01:00QI XL Lucky Losers Alan's in with a chance as the panelist with the lowest score wins this edition of the mind-bending quiz. With Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker. S12 Ep13 
02:008 Out of 10 Cats Biggins, Jamelia, Chris Hoy and Mark Watson speculate on what has set the Great British public's tongues wagging in the jovial quiz show hosted by Jimmy Carr and his peculiar laugh. S7 Ep3 
02:358 Out of 10 Cats The panel show that provides plenty of laughs, including Jimmy Carr's weird one. Sean Lock, Jason Manford, Greg Davies, John Thomson, Peter Andre and Sarah Millican lol over polls. S7 Ep6 
03:00Suits Spain The US courtroom drama that's so good it shouldn't be legal. Mike's past catches up with him again. Harvey defends Sutter. Rachel and Jessica seek to re-open a case. S6 Ep6 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.