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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Friday, August 7 2020

05:50Countdown: Champion of Champions Another chance to see Nick Hewer preside as the best players return to compete for the title Champion of Champions. With resident experts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley, and guest Jon Culshaw. 
06:30Cheers The Little Match Girl Rebecca accidentally sets fire to the bar with a discarded cigarette end. Plagued by guilt, she lies to Sam, telling him that faulty wiring is to blame. (S11 Ep1/28) 
06:55Cheers The Beer Is Always Greener While Cheers is being redecorated, Norm, Cliff and the regulars are seduced by another bar. Is Woody and Kelly's marriage on the rocks? (S11 Ep2/28) 
07:20Everybody Loves Raymond Bad Moon Rising Ray's clumsy attempts to help alleviate Debra's PMT only make a bad situation much worse. 
07:45Everybody Loves Raymond Confronting the Attacker Robert loses his nerve at work and decides on a career change to a safer option: telemarketing. 
08:10Everybody Loves Raymond Robert's Divorce While they're out at dinner, the Barones run into Robert's ex-wife, who makes a surprising proposal. 
08:40Frasier Room Service When Lilith pays a surprise visit, powerful old feelings are stirred up in Frasier and some surprising new ones in Niles. 
09:10Frasier Beware of Greeks Frasier must confront an old family grudge with Aunt Zora when he runs into his cousin Nikos, who is getting married. 
09:40The Big Bang Theory The Big Bear Precipitation Sheldon shares a secret about Leonard when the two of them go on a weekend trip to a cabin in the country with Amy and Penny. (S9 Ep20/24) 
10:10The Big Bang Theory The Viewing Party Combustion During a get-together to watch TV at the flat, a minor argument between Sheldon and Leonard escalates into a heated debate. (S9 Ep21/24) 
10:35Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay visits The Secret Garden, a romantic French restaurant in Moorpark, California, where temperamental chef Michel Bardavid's complicated cuisine is keeping the customers away. 
11:30Come Dine with Me Boston, Lincolnshire. First to host is 23-year-old trainee accountant Annika, a self-confessed hippy and hunter-gatherer. Will her love of game spoil her chances? (Ep1/5) 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Channel 4's midday news summary. 
12:05Come Dine with Me Boston, Lincolnshire. Katy, who loves a competition, is convinced that she can win with her super-organised approach and 'prize-winning' cuisine. But she clashes with Carolyn. (Ep2/5) 
12:35Come Dine with Me Boston, Lincolnshire. Adrian, the only man in the competition, plans a night of spicy food and surprises for his female guests. But his dessert served in a hot tub is a damp squib. (Ep3/5) 
13:05Come Dine with Me Boston, Lincolnshire. Polish-born Sylwia takes her guests on a culinary tour of all the places she's lived in the world. But how will her European line dancing go down? (Ep4/5) 
13:40Come Dine with Me Boston, Lincolnshire. With all of her guests out for revenge, Carolyn plans a charm offensive. Can she achieve one of the biggest turnarounds in Come Dine with Me history? (Ep5/5) 
14:10Countdown: Champion of Champions Another chance to see who is crowned Countdown's Champion of Champions. Nick Hewer hosts, with resident experts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley and guest Jon Culshaw in Dictionary Corner. 
15:00A Place in the Sun Ben Hillman helps childhood sweethearts Michelle and Fred find their dream holiday home on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria for 190,000. 
16:00Sun, Sea and Selling Houses Ruth from Colchester wants to give herself and her son a better quality of life in Spain. And retired, young-at-heart Janet is looking for an apartment in the thick of the action. (S3 Ep22) 
17:00Four in a Bed It's the final day of the competition and the B&B owners meet for the last time. There are accusations and awkward moments as the payments are revealed and the winner is announced. 
17:30Come Dine with Me Sheffield area. Psychologist Abi hosts the final night with a travel-inspired Asian menu and a lesson in sock puppetry. But her burning hot chilli sauce causes controversy. (Ep5/5) 
18:00The Simpsons Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking): Bart feels sorry for Mrs Krabappel after Skinner stands her up again to attend to his mother's whims. So he nominates her for Teacher of the Year. 
18:30The Simpsons Simpsorama In a crossover episode, the Simpsons meet the Planet Express crew from Futurama, who have travelled through time to present-day Springfield to prevent a catastrophe. 
19:00Channel 4 News Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather. 
19:30New: Unreported World Schoolgirl Pin-ups In Japan, Marcel Theroux meets young girls seeking pop stardom performing for mostly older male fans. A cultural quirk, or is something more sinister going on? (S39 Ep1) 
20:00New: Travel Man's Greatest Trips From a cava masterclass in Barcelona with Kathy Burke, to space food in Moscow with Greg Davies, Richard Ayoade mixes a cocktail of his greatest meals munched and drinks drunk. (Ep2) 
21:00New: 8 Out of 10 Cats Does... ...Countdown Jimmy Carr hosts as Jon Richardson and Tom Allen take on Sean Lock and Rosie Jones. With guest Adam Riches as Sean Bean, plus experts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley. (S20 Ep2) 
22:00The Boss Film (2016) Comedy starring Melissa McCarthy. A rich but unpleasant businesswoman must start again from nothing after she's jailed for insider trading. Very strong language/violence/drugs. 
00:00Filth Film (2013) Dark comedy drama. James McAvoy stars as a debauched, misanthropic policeman whose life is in a grim tailspin. Adults only: very strong and offensive language/violence/drugs/sex. 
01:45Come Dine with Me Wakefield. Retired businesswoman Angie Battye combines her Asian roots with her love of Barbadian cuisine on a lively night featuring laughter and limbo dancing. (Ep1/5) 
02:10Come Dine with Me Wakefield. IT expert and disco fanatic Joel Rowbottom hopes to impress his guests with good food and dancing, but faces awkward questions about his disco pants. (Ep2/5) 
02:40Come Dine with Me Wakefield. Glamour puss Donna Stephenson shocks her guests with how many animals she has, her extreme beauty routine and her main course of rabbit. (Ep3/5) 
03:05Come Dine with Me Wakefield. Window cleaner Jake Coxon serves up a tasty beef Wellington and some rock 'n' roll entertainment as he performs with his own band. (Ep4/5) 
03:35Come Dine with Me Wakefield. Hairdresser Francesca Saynor hopes to show her guests how it's done, with a simple menu and a back-to-school theme. (Ep5/5) 
04:00Undercover Boss Canada CEO Paul Goddard goes undercover at Pizza Pizza, Canada's number one pizza mega-brand, and learns that making dough and delivering hot food serves up challenges he'd never imagined. 
04:50Fifteen to One Fifteen contestants go head to head in the iconic quiz hosted by Sandi Toksvig. The players face notoriously tough questions as they compete to be Champion and take home 40,000. (Ep12/35) 
05:45Kirstie's Handmade Treasures Kirstie Allsopp enters her homemade elderflower cordial into the garden crafts competition at the Chagford Show in Devon. 
06:00Everybody Loves Raymond Italy (Part 1/2): Marie treats the family to a holiday in Rome, but Ray's not happy about the whole experience.