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Listings for Channel 4 on Wednesday, July 8 2020

05:50Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. John Inverdale is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
06:30Cheers Breaking In Is Hard to Do Frasier and Lilith aim to spend more time with their son. Rebecca and Carla research how Rebecca can break into jail to pay Robin a conjugal visit. (S9 Ep7/25) 
06:55Cheers Bad Neighbor Sam Sam gets into a feud with John Hill, the snobbish new owner of Melville's, the restaurant above the bar, when he makes demands about the staff and property. (S9 Ep8/25) 
07:20Mike & Molly First Kiss Mike and Molly agree to go on a date to the bowling alley, but during the course of the evening, Mike's ego is well and truly put on the line. (S1 Ep3) 
07:40Mike & Molly Mike's Not Ready Molly thinks that Mike is no longer interested in her when he declines her invitation to come into the house after their third date, but their wires are crossed. (S1 Ep4) 
08:05The Big Bang Theory The Russian Rocket Reaction Sheldon's old nemesis Wil Wheaton returns and invites everyone to a housewarming party. But Sheldon threatens to 'de-friend' Leonard if he attends. (S5 Ep5/24) 
08:30The Big Bang Theory The Rhinitis Revelation Sheldon's mother Mary comes to town and soon becomes a firm favourite with his group of friends, much to Sheldon's annoyance. (S5 Ep6/24) 
09:00Frasier The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl It's the morning after, and Kate and Frasier are worried about the consequences of their fling. 
09:30Frasier The Last Time I Saw Maris Niles decides to stand up to Maris after she disappears to New York for two days on a shopping trip. In retaliation, she moves to divorce him. 
10:00Frasier Frasier Grinch Frasier is excited that his son Frederick is coming for Christmas, but Martin thinks a proper Christmas should mean more than just educational presents. 
10:30Come Dine with Me Winchester. Live wire Ptol is convinced that high-quality food and fine wine will win him the prize. But his guests find his menu underwhelming and his hosting style over-the-top. (Ep1/5) 
11:00Come Dine with Me Winchester. DJ Francis Leigh serves a Thai meal with a twist, on a weird and wonderful night featuring dead flowers on the table and a song about spring rolls. (Ep2/5) 
11:30Come Dine with Me Winchester. Waitress Patricia plans a Latin party with Peruvian food, on a night of singing and dancing. But Ptol mistakenly thinks he's eating llama instead of lamb... (Ep3/5) 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Channel 4's midday news summary. 
12:05Come Dine with Me Winchester. Care home worker Georgia Groves hosts a black-tie affair, complete with red carpet, posh frocks ...and a spray-tan booth. (Ep4/5) 
12:35Come Dine with Me Winchester. Estate agent William Tilsley serves up a vegetarian menu and a blind-tasting food game. But one guest ends up spitting wine over another... (Ep5/5) 
13:05A New Life in the Sun A couple from Manchester become accidental olive farmers. A Teesside family open their new restaurant in Spain. And there's an unexpected turn for cycle tour operators in Girona. (S5 Ep33) 
14:10Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. John Inverdale is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
15:00A Place in the Sun Jonnie Irwin helps Dorset couple Andy and Barbara find their perfect holiday home in Benidorm. After a health scare for Andy, they've chosen to seize the moment and buy a bolthole in Spain. 
16:00Sun, Sea and Selling Houses In Alicante, the Rodriguez family help two couples find their perfect holiday homes. Marilyn and Gary want a place with lots of space. Linda and Keith want a light and airy villa. (S4 Ep18) 
17:00Four in a Bed Andrew and Qidi host at the Mode Lytham Hotel in Lytham, where they hope to bag best in show. But some problematic parking and a 'grab-and-go' breakfast don't do it for everyone. 
17:30Come Dine with Me Cumbria. Council refuse worker Vicki hosts a hospital-themed evening, serving up 'cracked ribs with a blood shot' and bandage-based entertainment. (Ep3/5) 
18:00The Simpsons Apocalypse Cow Bart and Lisa save a cow from the slaughterhouse and give it to Mary, a farm girl. Unfortunately, her father thinks that the cow is a token of marriage... 
18:30The Simpsons Steal This Episode Irked by the high cost of watching Hollywood films at the cinema, Homer starts screening pirated movies in his back garden, but he's soon caught by the FBI. 
19:00Channel 4 News Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather. 
20:00Location, Location, Location Kirstie and Phil help two sets of house-hunters to find homes in Glasgow. Steph and Nick need their own space, while Ranald and Marjorie want a big bungalow to retire to. (S31 Ep3) 
21:00New: George Clarke's Amazing... ...Spaces A couple turn a coach into a mobile home. A pilot creates a den from a plane. George's observatory build takes him to one of the world's largest telescopes. (S9 Ep4) 
22:00Naked Attraction Hot tub installer Rigby has seen the world and sampled its delights, and now gets naked in search of a partner. And breast cancer survivor Judith lets loose to bag herself a man. (S5 Ep2/5) 
23:05Celebrity Gogglebox This time on the box: 127 Hours, Planet Earth II, Cape Fear, This Morning on public toilets, EastEnders, Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad, and BBC News on beaches. (S2 Ep5) 
00:10Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay visits Fleming, a Danish restaurant in Miami. It was once the best family-run restaurant in town but is now losing money fast. 
01:00The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror VI Homer is sucked into a 3D digital dimension and ends up trapped in the real, non-animated world. 
01:25Boyhood Film (2014) Oscar-winning drama following the lives of a boy and his family over the course of 12 years. Starring Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. Strong language/sex/drugs. [SL] 
04:10Grand Designs Australia Lori and Morgan are building a funky modern house on a tight suburban site in Melbourne that will have a lot of fun elements, including a trapeze net. (S8 Ep2/10) 
05:00Car S.O.S Messerschmitt KR200 In Devon, Tim and Fuzz take on the task of restoring a 1958 Messerschmitt KR200 bubble car for classic car fan Sam. (S6 Ep9/10) 
05:50Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. John Inverdale is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.