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Listings for Cbeebies on Saturday, November 16 2019

06:00Show Me Show Me 19/26. Children's show. Chris and Pui explore the outdoor world around them. Chris and Pui stomp, chomp and yawn like enormous hippos. [S] 
06:20Twirlywoos 29/30. Stop-motion preschool series. The Twirlywoos hide during a treasure hunt at a children's birthday party. In the boat, they are hidden by strange weeds! [S,AD] 
06:35Teletubbies 17/60. Preschool series. It is sleepybyes time, so the Teletubbies say goodnight to the Tiddlytubbies. But Po isn't tired and goes for a special ride on her scooter. [S] 
06:50Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 21/26. Animation featuring Raa Raa, who lives in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. Raa Raa is in a playful mood and sets off to find his friends. [S] 
07:00Postman Pat: SDS 23/26. Children's animation. Pat has a very unusual delivery - an enormous tree which Alf has ordered for Thompson Ground. [S] 
07:15Bing Children's animation series. After having his height measured incorrectly, Bing gets scared that he's growing down and that if he keeps going he'll be as small as Charlie. [S,AD] 
07:25Bing Animated series. As Bing gets ready to go to Sula's house, he feels sneezy and hot, so Flop decides that Bing needs to stay at home and keep his germs to himself. [S,AD] 
07:30Hey Duggee 6/52. Animated preschool series. The Squirrels decide they want to be superheroes. Is there anyone that needs their help? [S] 
07:40Hey Duggee Animated preschool series. Happy lets a tap drip, wasting water. The Squirrels think water is limitless, and they explain where they think it comes from. [S] 
07:45Peter Rabbit 3/50. Animated series. When Peter uses a model owl to scare off Old Brown, he ends up scaring the squirrels too! [S,AD] 
08:00Go Jetters 46/52. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! There's some treetop turbulence for the team in the rainforest of Papua in Indonesia. [S] 
08:10Octonauts 17/22. Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. The Octonauts get more than they bargained for with a pair of invasive lionfish. [S,AD] 
08:25Bitz & Bob 21/22. Animated preschool series. Bitz and Bob are helping famous artist La Purl move a very large rock across the beach, as she needs it for a mysterious work of art. [S,AD] 
08:35The Furchester Hotel 29/52. Preschool puppet show. The writer of Mooga Monster books checks in. She needs Furchester and lots of monster help to write her new story. [S,AD] 
08:45Biggleton 25/25. Newsreader Esther comes to town to do a special report on the people of Biggleton. But with everyone excited to be on TV, things don't quite go to plan. [S] 
09:00Something Special: We're All... ...Friends. 1/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Justin goes on an outdoor adventure with his friend, and the Tumble family go on a camping trip. [S] 
09:20Sarah & Duck 18/41. Animation. Sarah and her best friend Duck embark on simple but exciting adventures. Sarah and Duck are excited about seeing some shooting stars. [S,AD] 
09:30CBeebies Prom: Off to the Moon CBeebies is at the Royal Albert Hall with the amazing orchestra Chineke! The CBeebies Prommers are on a musical journey to the moon, just like the astronauts 50 years ago. [S] 
10:30New: Swashbuckle 23/26. Captain HeyHo's finger is twitching and this can only mean one thing - a storm's a'coming. It's up to the pirates to do all they can to prepare for it. [S] 
10:55Andy's Safari Adventures 4/40. Preschool wildlife series. Jen accidentally destroys a video of an Arctic fox, so Andy takes his safari-mobile to the Arctic to record new footage. [S,AD] 
11:10Maddie's Do You Know? 18/25. Maddie learns how lifts go up and down and visits a museum to see how a spacesuit is made. [S] 
11:25Waffle the Wonder Dog 9/15. Preschool comedy drama series. Doug's tooth has fallen out, so Jess and Simon tell Waffle about the Tooth Fairy. [S] 
11:35Topsy and Tim 5/30. Live-action children's show. Kerry and Tony help put up new twin swings in Topsy and Tim's back garden, but Dad loses the bolts for the swings. [S,AD] 
11:50Topsy and Tim 6/30. Grandma's dog Mossy isn't feeling very well. Tim suggests they bake some doggy biscuits to cheer her up, but it is vet Topsy who discovers what is wrong. [S,AD] 
12:00My World Kitchen 7/15. Esmae invites her friends to a special seaside themed meal, complete with everyone's favourite seaside food: fish served with sweet potato wedges and tartar sauce. [S] 
12:15Teacup Travels Great Aunt Lizzie tells the story of Charlotte and the Adventure of the Lost Keyring. A baker in ancient Rome accidentally bakes his keyring into a batch of bread loaves. [S] 
12:30Sarah & Duck 39/40. Animation. Duck sees some migrating ducks flying in the sky. He decides he would like to try it too. [S,AD] 
12:40Down on the Farm 6/15. Preschool series. Storm visits Yorkshire to find out all about pumpkins, while JB goes to a ploughing competition and meets some champion plough horses. [S] 
13:00Where in the World? 7/20. In Vietnam, Russia and Jordan we follow three seven-year-olds who are... [S,AD] Followed by Our Family Fun; Four-year-old Ottalie and her friend Noah make a giant picture using paint and sand. 
13:20My Story 11/25. Preschool history series. Nana Anna shares her memories of growing up in a busy city with her granddaughter Hanna. [S] 
13:30Ferne and Rory's Vet Tales 6/25. Preschool series about animal health. Rory watches a dog have its warts removed, and Ferne gets to see how brown bears get a check-up without getting too close. [S] 
13:45Tinga Tinga Tales 15/26. Stories about how different animals became distinctive. Parrot cannot open his beak, until one day when he sees a beast steal Lion's mane. [S] 
14:00Something Special: We're All... ...Friends. 23/25. Educational series using Makaton sign language. Justin and his friends are going on a bus trip to the shops, while Mr Tumble is setting up his own shop at home. [S] 
14:20Andy's Baby Animals 13/20. Preschool wildlife series. Andy Day loves the tricks young animals learn. Californian ground squirrels use an old snakeskin to confuse a hungry rattler. [S,AD,SL] 
14:30Junk Rescue 4/30. Preschool series about upcycling. Danny finds a wooden pallet, and Zoe and the Junkyard Helpers have fun making new things from old fruit crates. [S,AD,SL] 
14:45Maddie's Do You Know? 13/25. Maddie learns how bees make honey in a hive and how mugs are made from clay. [S,SL] 
15:00Bitz & Bob 3/22. Animated preschool series. It's race day in Craft City and Bob is determined to come first, until disaster strikes and his go-kart starts falling apart! [S,AD,SL] 
15:10Tree Fu Tom 1/26. Animated fantasy adventure show. It's Harvest Festival Day in Treetopolis and the food attracts some hungry ants! [S,SL] 
15:35Go Jetters 27/52. Meet the Go Jetters, four explorers on a global adventure! Can Kyan and Foz use new compass skills to navigate their way out of an academy maze? [S,SL] 
15:50Swashbuckle 15/26. Captain HeyHo has got the blues, but Cook and Line are determined to cheer her up. In order to put a smile back on her face, they set up their very own comedy club. [S,SL] 
16:10The Baby Club Giovanna and Baby Bear welcome babies Marta, Billie, Hud, Elijah, Thomas, Finley and their grown-ups to The Baby Club. [S,SL] 
16:25Magic Hands 11/20. Children's sign language poetry series. Donna and Simon bring us the classic nonsense rhyme from Edward Lear, The Jumblies. [S,SL] 
16:40Treasure Champs Barry is feeling down in the dumps because he has bumped his head, but Kari reminds him of all the things he has to be thankful for. [S,AD] 
16:55Woolly and Tig 20/30. Live-action children's show. Tig thinks her granny is always saying no to her. Woolly helps Tig to see the positives in her granny. [S] 
17:00GiggleQuiz Keith Fitt tries to juggle and quiz at the same time, while Nana Knickerbocker and her panto frogs play a funny catching game. [S] 
17:15Apple Tree House 1/30. Preschool drama series. Mali and his family have just moved into Apple Tree House and are hungry for some of Grandma Zainab's magnificent mango pudding. [S,AD] 
17:30Katie Morag 16/26. Live-action children's show. Grannie Island has hurt her back and can't get out of bed. Katie Morag thinks that Granma Mainland can help. [S,AD] 
17:45Sarah & Duck 1/40. Animation for preschool children. When Sarah and Duck race paper planes, they chance upon an exciting discovery. [S,AD] 
17:50Charlie and Lola 7/26. Children's animation. Lola and Lotta are best friends. They do everything together - until a new girl arrives at school, leaving Lola feeling left out. [S,AD] 
18:00Tee and Mo 31/50. Preschool animation about a baby monkey and his mother. Tee and Mo are on a car trip to the beach, but Tee runs out of entertainment immediately. It's going to be a long trip... [S] 
18:10New: Clangers A robot salesman opens up shop on the Clangers' planet. But the Clangers have no money! [S,AD] 
18:20In the Night Garden 6/100. Series for young children. Mr and Mrs Pontipine find the children asleep in Upsy Daisy's bed, but only Upsy Daisy is allowed to sleep there. [S] 
18:50CBeebies Bedtime Stories Tonight's Bedtime Story is about how a new house can become a home and is read by comic actor and travel presenter, Sir Michael Palin. [S] 
18:58..programmes start at 6.00am  
00:58..programmes start at 6.00am No programme information available 
05:30This Is CBeebies Welcome to the CBeebies channel. Programmes start at 6.00am. 
06:00Show Me Show Me 20/26. Children's show. Chris and Pui pretend to be tree trunks sucking up water like giant drinking straws, and dance like wriggly jiggly woodlice. [S]