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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, November 16 2019

05:55The King of Queens No Retreat Doug and Carrie go for a weekend away together but Doug tells Carrie's colleagues a huge lie. Meanwhile, back in Queens, Arthur manages to destroy Doug and Carrie's bedroom. 
06:20The King of Queens Tricker Treat Doug festoons the house with Halloween decorations even though Arthur has a phobia about it. 
06:45Everybody Loves Raymond Who's Handsome? Ray starts to feel insecure about his looks after hearing Debra compliment Robert on his appearance. 
07:10Everybody Loves Raymond The Car Debra refuses to drive the car Ray buys from his parents after finding out that Ray 'got lucky' in it as a teenager. 
07:35Everybody Loves Raymond Diamonds When Ray finds out that the diamond in the engagement ring he bought Debra is a fake, he decides to get it changed without her knowing; a potentially expensive mistake... 
08:00Frasier First Do No Harm Frasier undertakes huge projects to make up for being unemployed, while Martin persuades him to date Duke's daughter Marie. 
08:30Frasier Secret Admirer Frasier mistakenly thinks he has a secret admirer while he's dating an attractive new woman. 
09:00Frasier How to Bury a Millionaire Niles has to move in with Frasier after his divorce leaves him strapped for cash. 
09:35Heineken Champions Cup Rugby The Big Tackle Kicking off Channel 4's second season of rugby union, The Big Tackle looks ahead to this afternoon's game at The Rec, where 1998 champions Bath take on 1999 winners Ulster. 
10:35The Big Bang Theory The 21-Second Excitation The gang's plans to attend a film screening are scuppered by Sheldon's nemesis Wil Wheaton. Penny and Bernadette invite Amy to her first slumber party. (S4 Ep8/24) 
11:00The Big Bang Theory The Boyfriend Complexity When Penny's father comes to visit, Leonard discovers her parents still think that he and Penny are a couple, so he takes advantage of the situation. (S4 Ep9/24) 
11:30The Simpsons Burns, Baby Burns After Mr Burns rejects his long-lost illegitimate son Larry (guest star Rodney Dangerfield), Larry and Homer concoct a scam. 
12:00The Simpsons Bart after Dark Bart gets a job at a burlesque theatre. Several residents are keen customers, but others are less happy to have the showgirls peddling their wares in the town. 
12:30Live Heineken Champions Cup Rugby Bath v Ulster. Live union returns to C4 for a second season as 1998 champions Bath face 1999 winners Ulster. And for extra spice, there's sibling rivalry in the shape of the Burns brothers. 
15:10A Place in the Sun Alison and her daughter Paula are looking for a holiday home that feels traditionally Spanish. Jasmine Harman shows them five properties around Vélez-Málaga for their budget of £60,000. 
15:55A Place in the Sun Katy and Dom from London want to buy a holiday home in the Cadiz area of south west Spain. Will any of Jasmine Harman's properties be their perfect place in the sun? 
16:30Four Rooms with Sarah Beeny Sarah Beeny presents a new episode, as people must decide which deals to accept or reject for their unique items, including a dinosaur skeleton and an Olympic poster. (S4 Ep3) 
17:30The Secret Life of the Zoo Keepers spot that Asian short-clawed otter pups are developing bald patches, threatening their waterproofing. Plus, Caribbean flamingos, Asian elephants and dik-dik antelopes. (S8 Ep3) 
18:30Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Great British Car Journeys Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison relive the golden age of motoring, travelling the A30 from London, through ever-changing English countryside, to Cornwall and Land's End. (S1 Ep2/3) 
20:00Independence Day Film (1996) Sci-fi action-thriller. A US Air Force pilot (Will Smith) and a scientist (Jeff Goldblum) battle aliens who have begun destroying Earth's cities and stripping its resources. 
22:50F1 Brazilian GP Qualifying... ...Highlights The fight for pole will be no less intense for the Championship having already gone to Hamilton, as the rest of the grid fights to seal their 2019 positions in the Standings. 
00:20Behind Enemy Lines Film (2001) Thriller with Owen Wilson. A US Navy flight officer on a NATO reconnaissance mission has to fend for himself when he's shot down by Serb forces in the former Yugoslavia. Violence. 
02:05The Last Leg Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined in the studio by Joe Lycett and Daisy May Cooper to pick over the week's topical stories. (S18 Ep4) 
03:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Ste makes a new ally in his effort to leave Stuart and Jonny's organisation, but is fearful about their dangerous new plan. The net closes in on one of the suspects in Mercedes' shooting. [SL] 
05:00Grand Designs New Zealand A couple build a straw bale house, featuring curved walls and a spiral staircase, on an exposed rocky outcrop near Wanaka in the Otago region of the South Island. (S1 Ep7/8) 
05:50Cheers Snow Job Diane catches Sam out when he pretends he's going to a funeral rather than a skiing weekend in Vermont with his friends. Cliff grows jealous of Norm's new friendship. (S2 Ep18/22)