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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, September 28 2019

05:40Star Boot Sale Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex may have a market trader dad, but she hasn't a clue how to set up a car boot sale. She's banking on some hair rollers appealing to her customers. (Ep7) [SL] 
06:10The King of Queens Deconstructing Carrie Doug encourages some builders to wolf whistle at Carrie so that she doesn't feel bad about turning 35. 
06:35The King of Queens Black List Doug tries to find his 'roots' when Deacon snubs him for a new black friend, and Carrie's manicurist refuses to see her. 
07:05The King of Queens Wish Boned Doug agrees to take Arthur on a trip to St Louis on the condition that he never has to see his naked back again. But all does not go to plan. 
07:30The Big Bang Theory The Excelsior Acquisition Sheldon is summoned to court for driving through a red light. He misses the chance to meet Stan Lee and riles the judge. Will he go to prison? (S3 Ep16/23) 
07:55The Big Bang Theory The Precious Fragmentation The gang squabble over a ring that they believe was used in The Lord of the Rings movies, while Sheldon seems to be turning into Gollum. (S3 Ep17/23) 
08:20The Simpsons I Love Lisa On Valentine's Day, Lisa takes pity on Ralph and gives him a card. But when Ralph falls in love with Lisa it leads to a bitter feud between their families. (S4 Ep16/23) 
08:50The Simpsons Bart Sells His Soul Bart sells his soul to Milhouse, who swaps it for some ALF pogs. Meanwhile, Moe relaunches the Tavern as Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag. 
09:20The Simpsons Lisa The Vegetarian Lisa turns vegetarian after petting a lamb, but can't find anyone in Springfield who shares her sensibilities, except for Apu and his friends Paul and Linda McCartney. 
09:50The Simpsons Marge Gets a Job When Marge gets a job at the plant, Mr Burns falls madly in love with her and invites her over for dinner, complete with a kidnapped Tom Jones to serenade them. 
10:20The Simpsons New Kid on the Block When Homer gets kicked out of an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant for eating too much he takes the owner to court. 
10:50The Simpsons Krusty Gets Cancelled When Krusty the Clown's show gets cancelled, Bart and Lisa enlist Bette Midler, Hugh Hefner, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Elizabeth Taylor to help get him back. 
11:20Couples Come Dine with Me Around Glasgow, Andrew and Sophia kick off with a Swedish menu. Brian and Victoria's 'vaguely' Scottish theme doesn't go as planned. Finally, it's David and Sarah's turn to impress. 
12:20Four in a Bed The week kicks off at Church Street Cobbles in Macclesfield, where foodie Debbie Quinn and housekeeper, cook and cleaner Isobel Reisen recently opened a B&B above a barber shop. 
12:50Four in a Bed The second visit is to rock and roll venue The Vic Bikers pub in Leicestershire where siblings John and Joy take a laid-back approach to running the business. 
13:25Four in a Bed On day three, Steve and Verity hope the luxury touches will win over their guests at The Cranberries Hideaway in Devon. But Debbie and Isobel are still upset about their feedback... 
13:55Four in a Bed The final visit of the week is to the Mehfil Hotel in Southall, London, where spiritual host Arun and his sister Rashmi hope to bring some Indian hospitality to the competition. 
14:25Four in a Bed It's the final day of the competition and the B&B owners meet for the last time. There are tears, name calling and bitter rebukes as payments are revealed and the winner announced. 
15:00The Secret Life of the Zoo:... ...Underwater Special: This deep-dive special episode explores the extraordinary underwater world of Chester Zoo, featuring blind fish, rare amphibians, and a very frisky penguin. 
16:00A Place in the Sun Sairan from London can't wait to buy a holiday home for herself and her grown-up daughters on Spain's western Costa del Sol. Laura Hamilton shows her five fantastic contenders. (Ep16) 
17:00Grand Designs Richard and Felicia almost single-handedly turn an underground water reservoir in the Humber Estuary into a family home. It's an epic task. But then a life-threatening illness strikes. 
18:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
18:30F1 Russian GP Qualifying... ...Highlights Last year, Valtteri Bottas pipped Lewis Hamilton to pole position here in Sochi and will be looking for the same again on a track where he won in 2017. Steve Jones presents. 
20:00New: Britain at Low Tide At the Solway Firth, Dr Tori Herridge and team recount a tragic mining disaster that took place four miles out to sea, and find a huge oval-shaped swimming pool off the coast. (S3 Ep3/3) 
21:00The Hitman's Bodyguard Film (2017) Action-comedy about a bodyguard hired to protect a hitman on his way to give evidence against a ruthless dictator. With Ryan Reynolds and Samual L Jackson. Strong language/violence. 
23:20The Heat Film (2013) Broad-humoured comedy from the director of Bridesmaids. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy star as mismatched cops who are forced to work together. Strong language/drugs/violence. 
01:30Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay tries to improve the Fiesta Sunrise, a Mexican restaurant in West Nyack, New York, where a cockroach-infested kitchen means that the guests have to leave for their own safety. 
02:20Hollyoaks Omnibus James is suspicious of Maxine and is in search of the truth. It's crunch time for Scott and Mitchell. Brody has a difficult choice to make, while Breda has some ominous news for Tony. [SL] 
04:30Come Dine with Me Is there romance on the menu in this episode in east Dorset with decorator Gary D Allen, posh singleton Pauline Elliot, down-to-earth Natalie Lawrence and local farmer Philip Palmer? 
05:25Star Boot Sale Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts is a regular car booter with a garage full of stock, but banking on selling umbrellas on a sunny day might be a novice mistake. (Ep8) [SL] 
05:50Cheers The Boys in the Bar Sam supports his former baseball teammate Tom when he comes out of the closet in his new autobiography and holds the book promotion press event at the bar. (S1 Ep16/22)