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Listings for Dave on Sunday, January 26 2020

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10The Joy of Techs Home Will Marcus Brigstocke ever succumb to 21st-century gadgetry? Alexis Conran aims to modernise his good pal's country cottage with hybrid cars and self-watering plant pots! S1 Ep10 
07:35The Joy of Techs Road Trip Can gadgets enhance a road trip around the Lakes? We wonder what technophobe Marcus Brigstocke will make of a cutting-edge camper van and a sheep-herding drone... S1 Ep9 
08:00Top Gear Talkative trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May demonstrate their love for compact, small-engined cars with a trip to Ukraine. James Blunt takes to the track. S21 Ep3 
09:00Ultimate Movers Yacht Deck, Drag Racing, Hermes Haulier Chris Bugler transports the largest cargo of his life from Dorset to Poole Port, while the fastest movers in Europe compete on the drag racing track. S1 Ep7 
10:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. If I Brought it Back, I Made it Harder: An octet of muscle merchants grapple with tyres - and each other - as they attempt to conquer Steve Austin's ranch. S5 Ep3 
11:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad A man calls 999 claiming his car has been stolen, but when the vehicle turns up crashed into a wall with cans of cider in the footwell, James is suspicious to say the least. S5 Ep8 
12:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Keith gets lost on the roads of Derbyshire looking for a wanted man. He spots a dodgy van driver who is on the road without insurance, and is forced to make a crucial decision. S5 Ep9 
13:00New: Ultimate Movers Big Beam, Arcadia, Grimsby Fish A crane must be uprooted and moved from Bristol's Avonmouth Dock and, in Immingham, tonnes of fresh fish has to be delivered to Grimsby's famous fish market. S1 Ep8 
14:00Aussie Pickers Surprise Pick John, a former antique dealer, has closed his store and now all of his stock is spread among two houses in suburban Wagga. S1 Ep3 
15:00American Pickers Cowboys and Cobwebs Bargain-hunting in America's backyards. Frank and Danielle - minus an injured Mike - check out classic Americana and vintage medical curios in Arkansas. S6 Ep13 
16:00Room 101 Celebs reveal their pet peeves. Grumpy Jack Dee presumably has a huge list, while Fay Ripley stirs things up by nominating footy pundits - Gary Lineker is also on the show! S4 Ep2 
16:40Room 101 What could anyone have against bread, caravans and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini? Katherine Ryan, Fiona Bruce and Ray Mears rationalise their pet peeves to host Frank Skinner. S4 Ep3 
17:20Room 101 What not-so-dear old things will cricket legend Henry Blofeld offer up to the Orwellian chamber? Alexander Armstrong and Kelly Holmes also vent their spleens to Frank Skinner. S4 Ep4 
18:00Red Bull Soapbox Race Atlanta Amateur drivers get on their soapboxes in the gravity-powered motor race that's more thrilling than F1! Maybe. An insanely fast course in Atlanta awaits the racers. S3 Ep4 
19:00Border Force America's Gatekeepers An elderly couple arrives from Mexico with five suitcases but no clothes, and a truck carrying garden furniture has something extra in the load. S1 Ep3 
20:00New: Border Force America's... ...Gatekeepers. Officers are on the lookout for day-trippers trying to smuggle prescription pills into America, bought cheaply from one of the 200 pharmacies on the other side of the border. S2 Ep3 
21:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You David Tennant hosts an extended edition of the satirical quiz, with Zoe Lyons and Johnny Mercer joining team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. S57 Ep4 New. 
22:00QI XL M-Places Sue Perkins, Sami Shah, David Mitchell and Alan Davies join Stephen Fry on a trip to the Mountains of Kong, Mummerset and Brown Willy. Stop sniggering at the back. S13 Ep3 
23:00Live at the Apollo Andy Parsons/Andrew Lawrence/Milton Jones Andy Parsons hosts an evening of stand-up comedy from the Apollo, with special guests including Andrew Lawrence and Milton Jones. S7 Ep4 
00:00Mock the Week Dara O Briain presents a special edition of the topical comedy panel show, featuring highlights from previous episodes and hilarious bloopers, outtakes and unseen footage. S11 Ep6 
00:40Have I Got a Bit More News for You David Tennant hosts an extended edition of the satirical quiz, with Zoe Lyons and Johnny Mercer joining team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton. S57 Ep4 
01:40Alan Davies As Yet Untitled Bob Mortimer, Gemma Whelan, Tom Rosenthal and Lizzie Roper join Alan for amusingly aimless banter, which veers from Game of Thrones to shoplifting and mistaken identity. S5 Ep2 
02:45Alan Davies As Yet Untitled No agenda or films to plug, just witty celebrity chat. Annie Siddons, Patrick Kielty, Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett join Alan to muse on parking tickets and plane crashes. S5 Ep3 
03:35The Indestructibles Hole in One Jaw-dropping sport stunts. Tim and Gendle devise a game of 'human hole in one', swapping golf balls for bikes, clubs for ramps and firing fearless riders at targets! S1 Ep5 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.