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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, October 27 2018

05:55Adventure & Trail Running: OCR... ...World Championships: The 2018 Obstacle Course Racing World Championship takes place in Essex, with a weekend of testing routes to challenge competitors from all around the world. 
06:50Everybody Loves Raymond Six Feet Under Ray becomes concerned with his own mortality when he discovers that he has shrunk a quarter of an inch and is no longer six feet tall. 
07:15Everybody Loves Raymond The Garage Sale Ray is shocked when Debra takes all their baby stuff to a garage sale. He didn't know they had decided not to have any more children. 
07:40Everybody Loves Raymond The Wedding (Part 1/2): Ray makes the mistake of asking Debra why she married him, rekindling memories of his proposal and his fears that she felt pressured into agreeing. 
08:05Frasier Frasier-Lite Frasier, Roz and their colleagues compete against another radio station in a charity competition to see who can lose the most weight. 
08:30Frasier The Ann Who Came to Dinner Frasier invites Roz's insurance agent friend Ann, who he once shared a disastrous date with, over for dinner. 
09:00Frasier Freudian Sleep Frasier gets the wrong end of the stick when he overhears Martin inviting Eddie on his romantic weekend away with Ronee, and invites himself along. 
09:30The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration Sheldon is thrilled when Stephen Hawking agrees to play against him in an online game. Penny signs up for a class at community college. (S6 Ep6/24) 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Habitation Configuration Amy is upset when Sheldon fails to defend her in an argument with Wil Wheaton during the filming of a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep7/24) 
10:30The Big Bang Theory The 43 Peculiarity The guys notice that Sheldon disappears for 20 minutes after lunch every day. Filled with curiosity, they attempt to work out what he's been doing. (S6 Ep8/24) 
11:00The Simpsons Homer and Apu Apu loses the Kwik-E-Mart when he poisons Homer, so he moves in with the Simpsons as their chef while James Woods (guest starring as himself) takes over at the shop. 
11:30The Simpsons Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey: Lisa decides Malibu Stacey dolls set a bad example to girls, so she pleads with their creator, Stacy Lovell (guest star Kathleen Turner), to design another. 
12:00Come Dine with Me Four strangers from in and around Essex attempt to host their way to the prize. The first host, geezer Kevin, hopes to use his skills as a kitchenware salesman to charm his guests. 
13:00Four in a Bed In Stratford-upon-Avon, at The Water's Edge Guest House, owner Julie Allison and her friend Gerry Crabtree hope their luxurious approach and themed rooms will win the day. 
13:30Four in a Bed The second visit is to the Kilpeck Inn in Herefordshire, where head chef Ross Williams and front-of-house manager Kath Capel consider no detail too small. But is one guest out for revenge? 
14:00Four in a Bed The third stop is The Fox Inn in Guisborough, North Yorkshire, where young hosts Michael Crane and Jai Bennison are determined to impress their guests with their 'straightforward' B&B. 
14:30Four in a Bed At Ivanhoe Guest House in Bridlington, Mick and Gill Jennings think their simple approach will win the day. But, at breakfast, some serious allegations are made about the food. 
15:00Four in a Bed The final day of the competition. The B&B owners meet to settle some scores and find out who's won. There's tension in the air and tough words are exchanged before the winner is revealed. 
15:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Mark and Maggie and are looking for a holiday home in Barbados where they can escape the British winters. Jasmine Harman hunts out the best properties but will the couple make an offer? 
16:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Florida's Gulf Coast is Ray and Sue's number one holiday destination and where they want to buy their very first property. Scarlette Douglas shows them five fantastic properties. 
17:35Escape to the Chateau: DIY Billy and Gwendoline have to track down some wild boar. Clive and Tanith attempt to make a self-sufficient dish. Paul continues the task of converting the water tower into an office. (Ep14) 
18:30Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Transformers: Dark of the Moon Film (2011) The third movie in the sci-fi action franchise. The discovery of a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon sparks another violent battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons. 
22:00F1 Mexican GP Qualifying... ...Highlights Vettel secured pole position here last year and, with only three races remaining this season, will want to give Ferrari something to celebrate. Steve Jones presents. 
23:35The Mortal Instruments: City of... ...Bones (2013) Supernatural fantasy action-adventure starring Lily Collins. A teenager discovers that the world is far more mysterious and threatening than she thought. Violence. 
01:45Experimental Can Buddy ski down an escalator or use a vacuum-powered climbing kit to scale the walls of an underground theatre? Plus: Tim refines the art of rolling downhill in a tractor tyre. (Ep6/6) 
01:40Hollyoaks Omnibus It's Ste and Harry's wedding day, and James is using Romeo to help him expose his affair with Harry. The violent storm has caused a structural collapse, putting several lives in danger. [SL] 
03:45Kirstie's Handmade Treasures Kirstie Allsopp meets some of the fiercest competitors in the crafting world - the WI. Can they all agree to disagree on their final entry for the New Forest and Hampshire County Show? 
04:00French Collection Toulouse & St Albans Natasha says retro is the best way to make money. Tamsin turns a street lamp into something for the home. Wayne travels miles for a special paint effect. (S2 Ep17/25)