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Listings for CBBC on Sunday, January 27 2019

06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
07:00Arthur 19/20. Animated adventures of a young aardvark. Arthur and Buster are going into fourth grade and will do anything to get the cool new teacher, MC. [S] 
07:10Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Animated series. JJ is so keen to get Dennis the new bike she thinks he's desperate to have, that she agrees to make a deal with Walter. [S] 
07:25Danger Mouse Animated series. Danger Mouse and Squawk discover the Baron's plans to brainwash the world's pets into becoming his personal army of slaves. [S,AD] 
07:35Shaun the Sheep 1/20. Animated series. When the Farmer gets stuck in the loo, Bitzer has to get vital supplies to him as a matter of urgency. [S] 
07:45Diddy TV Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. Meet the world's most stupid detective in a new crime drama. [S] 
08:00Class Dismissed Following four pupils at an extraordinary school. Outnumbered by the children, head teacher Hilary Head calls for backup from some very unusual teachers. [S] 
08:15Max and Harvey: FOMO 16/25. Max and Harvey take you behind the scenes on Saturday Mash-Up! Plus loads of sneak peeks and funny challenges. Have the Fear of Missing Out? Then this is the show for you! [S] 
08:30The Dog Ate My Homework Two teams fight it out to dodge detention. Iain takes on the role of Stirling Holmes in a special episode which features the best unseen material from the series. [S] 
09:00Blue Peter: We Love Your Post! This week we launch the brand new Blue Peter Fan Club with the help of an internet star and cast of The Worst Witch. Plus we celebrate the amazing letters sent in by you. [S] 
09:30New: Art Ninja 4/15. Dance battles are the hottest craze right now so Ricky is shocked to discover his 'Sic Rick Dance Crew' have abandoned him for 'Sassy Sarah's Disco Divas'. [S] 
09:50Operation Ouch! Clips from Operation Ouch! Dr Chris and Dr Xand explain what happens when you break bones and how your bones are actually a blood-making factory. [S] 
09:55Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
10:00Nowhere Boys - The Book of Shadows Sci-fi adventure. When Felix discovers a magically sealed Book of Shadows, he unwittingly releases a powerful force of chaos that threatens to destroy the world. [2016] [S,AD] 
11:20Newsround Specials Extended topical features and documentaries from the CBBC news team. [S] 
11:50Nine Minute Ninja Ricky makes art in nine minutes. There's a party mood in the flat as the Grand Master makes a joke juice bottle and Ricky has a sweet trick for drawing a cake. [S] 
12:00Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
12:10Naomi's Nightmares of Nature 2/10. Naomi Wilkinson's quest to find nature's worst nightmares takes her to Thailand, where she meets the king of the jungle swingers, the gibbon. [S] 
12:35The Pets Factor 4/10. Rory helps Napoleon, a French bulldog who is all out of puff. Cheryl operates on one of her favourite patients, Sky the Siberian husky. [S] 
13:00Operation Ouch! The doctors show that your breath is just as unique as your fingerprints and Dr Chris goes behind the scenes of medical drama Casualty. [S] 
13:25My Life 2/13. Documentary series. Cobie tells the story of Molly and his best friend Adam, who are both trying to recover from traumatic brain injuries after they were hit by cars. [S,AD] 
13:55Newsround Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
14:05The Next Step Reality-style drama series. As Michelle and Emily deal with a troubling revelation about regionals, family and friendships face new challenges. [S] 
14:25The Next Step Reality-style drama series. When Noah's fate at The Next Step is put to a vote, arguments ensue over what to do. [S] 
14:50The Next Step Reality-style drama series. When two surprise guest judges visit The Next Step, A-Troupe vies for featured parts in the regionals hip-hop routine. [S] 
15:10The Next Step Reality-style drama series. The dancers are split into pairs to determine the contemporary routine, leading to new tensions on A-troupe. [S] 
15:35The Next Step Reality-style drama series. After candidates for the alternate position are announced, Ozzy struggles with a big secret. [S] 
15:55The Next Step Reality-style drama series. TNS and Acronation find themselves competing for rehearsal space with regionals at stake. [S] 
16:20The Next Step Reality-style drama series. Noah attends an audition, while A-troupe work furiously to keep their team intact. [S] 
16:40The Next Step Reality-style drama series. A proposition from Lily compels Davis to make a decision that could drastically affect A-Troupe. [S] 
17:05The Next Step Reality-style drama series. A-Troupe scrambles to adjust to the loss of one of its dancers. [S] 
17:25The Next Step Reality-style drama series. A-troupe's ability to work as a team is put to the test when the dancers find themselves locked in an escape room. [S] 
17:50The Next Step Reality-style drama series. The Next Step arrives for day one of regionals, and A-Troupe is feeling the pressure. [S] 
18:10The Next Step Reality-style drama series. At the finals of the regionals, TNS deals with uncertainty as they are called to perform. [S] 
18:35The Next Step Reality-style drama series. With a showdown looming, several dancers question their future. [S] 
19:00The Playlist X-Factor finalists Acacia and Aaliyah bring their hottest tracks to The Playlist. Ten Tonnes challenges the undefeated Lewys in the Five-Second Challenge. [S] 
19:20The Dumping Ground: I'm... 4/4. Dumping Ground characters gather to watch videos made by Ashdene Ridge residents about their lives there. This time it is Finn's turn. [S] 
19:35The Dumping Ground Ryan struggles to keep up with Charlie while volunteering at a police horse stables. When challenged to prove himself, he must overcome his fear of failure to succeed. [S,AD] 
20:054 O'Clock Club 3/13. Comedy about two brothers at the same school - one as a pupil, the other as a new teacher. A heartbroken Nathan leaves Elmsbury to take up a post in Scotland. [S] 
20:35The Next Step Reality-style drama series. A self-trained dancer, Kingston, must prove himself to keep his spot on Michelle's new troupe. [S] 
21:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
00:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
03:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
06:00This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am.