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Listings for Dave on Saturday, July 18 2020

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Brojects in the House Brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles engage in some challenging and often quirky home renovation projects as they convert an old lodge hall into the ultimate escape destination. S1 Ep3 
07:35Brojects in the House Brothers Andrew and Kevin Buckles engage in some challenging and often quirky home renovation projects as they convert an old lodge hall into the ultimate escape destination. S1 Ep4 
08:00Top Gear The lads race round Donington in three stripped-out cars: the KTM X-Bow, the Morgan Three Wheeler and the Caterham R500. S18 Ep6 
09:00Rick Stein: From Venice to... ...Istanbul. Rick Stein's culinary odyssey ends in Istanbul, where he arrives in time for the bluefish season and catches a few himself while fishing on the Bosphorus. S1 Ep7 
10:00American Pickers Full Steam Ahead Star-spangled bargain hunting in the land of the free. After a joyride on a century-old tractor, Robbie has to prove his worth as a lumberjack. And he's OK. S5 Ep17 
11:00American Pickers Dial F For Fritz Larks with the cheeky chaps who go to extreme lengths to pick up bargain buys. Mike and Robbie's finds include a 1915 Harley bike and an antique bear trap. S5 Ep18 
12:00Storage Hunters Hot Rod and Heavy Hitters It's all-out war in the US reality series as competing bargain hunters bid for storage units. Lori is angry when Brendan cuts a deal with rival Jesse. S2 Ep10 
12:30Storage Hunters Sting Like a Bee Hit fly-on-the-wall reality series. Brandon and Lori are irked by Jesse's aggressive bidding style. And there's a sting in the tail when one unit is opened... S2 Ep11 
13:00Storage Hunters Door Number One Bargain-hunters are at loggerheads as they compete for storage units. A monster scares the bidders. Brandon and Lori hope to break records with some DJing gear. S2 Ep12 
13:30Storage Hunters Fasten Your Seatbelts The raging US reality series. The Berniers' future is up in the air as the bargain hunters head to an airport auction and bid for luggage and plane parts. S2 Ep13 
14:00Border Force America's Gatekeepers An elderly couple arrives from Mexico with five suitcases but no clothes, and a truck carrying garden furniture has something extra in the load. S1 Ep3 
15:00Border Interceptors Armed police in Cork hunt for illegal immigrants trying to get into Ireland and officers in Dublin deal with a brother and sister from Hong Kong who claim to be visiting a relative. S1 Ep3 
15:30Border Interceptors Traffic cops in Dublin pull over a driver suspected of drug offences, while a teenager arrives from France, travelling alone and unable to find those she is meant to be meeting. S1 Ep4 
16:00Top Gear Having transformed an ordinary BMW into a racing car in just 10 days, the chaps enter Silverstone's Britcar 24 hour race. Jeremy describes it as the scariest thing he's ever done. S10 Ep9 
17:00Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow petrolheads return with another packed edition of the iconic motoring show. David Tennant swaps the Tardis for a Chevrolet Lacetti on the test track. S10 Ep10 
18:00Red Bull Soapbox Race Tokyo An extraordinary Red Bull Soapbox course at the Yomiuriland Amusement Park in Tokyo. The course includes a unique see-saw feature and a wicked berm. S7 Ep5 
19:00Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon presides over the wittily deceptive comedy panel show. David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined by Patrick Kielty, Bernard Cribbins, Deborah Meaden and Mark Watson. S4 Ep7 
19:40Not Going Out Home Improvements Lucy's dad Geoffey reluctantly allows Lee to help clear up the builder's mess in their new kitchen extension. Domestic comedy, starring Lee Mack and Sally Bretton. S9 Ep1 
20:20Not Going Out Escape Room Lucy arranges a special surprise for Lee's birthday, which sees their family and friends joining them in a Crystal Maze-style physical adventure game. S9 Ep2 
21:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You Transatlantic comedy icon Tracey Ullman is the 100th guest host of the hit news quiz, which here lampoons politicians' tax returns. With Rev Richard Coles and Clive Myrie. S51 Ep2 
22:00Rambo Film John Rambo springs back into action as he leads a group of mercenaries into Burma to rescue Christian Aid workers. 
23:50Big Zuu's Big Eats Lou Sanders Big Zuu and his sidekicks Tubsey and Hyder travel to the spa town of Bath to sample the waters and cook for comedian and vegan Lou Sanders. S1 Ep10 
00:30Mock the Week Dara O'Briain and Hugh Dennis return with an examination of current events in the company of guests Eshaan Akbar, Angela Barnes, Ed Gamble, Rhys James and Sindhu Vee. S18 Ep7 New. 
01:10Red Dwarf Camille Robert Llewellyn stars in a great episode of the classic space comedy. Kryten experiences love at first byte when he rescues a female mechanoid from a crashed vessel. S4 Ep1 
01:45Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier Humanity Oh, the humanity. Nish Kumar and Desiree Burch join Jon to rank the fear-mongering funnyman's worries. Will the apocalypse be dull? And is Nish a disgusting human? S1 Ep4 
02:35Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier Jon Richardson Jon's wife and fellow comedian Lucy Beaumont is on hand to answer her stressed spouse's worries about himself - and their marriage. Jonathan Ross also guests. S1 Ep5 
03:35Eddie Eats America Key Largo Eddie Hall lands in Florida Keys to attempt a conch-fritter eating record, do some serious big-game fishing and try what's billed as the best Key Lime Pie on earth. S1 Ep1 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.