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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, March 2 2019

05:45The King of Queens Slippery Slope Doug takes Carrie away for a timeshare sales skiing weekend, joined by another couple, Spence and Danny. 
06:10The King of Queens Buy Curious When their neighbour passes away, Doug and Carrie face a battle with their other neighbour Lou Ferrigno to acquire his house. 
06:35Everybody Loves Raymond Jealous Robert Debra and Marie's good intentions backfire when they try to drive Robert back into Amy's arms - and find out that Amy and Gianni are hitting it off. 
07:00Everybody Loves Raymond It's Supposed to Be Fun While the Barones watch their sons play, Ray finds that Geoff is having trouble getting the hang of a game. 
07:25Frasier Author! Author! Frasier and Niles decide to write a book together. It doesn't go well. 
07:50Frasier Frasier Crane's Day Off Frasier is off work sick with just his paranoia to keep him company, leading him to believe that everybody is after his job. 
08:15Frasier My Coffee with Niles After a year in Seattle, Frasier settles down with Niles to discuss what it's been like to be back together again. 
08:40The Big Bang Theory The Holographic Excitation The gang celebrates Halloween with a fancy dress party at Stuart's comic book shop, but Sheldon and Amy can't agree on which costumes to wear. (S6 Ep5/24) 
09:10The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration Sheldon is thrilled when Stephen Hawking agrees to play against him in an online game. Penny signs up for a class at community college. (S6 Ep6/24) 
09:35The Big Bang Theory The Habitation Configuration Amy is upset when Sheldon fails to defend her in an argument with Wil Wheaton during the filming of a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep7/24) 
10:00The Simpsons Bart after Dark Bart gets a job at a burlesque theatre. Several residents are keen customers, but others are less happy to have the showgirls peddling their wares in the town. 
10:30The Simpsons A Milhouse Divided Milhouse's parents split up: his mum gets together with an American Gladiator called Pyro, his dad self-produces an album, and Milhouse goes a bit crazy. 
11:00The Simpsons Hurricane Neddy The Flanders' home is blown down by a hurricane and the Leftorium is looted. Homer leads the rebuilding project, but will Ned be happy with his new house? 
11:25The Simpsons El Viaje misterioso de nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer): Homer eats a dangerous chilli grown by Guatemalan psychiatric patients and embarks on a hallucinogenic trip. 
11:55Four in a Bed This competition kicks off in Malvern, Worcestershire where retired pro-rugby player Steve Lloyd and partner Kathy Leather open their Copper Beech House to fellow B&B owners. 
12:30Four in a Bed The second visit is to the pet friendly Dog in a Doublet pub and restaurant in Peterborough where Della McGinn's passion for animals comes a close second to husband John's passion for food. 
13:00Four in a Bed For the third visit of the week, the B&B'ers head to the Torcroft Boutique B&B in Torquay, Devon, where Europhiles Phil and Sharon Hobson hope their added extras will win over their rivals. 
13:30Four in a Bed The final visit is to the 600-year-old Rhydspence Inn in Herefordshire, owned by Mark and Lowrie Price. All guests are charmed by the medieval inn, but there's still underlying tension. 
14:00Four in a Bed It's the final day of the competition and the owners are meeting for the last time. There are tears, recriminations and accusations as the payments are revealed and the winner announced. 
14:35A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Godsisters and best friends Roselyn and Jennifer from London are looking for a holiday home that could one day be a full-time retirement location on the Caribbean island of Grenada. 
15:35Sun, Sea and Brides to Be Can wedding planner Sharron keep a big secret from one bridal party, right up to the big day? Meanwhile, Kerry faces competition at another wedding from a mini-wedding planner. (Ep6) 
16:35Location, Location, Location Phil Spencer revisits two first-time London buyers. Claire was looking for a wheelchair-accessible flat on the South Bank. Jen had high expectations south of the river. (S31 Ep9) 
17:35The Secret Life of the Zoo Giraffe Narus is being moved to another zoo, but getting him into a horsebox isn't easy. And can the keepers encourage mono-browed fish Noel Gallagher and Frida Kahlo to mate? (S7 Ep1) 
18:30Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Child Genius: The Final The child geniuses tackle their specialist rounds, including epidemiology and cryptoanalysis. The last two then go head to head in a quick-fire round. Who will claim the trophy? (S6 Ep6/6) 
20:00Independence Day: Resurgence Film (2016) Sci-fi blockbuster sequel starring Jeff Goldblum. Twenty years after Earth repelled a devastating alien invasion, the extraterrestrials return to finish their destruction. Violence. 
22:15Dirty Grandpa Film (2016) Brash comedy with Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza and Zoey Deutch. A man tricks his grandson into taking him on a debauched road trip. Sex/nudity/drugs/very strong language. 
00:20Blair Witch Film (2016) Supernatural horror sequel. Twenty years after her disappearance, Heather's brother James investigates eerie online footage of someone resembling her. Strong language and terror. 
01:50The Last Leg Host Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by Stephen Merchant to dissect the week's news. (S16 Ep6/10) 
02:45Hollyoaks Omnibus Romeo hopes to enlighten Juliet about the evil Mac. Sylver meets his birth mother, despite Breda's interference. Mandy desperately tries to get in touch with Darren. [SL] 
04:50Child Genius Nearly half of the remaining competitors are set to be knocked out this time in a semi-final featuring nerves, illness, hugely demanding anagrams and some sudden death spelling. (S6 Ep5/6) [SL] 
05:45The Posh Frock Shop Two brides marrying each other present a challenge for stylist Craig, who must find dresses to complement but not clash. A six-foot bride hopes the team can help her find a dress. (Ep20)