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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, February 16 2019

05:50The King of Queens Altar Ego When Spence finds out that his ex-girlfriend Denise is getting married, he recruits Doug, Deacon and Danny to help him change her mind. 
06:15The King of Queens Icky Shuffle Arthur needs a replacement shuffleboard partner when Carrie comes down with a cold. Doug's no good, so he convinces Spence to join him for the big tournament... 
06:40Everybody Loves Raymond Dancing with Debra Ray regrets asking Robert to take Debra dancing when they become infatuated with their new hobby. 
07:05Everybody Loves Raymond Robert Moves Back Robert and Amy move into Ray's basement in an attempt to get some privacy, but haven't accounted for Marie... 
07:30Frasier I'm Listening Frasier overhears his dad's girlfriend Ronee making a date with another man, but when Martin hears the news he accuses his son of eavesdropping. 
07:55Frasier Maris Returns (Part 1): Niles' ex-wife Maris needs his help - can he keep her return secret from a pregnant and emotional Daphne? 
08:20The Big Bang Theory The Weekend Vortex Amy is upset when Sheldon breaks his promise to attend her aunt's birthday party in order to join the guys for a video game marathon. (S5 Ep19/24) 
08:45The Big Bang Theory The Transporter Malfunction Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon some Star Trek memorabilia but she is irked when they refuse to remove the toys from their packaging. (S5 Ep20/24) 
09:10The Big Bang Theory The Hawking Excitation When Stephen Hawking comes to lecture at the university, Howard is given the task of maintaining his wheelchair, making Sheldon envious. (S5 Ep21/24) 
09:35The Simpsons The Blunder Years A hypnotist reawakens repressed memories from Homer's childhood. But what was the event that scared him so badly when he was 12? Guest starring Paul Newman. 
10:00The Simpsons The Parent Rap Bart and Homer are tethered together by a strict judge after Bart and Milhouse are accused of stealing Chief Wiggum's police car. 
10:30The Simpsons You Only Move Twice Homer is offered a new job by mysterious businessman Hank Scorpio. But will Marge, Bart and Lisa be happy in their idyllic new home town? 
11:00The Simpsons The Homer They Fall Thanks to his abnormally hard head, Homer becomes a boxer. But is his skull strong enough for a fight against heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum? 
11:30The Simpsons Burns, Baby Burns After Mr Burns rejects his long-lost illegitimate son Larry (guest star Rodney Dangerfield), Larry and Homer concoct a scam. 
12:00Four in a Bed The first visit of the week is to The Waverley Hotel in Callander, Scotland owned by husband and wife Gordon and Jan Halladay, who are are shocked and surprised at some of the scores. 
12:30Four in a Bed The second visit is to Greenview Guesthouse in Cumbria, owned by Tanya Briggs, with help from best friend Vicky Hope. There's some fishy business and one guest goes green at the gills. 
13:00Four in a Bed The third visit of the week is to the lavish Hotel Sheraton in Blackpool, run by mum and son Liz and Ollie Brown, and where Rory discovers his own personal illuminations in the bathroom. 
13:30Four in a Bed The fourth and final visit is to Chapter Two Accommodation in Malton, where Katharine and Rory offer proper Yorkshire hospitality and a belly-busting offering at breakfast. 
14:00Four in a Bed It's payment day and the chance for the group to get some answers for the feedback they left across the visits. With scores settled and payments revealed, there can be only one winner. 
14:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Ex-RAF officers Simon and Amanda have been visiting the gorgeous Caribbean island of Antigua for years, and now hope to find the perfect winter home there for a budget of 330,000. 
15:30Sun, Sea and Brides To Be A virus could spell disaster for planner Angela's latest wedding - can she swoop in and save the day? And high winds threaten to cause chaos at one cliff top ceremony for planner Jo. (Ep4) 
16:35Location, Location, Location Phil Spencer catches up with two couples who had struggled to find a place. Anna and Mikey wanted a tenement flat in Glasgow while Hemani and Nigel were thinking big in Surrey. (S31 Ep7) 
17:35The Secret Life of the Zoo Baby meerkat Junior is struggling to get enough food. Red panda Nima's new mate, Koda, chases her up a tree. And a shy penguin isn't socialising with his colony. (S6 Ep6) 
18:30Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Hidden Britain by Drone Sir Tony Robinson's flying cameras reveal the secrets of a top-security active nuclear decommissioning site, the truth behind crop circles, and the hidden world of bats. (S2 Ep4/4) 
20:00Great British Car Journeys Peter Davison and Chris Timothy travel through Rhondda Valley, the Brecon Beacons and into Snowdonia. They investigate the origins of the AA and recreate a vintage speed trap. (Ep3/3) 
21:00Spy Film (2015) Comedy action-thriller starring Melissa McCarthy. A CIA intelligence officer abandons her desk job to track down a stolen nuclear weapon. Very strong language and violence. 
23:25Ride Along 2 Film (2016) Action-comedy sequel starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. The two mismatched cops are on the cusp of becoming brothers-in-law when an investigation leads them to Miami. Violence. 
01:15The Last Leg Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by Rosamund Pike and Tom Allen for a satirical, but upbeat, dissection of the week's news. (S16 Ep4/10) 
02:10Hollyoaks Omnibus Liam makes false accusations and a fight breaks out, resulting in someone being shot. Sinead is convinced that Laurie is cheating. Liberty discovers a surprising secret from Sami's past. [SL] 
04:20Come Dine with Me This episode comes from Chester, and features some baffling anecdotes, chicken lollipops, a 'moo off', some fish hating, flirting, and a pole dance round a plant. 
05:15Jamie's Quick & Easy Food Jamie Oliver cooks up a Thai-style crispy sea bass, baked garlicky mushrooms, a sweet chicken surprise and pineapple carpaccio. If you think you haven't time to cook, think again. (S2 Ep3) 
05:45Jamie's Comfort Food Jamie Oliver cooks spaghetti vongole, in the series that's packed full of reinvented British classics, nostalgic comforters, outdoor treats and scrumptious puds. 
05:55The King of Queens Awful Bigamy When beautiful dog walker Holly is kicked out of her apartment, Arthur decides she should move into the basement with him...