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Listings for Dave on Saturday, February 29 2020

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Hurricane Man Josh races to get into position with film-maker Caroline as Hurricane Willa barrels towards Sinaloa in western Mexico, while James faces an agonising decision over his own safety. S1 Ep7 
08:00Top Gear The rucking great motoring show. Jeremy and James enjoy a game of rugby - without leaving the driver's seat. Lewis Hamilton swaps his F1 wheels for a Reasonably Priced Car. S19 Ep4 
09:00Aussie Pickers Militarty Madness Reality series following two Australian antique fiends. Lucas and Adam visit a huge collection of military items and vehicles just outside of Melbourne. S1 Ep8 
10:00Storage Hunters UK Hampshire Babbling Sean Kelly is the auction host with the most on the south coast, where an uplifting prize gets the offers rolling. John gives Nat flak for blind bidding. S4 Ep4 
10:30Storage Hunters UK Carmarthen Auction anarchy in Wales, where the bidders hope to get rich quick by bagging valuable storage lots. It's cloak-and-dagger stuff as spying equipment is on offer. S4 Ep5 
11:00American Pickers On the Road Again Mike takes an epic Route 66 road trip to return an antique convertible to the widow of its previous owner, but the car struggles with the 600 mile journey. S9 Ep12 
12:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad On the beat with Staffordshire Police's bodycam squad. Cops encounter a man who fancies some late night shopping in Stoke, smashing his way through a shop front with an axe. S2 Ep7 
13:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Hard-hitting series taking you on the frontline with Staffordshire Police. Complaints by neighbours about anti-social behaviour leads to a raid on a suspected drugs den in Burton. S2 Ep8 
14:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Walk the beat with the bodycam squad of Staffordshire Police. Steve and Tim are heading up the night shift as they deal with an array of inebriated locals in Burton upon Trent. S2 Ep9 
15:00Border Force America's Gatekeepers A refugee from Venezuela tells officers how she paid human traffickers to smuggle her to the Mexico-US border. In Laredo, an American couple are caught smuggling methamphetamine. S2 Ep7 
16:00Top Gear Automotive antics courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson and James May. Jezza makes a public information film, James puts his foot down, and Hugh Grant is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S9 Ep2 
17:00Scrapyard Supercar Audi R8 Engineer Ralph Hosier and his teams are tasked to build two vehicles that then go against Shane Lynch's Audi R8 V10 in a duel test of acceleration and braking. S1 Ep8 
18:00Room 101 Richard Osman, Joan Bakewell and Roisin Conaty coax Frank Skinner into ridding the world of their bugbears, including cobblers, Bambi and selfies. The latter gets our vote. S3 Ep1 
18:40Room 101 Frank Skinner hosts as crotchety guests Henning Wehn, Michael Ball and Caroline Quentin hope to banish the royals, junk mail and clairvoyants to Orwell's eponymous chamber. S3 Ep2 
19:20Room 101 Frank Skinner hosts the revamped panel show. Miles Jupp, Vernon Kay and Kelly Hoppen badger Frank to pull the Room 101 lever on loud noises, litterbugs and weak handshakes. S3 Ep4 
20:00Not Going Out Hot Tub The gags come thick and fast in Lee Mack's much-loved sitcom. A game of 'hot tub fantasy date' lands Lee and Toby in very hot water - with Emma Bunton and Susie Dent. S8 Ep4 
20:40Not Going Out Charlie Lee Mack is the big kid posing as a responsible adult. Lee worries that Charlie is getting a reputation for being the class clown. Wonder where he gets that from? S8 Ep5 
21:20Not Going Out Marriage Guidance The pun-filled odd couple comedy - well, one of them is odd anyway. Lucy thinks her and Lee need marriage counselling. Will a new, thoughtful Lee emerge? S8 Ep6 
22:00Hypothetical Angela Barnes, Guz Khan, Tom Davis and Harriet Kemsley are posed increasingly absurd hypothetical situations. Hosted by Josh Widdicombe and James Acaster. S2 Ep4 
23:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You Paul Merton and Ian Hislop are joined by Diane Morgan, Nick Hewer and guest host Jo Brand to lament the demise of BHS and hold the week's headline-makers up to ridicule. S51 Ep4 
00:00Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is... ...Goodish. Drippy Strummer: Amusing musings on 21st century life. Dave asks just how gullible people are as he looks at movie marketing and whether celebrities really can sell anything. S5 Ep6 
01:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You David Tennant hosts the satirical news quiz that's a real broad church. Phil Wang and Janet Street-Porter join Paul and Ian to toast Bojo's eight years as Mayor of London. S51 Ep5 
01:55Judge Romesh A fed-up claimant appears in court to stop his friend climbing on their roof and a teacher accuses a colleague of theft in a dramatic legal showdown. S2 Ep3 
02:35Judge Romesh A real-life superhero appears in the dock after a friend has concerns for his safety, while a spider-obsessed defendant is in danger of losing his girlfriend. S2 Ep4 
03:00Crackanory The Disappearance Mackenzie Crook spins this twisted yarn. An illusionist performs his 'the lady vanishes' act rather too well and wonders if he has genuine magic powers. S4 Ep7 
03:25Crackanory Pickled A twisted tale from the fantastical mind of Kevin Eldon. A hapless former aristocrat stumbles upon an old house with a strange inhabitant. Miriam Margolyes narrates. S4 Ep8 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.